By-Laws of the Royal Arch Chapter of Fidelity,
attached to Lodge Fidelity No 230
held at the Ebrington Masonic Hall,
Granby Street, Devonport [1]

1895 Masonic Chapter Fidelity - Lodge No 230 was inaugurated in ??? in Morice Town, Devonport. Their masonic hall in the image above was built later, but the exact date remains to be clarified. The location of the hall was then of course in Devonport, but since 1914 reclassified as part of Plymouth.

In 1895 the Lodge published a small booklet called 'By-Laws of the Royal Arch Chapter of Fidelity, No 230'; it is from that booklet the following list of names were transcribed.

List of Members of Chapter 'Fidelity' No. 230

W.V, Harris, Z.
R. Penberthy, H.
W. Routledge, J.
J. Bassett, I.P.Z.
W. Coath, P.Z.
R. Cawsey, P.Z. P.P.G.D.C.
J.R.H. Harris P.Z. S.E., P.P.G.A.D.C.
J. Whitford P.Z.
R.W. Pitcher, P.Z.
R. Pike P.Z. P.P.G.O.

[1] published by W.G. Swiss & Son, printers, Marlborough Street, Devonport. 1895

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