St Aubyn Church - Marriage Details 1883-1980

Marriage details for St Aubyn Church, Chapel Street, Devonport, between 1883 and 1980, are recorded at Plymouth & West Devon Record Office (PWDRO), references 737 and 2721 - as follows:.


• Marriages, 9 Jan 1883 - 4 Aug 1915 Ref 737/3 1883-1915
• Marriages, 7 Aug 1915 - 8 Aug 1923 Ref 737/4 1915-1923
• Marriages, 16 Aug 1923 - 11 Dec 1937 Ref 737/5 1923-1937
• Marriages, 30 July 1938 - 26 Dec 1946 Ref 737/6 1938-1946
• Marriages, 26 Dec 1946 - 16 June 1962 Ref 737/7 1946-1962

Marriage Licences

(the PWDRO list being in reference sequence is transcribed here alphabetically, for your convenience)

BAILEY Alwin of St Andrew, Plymouth, bachelor, and Elsle May CALLAN of St Aubyn, spinster 737/106 2 January 1926

BAILEY Henry, Serjeant, bachelor, and Martha CROUCH, spinster, both of St Aubyn 737/45 30 March 1893

BALL Christopher Charles of Stoke Damerel, bachelor, aged 20, and Rose Alice SMITH of St Aubyn, spinster, aged 20 737/79 16 September 1919

BARKELL William Henry of Holsworthy, widower, and Mary Ann WARD of St Aubyn, widow 737/62 24 September 1909

BATTER Frederick Percival of HMS Essex, bachelor, and Annie Elizabeth BOLT of St Aubyn, spinster 737/66 11 March 1915

BAZELEY Thomas Edward Gibson of Manchester, mechanic, bachelor, and Sarah Jane MADDOCK of St Aubyn, spinster 737/28 2 April 1885

BEARD Charles Stephen of St Aubyn, bachelor, and Florence Sarah STEPHENS of St Paul, Devonport, spinster 737/58 10 December 1900

BENNETT Percival, bachelor, and Mary HOWE, spinster, both of St Aubyn 737/38 18 September 1888

BLAIR Charles Lloyd of West Teignmouth, bachelor, and Bessie BURNARD of St Aubyn, widow 737/61 20 May 1904

BOND Walter Homer of St Aubyn, bachelor, and Violet Gladys HINGSTON of Torpoint, Cornwall, spinster 737/74 29 January 1919

BOWDEN Samuel of St Aubyn, chief writer, RN, bachelor, and Blanche BUCHAN of St Mark, Devonport, spinster 737/49 23 July 1895

BOYNE James Meson of St Mark, Ford, bachelor, and Ellen Gwendoline BOLITH of St Aubyn, spinster 737/119 18 December 1930

BROCKEMAN William of St Aubyn, warrant officer, widower, and Elizabeth Ann HUXHAM of St Matthews, East Stonehouse, spinster 737/47 14 July 1894

BROOKS James of St Aubyn, widower, and Anne BICKLE of St Thomas Launceston, Cornwall, spinster 737/46 5 October 1893

BROWN William Greve of St George's, Edinburgh, bachelor, and Lilian HARRIS of St Aubyn, spinster 737/87 1 July 1920

BULEY Percy of St Jude's, Plymouth, bachelor, and Winnifred Beatrice Kate HOOPER of St Aubyn, spinster 737/110 9 July 1926<

BUXEY Walter, ship's cook, bachelor, and Harriet CHAPMAN, spinster, of St Aubyn 737/34 14 September 1887

CANN William of Ford, Devonport, bachelor, and Elsie Maud BROWNING of St Aubyn, spinster 737/113 29 December 1926

CHIVERS Edward Thomas, bachelor, and Doris GUY, spinster, both of St Aubyn 737/69 16 October 1916

COCKRAM Walter Robert of St Aubyn, widower, and Maud MOWBRAY of St Matthew, Plymouth, spinster 737/94 17 May 1922

COLES George Alfred of St Aubyn, bachelor, aged 19, and Vera Alice NORTLEY of St Mark, Devonport, spinster, aged 18 737/77 8 August 1919

COUCH Charles Henry of St Aubyn, bachelor, and Winnifred May LILLICRAP of St Saviour, Plymouth, spinster 737/91 21 November 1921

