Shopping in Devonport

Localised pockets of Shops

For 220 years Fore Street was the main shopping street in Devonport. Following WW2 Fore Street and the surrounding streets, obliterated by bombing, were absorbed by the Admiralty. (which subsequently built a wall around the entire plot - known as the South Yard enclave) Since then both Marlborough Street and Albert Road have been the two largest shopping areas in Devonport - neither of them achieving the status and glory that was once Fore Street.

Due to the quirkiness of Devonport having its own set of 'character areas' it may be that a single central shopping street will not arise again. Even though the Admiralty have now released the South Yard enclave, and Fore Street is at time of writing, 2009, being rebuilt, it will contain residential homes - a main shopping street is not part of the regeneration plans for Fore Street. Therefore, the following pockets of shops dotted around Devonport will continue their neighbourhood function.

Albert Road

There is a wide variety of shops in Albert Road - check link for a listing and comments.

Car Boot Shopping

Devonport has a thriving and very popular 'car boot' shopping centre - it is located in King's Road, on the site of the old Stonehouse Creek. Car boot days are Saturdays and Sundays.

Chapel Street - New Central Thoroughfare Planned

Note that under the regeneration programme Chapel Street is to be built up as a recognised central thoroughfare, however, it will not be a shopping main street of the type that Fore Street once was, or contain even as many shops as Albert Road. Shopping in the regenerated Chapel Street will be limited and, because of the global financial crisis, possibly limited to a supermarket only - the outcome remains to be seen given today's climate.

Cumberland Street - The Old Quarter

With so much regeneration going on locally the terrace of shops in Cumberland Street could now safely be called 'the old quarter'. It's very pretty, and contains all listed buildings. The entire terrace/block is listed.

Fore Street Shops

Following WW2 the Admiralty temporarily absorbed the western half of Fore Street (for about 50 years). Since its return to the community recently the western half is being rebuilt, as part of our regeneration, but most of that end of Fore Street will contain homes - apart from a planned supermarket for the corner bordering Chapel Street. Of the remaining parts of Fore Street, the section near to the Mecca bingo hall contains a small cluster of shops - these are listed on our Fore Street web page.

George Street Shops

There is a Co-op Supermarket at the entrance into George Street and a terrace of shops in lower George Street, not far from the entrance to Mount Wise Park. We will upload a page containing details shortly.

Marlborough Street Shops

The ambience of Marlborough Street is changing; compared to just ten years ago there are now fewer customers in the street, and with that comes fewer traders prepared to open up shop. The most recent business to close was the public house 'Caseys', leaving The Revenue as the last remaining public house in Marlborough Street. Even so, there is still a variety of shops, see our Marlborough Street page. That only one public house remains is in fact good news for shoppers; it used to be uncomfortable to pass through the street, with beer drinkers hovering around, but those times have passed. Like so much of Devonport at this time, Marlborough Street will see even more changes over the next decade.

updated Sept 2009