Devonport's Historic Buildings

Our historic buildings, most of them Listed by English Heritage, have been grouped into categories, as a way of introducing them and as a way of helping you browse. Properties newly built since WWII will be classed as a current building - just to draw a line.

Devonport has many historic buildings and structures; below I've referred to over 140 of them, but there's a few I've missed and a few long gone. The sheer number of these buildings is often a surprise to non-Devonport residents - even within our own city of Plymouth, "Wow, didn't know these were here" is often heard from visitors.

Commercial Origin

Bristol Castle Public House, 6 Duncan Street
Devonport Market, Grade II. 1852
Crown & Column Public House Ker Street, Grade II. 1824
Crown Hotel, Grade II. 1880
Kings Arms, The Public House, 60 Pembroke Street, Grade II.
Beresford Inn, The 9 Cumberland Street, Grade II.
No’s 8-14 (consecutive) Cumberland Street, (terrace incl the Beresford public House)
Magnet The, Grade II.
New Pier Inn, The aka Little Mutton Monster. (gone)
Rose Cottage (former Rail Station Cottage), Richmond Walk (gone)
Shakespeare The public house, Grade II.
Steam Packet Inn The
Swan The (former public house)
Terrace of shops, Nos 6-15 Cumberland Street, Grade II.
Terrace of shops, 2, 4 and 6 George Street, Grade II.
Western Public House The and attached outbuildings, Fore Street

Social Origin

Agnes Weston (gone)
Devonport Library Ker Street Ope, Grade II. 1843-50
Exmouth Hall a.k.a. The Van Dyke Club. 1923 (gone)
The Forum
The former Royal Fleet Club and attached No’s 9-10 Morice Square
Odd Fellows Hall - Grade I
Royal British Female Orphan asylum
St Aubyn Masonic Hall (its location no longer classified as Devonport)

Religious Origin

Church of St Aubyn Grade II. 1771
RC Church of St Michael and St Joseph (gone), 1860
Cornwall Street School (gone), 1860
No 2 Old Chapel, Public House (now the Cooperative) Duke Street Grade II. 1790
Stoke Damerel Church, Paradise Road - Devonport's mother church, Grade II*
St Mary's Church (gone), 1852
St Paul's Church (gone), 1849

Municipal or Manorial Origin

Devonport Borough Prison. 1850 (gone)
Devonport Column Ker Street, Grade I. 1824
Devonport Park Higher Lodge
Devonport Park Lower Lodge Grade II. 1858
Devonport Park Great War Memorial Grade II. 1923
Devonport Town Hall (Guildhall) and attached walls, Grade I. 1821
Landing-Stage/Pontoon 1883
Manor Office, Chapel Street, Grade II. c1797
Municipal Science, Art and Technical School, Paradise Road Grade II. 1897
Mutton Cove Harbour and Pier, Grade II. 18th century
Piermaster's House, The 1899
Royal Albert Hospital (gone), 1862
Stonehouse Creek Bridge. 1768

Domestic Origin

Baker's Place
No’s 41-45 Chapel Street, (includes the Former Crown Hotel) Grade II
17, 18, 19 Charlotte Street - Grade II
4 to 16 (evens) Duke Street - Grade II
87-101 Duke Street
1 George Street
57 George Street - Grade II
59-75 George Street (odds) and 90-100 (even)
Hamoaze Place
1 and 2 Theatre Ope - Grade II
61 Pembroke Street Grade II ??

Military Origin - Morice Yard

Morice Yard is England's best surviving 18th century naval ordnance yard and contains the following listed buildings:
The Officer’s Terrace (and attached railings, rear walls and outbuildings) Grade II*. 1720-24.
Steps, dwarf walls, lamps and retaining wall to gardens fronting Officer’s Terrace. Grade II*. 1722
Morice Gate (plus two Gatehouses and attached Dockyard Walls) Grade II*. 1720-1724
No 4 Store, Ordnance store.Grade II*. 1722-1723o
No 8 Store, Stores. Grade II. 1722
No 16 Store, the Powder magazine. Grade II*. 1744.
No 17 Store, Ordnance store. Grade II. 1740-50.
No 2 Store, Former Furbisher’s Shop, Grade II*. C1776.
No 12 The Painted Canvas Store, Grade II*. 1777.
No 6 Sail Loft. Grade II. 1840-50. .
No 5 Store, Colour Loft. Grade II. 1840-50.
No 3 Store, Storehouse. Grade II. 1840-1855.
North gate and attached Dockyard Walls, New Passage. Grade II. 1853-68
Muster Bell. Grade II. Mid 19th century

