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Hi, I'm Liz Cook, I live in Devonport and launched this site during 2009 with the following goals:
  • promote a greater awareness of Devonport's history and heritage, & provide information for local historians and genealogists,
  • encourage visitors to our waterfront, our parks and our listed buildings
  • be comprehensive, covering all aspects of daily life in Devonport,
  • encourage senior citizens to relive their memories
  • encourage contributions, all communications from Devonport residents and businesses welcomed and invited.


Phew!. I learned a lot in year one, mostly that it's a massive task for one person to maintain current information of an entire community, Devonport is a neighbourhood of a large city after all. I gave it a good try in year one, producing and uploading 115 pages, and now have over 1200 different persons logging on regularly each month. - but a large current affairs site is not sustainable on my input alone. In a community where some businesses stop trading, new ones start, people move in, others move out, and so on, one person cannot keep on top of such constant changes.

In order to stop this site becoming out-dated, as seen on other sites that are not maintained, I decided to change focus - to convert Devonport Online to a history site.

During 2010, this site was converted into two history sections. The section headed 'Millennium Devonport' contains the contemporary material I've gathered and originally presented under the tabs 'Living, Working, Playing and Visiting'. This information functions as a snapshot of life in millennium Devonport - recorded as I witnessed it, daily, weekly... The other section, 'Historic Devonport', contains (and there's much more to come) all my archives, material I've gathered, and some I've written myself, on Devonport's pre-millennium history.


Steady growth...... In July of 2012 DevonportOnline achieved 3193 site visits, with over 2000 of those being unique visitors. I'm pleased with that as it has continued for each following month, and over 3000 per month is now regular. The growth pattern for this website has been:-
- Over 240 pages have been uploaded
- During the first six months (in 2009) there were only 100 persons visiting each month
- By 2010 over 1000 persons visited each month.
- 2011 over 2000 a month
- 2012 over 3000 a month
- DevonportOnline is consistently in the top three on Google, and quite often is first (when a search is made on the term 'Devonport History', which is what this site is all about.)

Thank you to all supporters and users of this site, thank you.

p.s. At 2012 I no longer live in Devonport, but as my birthplace, my childhood/youth playground and the birthplace of my children, it will always be a major part of my life.


In March 2013 this site received 4000 separate visitors (with over 23,000 hits). Every year an extra 1000 persons per month visits. Thank you all for your support, and for the lovely letters I've received.


Throughout most of 2013, I was ill with arthritis, so I only added a handful of new pages all year.

History Dates

Although there are two categories of history, in practise of course the dates overlap, depending which article you are reading, but the two categories are a useful and simple method of grouping the material. For millennium Devonport I try to write and present the material as an eye-witness to history, giving a first-hand account where possible, since I lived in Devonport for most of the millennium decade. Material for the second category has been gathered from everywhere/anywhere..... the internet, PWDRO, newspaper archives, personal contacts, library books, and also from artifacts, which often tell their own stories about our history - see my magazine publication Made in Devonport.

My opening sentence on the day this website was launched is still, and will always be, true - Devonport is ... one of the most historic neighourhoods in Plymouth.

(Page updated October 2012).

This site is listed in the British Towns and Villages Encyclopaedia of Great Britain.