CROSS James Julian of St James the Great, Devonport, bachelor, and Bessie Kathleen SHAPTER of St Aubyn, spinster 737/93 12 May 1922

DART Reginald John of Heavitree, Exeter, bachelor, and Ellen TOWNSEND of St Aubyn, spinster 737/88 7 October 1920

DAVEY Thomas Edgar of St Aubyn, bachelor, and Alice Maude WILLIAMS of St James the Less, spinster 737/71 12 August 1918

DAVIS Frederick William of Taunton, Somerset, bachelor, and Josephine OKE of St Aubyn, spinster 737/54 3 January 1899

DAWE William John Thomas of HMS Lion, bachelor, and Margaret BROOKS of St Aubyn, spinster 737/84 23 December 1919

DOYLE James of Stoke Damerel, gunner, bachelor, and Jane RENDLE of St Aubyn, spinster 737/24 24 March 1883

DURMAN Percy Frank, bachelor, and Irene Violet TRAYNER, spinster, both of St Aubyn 737/111 28 July 1926

EADE Harry of St Paul, Devonport, Devon Royal Artillery, bachelor, and Selina TODD of St Aubyn, spinster 737/35 30 September 1887

EDWORTHY Frank of St Aubyn, bachelor, and Margaret Ellen CRABB of St John the Baptist, Devonport, spinster 737/81 6 December 1919

FALEY Francis William of St Paul, Devonport, bachelor, and Gladys Florence Minnie ALLEN of St Aubyn, spinster, aged 19 737/108 31 March 1926

FORTESCUE Gladstone Granville Shannon of St Aubyn, bachelor, aged 20, and Daisy Vaughan GRIFFIN of St Michael, Devonport, spinster, aged 19 737/57 2 May 1900

FUGE Joseph Thomas of St Aubyns, bachelor, and Kate Ham of Fowey, Cornwall, spinster 737/39 1 January 1890

GARDNER Frederick Henry of St Aubyn, bachelor, and Rose Elizabeth ADAMS of St Margaret, Barking, Essex, spinster 737/118 6 November 1929

GILL Albert of Crownhill, Plymouth, bachelor, and Dorothy Roose GOAD of St Aubyn, spinster 737/103 3 June 1925

GOULD Thomas Robert Joseph of St Aubyn, bachelor, and Gladys SKIGGS of St John the Baptist, Devonport, spinster 737/89 8 December 1920

GRANVILLE Arthur Sillas of St James the less, Plymouth, bachelor, and Alice Maude TOOLESS of St Aubyn, spinster 737/102 16 May 1925

HAMBLY George of Landulph, Cornwall, bachelor, and Bessie SCOTT of St Aubyn, spinster 737/52 6 April 1896

HANSON Charles Buesnel of HMS Defiance, bachelor, and Nellie KEYS of St Aubyn, spinster 737/96 4 September 1922

HARTLAND Thomas of Stoke Damerel, bachelor, and Margaret Beatrice Sarah GLEN of St Aubyn, spinster 737/78 8 August 1919

HARVEY Clement Fox of St Aubyn, bachelor, and Clara GLOYNE of Coryton, spinster 737/60 9 June 1903

HAWKE Robert Painter of St Aubyn, bachelor, and Alice Emily MARTIN of Stoke Damerel, spinster 737/43 5 March 1891

HAWKEN Sampson Ernest Mark of St Peter, Plymouth, bachelor, and Milly Sarah Jane BABB of St Aubyn, spinster 737/98 9 April 1923

HENWOOD Thomas of St Mary, Devonport, blacksmith, RN, bachelor, and Caroline PHILPOTT of St Aubyn, spinster 737/26 22 April 1884

HILL Alfred of St Aubyn, seaman, bachelor, and Annie GIBBONS of St John's, Devonport, spinster, aged 19 737/51 11 January 1896

HILL William, bachelor, and Eliza Jane KINGDON, spinster, both of St Aubyn 737/33 9 June 1887

HOOPE George Hedley of St James, Devonport, widower, and Bessie BYE of St Aubyn, spinster 737/41 22 April 1890

HUXHAM Thomas Frederick Aplin, bachelor, and Emily Ethel JONES of St Aubyn, spinster 737/72 24 August 1918

