Devonport is....

... one of the most historic neighourhoods in Plymouth. We are located to the west of the city, with extensive frontage onto the river Tamar. This is one of Plymouth's character areas, even our names are quirky, such as Mutton Cove, Pottery Quay and North Corner

This history website covers.....
  • Modern History highlighting the decade 2000-2010, under the 'Millenium' tab.
  • With all earlier history under the 'Historic' tab.


    The images on my website are being stolen excessively by the Facebook page called ‘Old Pictures of Devonport, Mountwise and other parts of Plymouth ‘ I have repeatedly asked the owner of the Facebook page, Michelle Joce, to be courteous to the amount of effort I put into this history website, and to stop pulling off my work (sometimes whole pages of mine including my text and images) and pasting it straight into her page. Now I see that some readers of her page are doing the same. At first Michelle complied with my request with many apologies, with removal of my material, and reassurance that it wouldn’t happen again. But she continues to rip my site/images, has complained on her page that people who claim copyright are ‘bloody moaners’, and has blanked my own Facebook page from being able to see her page.

    In view of the amount of time, energy and money this website costs me (yes Michelle, I actually pay for many of my images – largely purchased from eBay, and I pay for hosting my website to be online and I pay in terms of the many hours at my computer, firstly on Photoshop tidying up and cleaning the images, secondly on Visual Studio writing the HTML for the web page and thirdly with an FTP program uploading my work – it costs!) it is disappointing to see others spend just a few minutes at my site, ripping off whatever they feel like then departing cheaply – it costs them zero – and then they moan that I have copyright on all my pages.

    - For those kind persons who have noticed what Michelle and some of her readers are doing, and have written to inform me and provide their support, thank you sincerely.
    - For those readers of Michelle's page that have made kind references to my site and provided a link to me, that is very generous of you, and I thank you.
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