We are very fortunate in Devonport, we have a lot of river frontage, with great views across to the hills of Cornwall. The river Tamar, the reason for our existance, surrounds half of Devonport. Plenty of residents can look out of their window and see the river, complete with awesome ships of the British Navy passing in and out of the dockyard, with the green hills of Cornwall as a pretty backdrop. Who would live anywhere else?

Dotted here and there along our river frontage are some long-standing communities, with great names - see below. And then there is our world-famous waterfront area known as Devonport Royal Dockyard.

Some Waterfront areas to be described shortly are:

  • Dockyard / Navy
  • Mount Wise
  • Mutton Cove
  • North Corner
  • Ocean Quay
  • Pottery Quay
  • Richmond Walk