JACKSON Harold Heywood of St Mary, Devonport, bachelor, and Lilian Mary HOLMAN of St Aubyn, spinster 737/70 28 March 1918

JENKINS Harry Fernleigh of St Aubyn, bachelor, and Dorothy Maud MELTERS of St Paul, Devonport, widow 737/95 20 June 1922

JOLLIFFE Samuel Vyvyan of St James, Plymouth, woollen merchant, bachelor, and Charlotte GREENSLADE of St Aubyn, spinster 737/30 2 August 1886

JONES William Pome, bachelor, aged 20, and Violet Lilian Dorothy SKINGSLEY, spinster, aged 19, both of St Aubyn 737/107 25 February 1926

LAMB William Alfred Webb of St Aubyn, bachelor, and Hannah JOB of Falmouth, Cornwall, spinster 737/32 24 November 1886

LAMSFORD Ernest Richard, bachelor, and Florence Jessie Maud PARKER, spinster, both of St Aubyn 737/99 14 April 1923

LEARY Albert Patrick of St Aubyn, bachelor, and Rosa Gertrude CRAPPER of St John the Baptist, spinster 737/97 22 March 1923

LEE Sydney of RN Hospital, Stonehouse, bachelor, and Ada Annie SHOPLAND of St Aubyn, spinster 737/92 17 December 1921

LEE William Henry of St Mark, Ford, widower, and Hilda Elizabeth BURNETT of St Aubyn, spinster 737/115 22 February 1927

LODGE Thomas of Shorncliffe, Kent, sergeant in the army, bachelor, and Elizabeth Florence MOSS of St Aubyn, spinster 737/31 1 September 1886

LONG Charles Edward of St James the Great, Devonport, bachelor, and Murial Alice Evelyn HITCHCOCK of St Aubyn, spinster 737/82 12 December 1919

LYLE Richard of Stoke Damerel, bachelor, and Eliza NEWMAN of St Aubyn, widow 737/85 13 January 1920

MADDOCK Andrew of St Aubyn, dairyman, and Mary Jane NEWLESS or Vivyan of St Peter, divorcee 737/25 13 June 1883

MARTIN Alfred Robert of St Aubyn, writer, RN, bachelor, and Eleanor LAPTAIN of St Andrew, Plymouth, spinster 737/44 17 March 1892

MCDONALD James Ratcliff of Addlestone, Surrey, bachelor, and Florence Susan FULLERTON of St Aubyn, spinster 737/68 29 April 1916

MCGAROCK James of St Aubyn, bachelor, and Lily STEPHENSON of St Mary, Wavertree, Liverpool, spinster 737/73 28 December 1918

MILLMAN Ernest Sydney, bachelor, and Winnifred Minnie ALLEN, spinster, both of St Aubyn 737/76 30 July 1919

MOORE John Watts of St Matthias, Plymouth, and Hilda Florence GOAD of St Aubyn, spinster 737/117 2 September 1929

MURRANCE Merton of St Aubyn, bachelor, and Eleanor CALVERT of St Paul's, Devonport, spinster 737/37 7 February 1888

OVERD Ernest George of St Aubyn, bachelor, and Nellie TOMS of St Augustine, Plymouth, spinster 737/105 19 October 1925

PARNELL John Edward of Harbeton, farmer, bachelor, and Sarah Anne PEARSE of St Aubyn, spinster 737/27 19 March 1885

PARTRIDGE Frederick of St Paul, Devonport, bachelor, and Lilian Kate BAGSHAW of St Aubyn, spinster 737/80 9 October 1919

PLANT Henry Richard of St Aubyn, bachelor, and Annie CHUBB of Charles, Plymouth, spinster 737/59 8 April 1901

POLKINGHORNE Ernest, bachelor, and Florence ELLIS, spinster, both of St Aubyn 737/56 24 January 1900

POLLARD Ernest William of Stoke Damerel, bachelor, and Annie SUMMERFIELD of St Aubyn, spinster 737/75 23 July 1919

QUIGLY William of Aldershot, Hants, bachelor, and Tryphena Emily Mary CARTER of St Aubyn, spinster 737/40 1 January 1890

RICHARDS Eli of St Mary, Devonport, bachelor, and Noreen MARSTON of St Aubyn, spinster 737/65 26 November 1914