Military Origin - Around Devonport

4 and 5 Theatre Ope (originally married quarters), Grade II
Admiralty House (originally named Government House), Grade II
Bluff Battery, Devonport Hill
Garrison Cricket ground
Mount Wise House, George Street, Grade II
Ordnance Laboratory/Mount Wise Barracks, James Street
Picquet Barracks 1865
Raglan Gatehouse, Grade II. 1853-58
Raglan Engineers depot a.k.a. Cumberland Block (gone)
Mount Wise Redoubt. 1778-79
Pavilion, Brickfields
Former military cottages, Granby Street
Hildyard House, Mount Wise (gone)
Maillard House, Mount Wise (gone)
15-18 Richmond Walk and outbuildings
The King's Inner Boundary Wall, York Street. 1787

Admiralty and/or Dockyard Origin - South Yard

Armourer’s and Plumbers Shop
Composite Shipbuilding Shed, Grade II
Devonport Naval Heritage Centre (aka Dockyard Museum) (originally The Pay Office), Grade II*
Former Fire Station Grade II
Former garden wall, piers and steps to Officer’s Terrace, Grade II. 1690s
Joiner’s Shop Grade II
Main Dock Pumphouse, Grade II. 1851
Master Ropemaker’s House, and attached railings and garden wall Grade II. 1772-3
Master Ropemaker’s Office Grade II.
Millwrights Shop, Grade II
Mutton Cove Gate
No’s 2, 3 and 4 Docks and associated bollards, Grade II*
No 1 Dock and No 1 Basin. Grade II* Scheduled Ancient Monument
No 1 Slip (Covered Slip) 1770s, and slip cover c1814. Grade II* Scheduled Ancient Monument
North Smithery, Grade II*
Officer’s Terrace, attached basement area & railings (also called Bonaventure House), Grade II*
Perimeter wall enclosing the north corner of South Yard. Grade II
Police Office and Cells, Fore Street Gate
Railings, Piers & Gateway to King's Hill Gazebo. Grade II* 1822
Rose Cottage Overseers' office. 1850-60
Scrieve Board The. 1830’s. Grade II* Scheduled Ancient Monument
South Saw Mills, Grade II*
South Smithery, Grade II*
South Yard Main Gate, Fore Street entrance
Spinning house in ropery; now store. 1763-71; rebuilt 1812-17.
Storehouse No. 7,
Superintendent of Police Building, inside Fore Street Gate
Swing Bridge The. Grade II 1838
Tarred Yarn store, Grade II*. 1769 n.
Tarring and Wheel House and Tarred Yarn House, Grade II*. 1763
Wall, piers and steps parallel with the Spinning House. Grade II. 1763-1771.
Wall of dockyard extending from east of Ropery Complex to east of No 1 Slip, Grade II. 1763-72
Walls, piers and steps extending approx 140m on east side of Tarring House, Grade II. 1763-71
Walls and railings around reservoir, Grade II
The West Ropery (Site of). Scheduled Ancient Monument
White Yarn House, Grade II*. 1762

Admiralty and/or Dockyard Origin - North Yard

Albert Road Gate (gone)
Dock Pumping Station - Grade II
HMS Drake, Chapel of St Nicholas Grade II. 1905-07
HMS Drake, Clock tower and attached guardhouse, Grade II. 1896
HMS Drake, Drake House and attached walls and railings, Grade II. 1887
HMS Drake, Drill Shed. Grade II. 1879-86
HMS Drake Exmouth Block, Grade II. 1907
HMS Drake, Frobisher Block Grade II. 1879-86
HMS Drake, Grenville Block, Grade II. 1907
HMS Drake, Howard building, Grade II. 1879-86
HMS Drake, Main Gateway with gate pier arches, gates, flanking walls and railings. Grade II. 1906-07
HMS Drake, Raleigh Block, Grade II. 1907
HMS Drake, Seymour Building. grade II. 1879-86
HMS Drake, Terrace walls in front of the wardroom, Grade II. 1902
HMS Drake, Theatre Complex. Grade II mid 19th century
HMS Drake, Wardroom, officer’s quarters and mess. Grade II* 1898-1902
No. 8 Dock - Grade II
North Yard Offices and attached front walls - Grade II
Police Offices (Former Dock Entrance Gatehouse) - Grade II
Quadrangle The - Grade I
Retaining wall along E perimeter of yard and revetment wall to E of The Quadrangle - Grade II
Telephone Box (outside HMS Drake Gates) Grade II. 1935
Walls and bollards to No. 3 Basin - Grade II*

Admiralty Origin - Around Devonport

Hamoaze House (originally named Admiralty House) and attached railings, George Street, Grade II
HMS Vivid, Mount Wise (gone)
Mount Wise Pier, Richmond Walk
Queen Stairs (a.k.a. Admiral's Steps) pavillion and landing hard, Richmond Walk, Grade II.
Seymour House, Mount Wise. mid 20thC

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