SEADON Richard Sydney of St Aubyn, bachelor, and Sarah Ann OCKENDON of St Michael, Devonport, spinster 737/101 3 October 1924

SHEPHERD George William of HMS Defiance, bachelor and Gertrude Olive SMITH of St Aubyn, spinster 737/100 18 July 1924

SMITH Reginald Albert of HMS Valiant, bachelor, and Violet Martha Clara HUXHAM of St Aubyn, spinster 737/90 6 January 1921

SNOW Arthur Joshue of St Aubyn, bachelor, and Emily Grace SNOW of Charles, Plymouth, widow 737/67 20 July 1915

SPRAGGS Alfred Edward Ford of East Stonehouse, organ builder, bachelor, and Edith Campbell CONWAY of St Aubyn, spinster 737/29 19 June 1886

STEPHENS Richard Edward of Calstock, Cornwall, bachelor, and Edith Ellen LAKE of St Aubyn, spinster 737/42 17 May 1890

STEVENS Samuel of St Aubyn, bachelor, and Annie PAINTER of East and West Looe, Cornwall, spinster 737/36 14 November 1887

STRIKE George Henry of St Aubyn, widower and Mary Elizabeth CANN, of St Mary Magdalene, Launceston, Cornwall, spinster 737/104 10 August 1925

THORN Reginald George of St Gabriel's Plymouth, bachelor, and Euphenia Gent AVERY of St Aubyn, spinster 737/64 19 April 1911

TOYE Alfred Ernest of St Martin, Ford, bachelor, and Bessie Mary PUGH of St Aubyn, spinster 737/112 11 November 1926

TWITCHING Henry Herbert, of St Michael, Devonport, agent, bachelor, and Amelia BENNALLACK of St Aubyn, spinster 737/48 19 July 1895

WACKLEY Edward John Clarence of St James the Great, Devonport, bachelor, and Bessie Emily Margaret COUSINS of St Aubyn, spinster, aged 20 737/83 19 December 1919

WANNEL Charles Henry of St Budeaux, bachelor, and Georgina TWITCHING of St Aubyn, spinster 737/53 7 May 1896

WARN Harold Richard of St Mark, Ford, bachelor, and Dorthy Waller CODMAN of St Aubyn, widow 737/120 21 October 1948

WEEKS Edmund of St James, Devonport, widower, and Sarah Chapel HOCKEN of St Aubyn, widow 737/63 7 November 1910

WHYTE George Cruickshank of St Mark, Ford, bachelor, and Hilda Mary GURREY Jewell of St Aubyn, spinster 737/114 26 January 1927

WILLIAMS Alexander George, bachelor, and Ethel THORNTON, spinster, both of St Aubyn 737/116 19 December 1928

WILLIAMS Alfred Ernest, bachelor, and Rosa AVERY, spinster, both of St Aubyn 737/55 21 February 1899

WILLIAMS James Arthur of St Aubyn, bachelor, and Cornelia JAMES of St John the Baptist, Devonport, spinster 737/109 15 April 1926

WOODMAN John Bailey of St John the Baptist, Devonport, bachelor, and Elsie Beatrice ALLEN of St Aubyn, spinster, aged 20 737/86 13 April 1920

YEO William of St Pauls, Devonport, carpenter, bachelor, and Alice Maud SYMONS of St Aubyn, spinster 737/50 27 December 1895

Marriage Certificate Stubs

Marriage Certificate Stubs Ref 737/122 1971 - 1972
Marriage Certificate Stubs Ref 737/123 1972 - 1974
Marriage Certificate Stubs Ref 737/124 1976 - 1977

Applications for Banns of Marriage

PATE Alan Frederick John of St Aubyn, bachelor, and Mary Annette BLACK, of St Budeaux, spinster, aged 20 Ref 737/126 30 October 1969. Contents: With consent to the marriage 11 November 1969

SLEEP Raymond Leslie of St Judes, Plymouth, bachelor, and Patricia Ann BUN of St Aubyn, spinster Ref 737/127 30 November 1969

Banns Certificate

COURTIS William Charles Guise of Christ Church, Plymouth, bachelor, and Annie KYLE of St Aubyn, spinster Ref 737/121 1 May 1901

Banns Certificate Stubs

Banns Certificate Stubbs Ref 737/125 1971 - 1974


Marriages, 1962-1980;
Banns, 1951-1969

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