Members of the Fidelity Huyshe Lodge

of Mark Master Masons, Number 91,

Ebrington Masonic Hall,

Granby Street, Devonport,


List of Members, 1921

(transcribed in the sequence as printed in the booklet)
P.A. Norman P.M., P.P.G.J.O., TREAS
J. Day, P.M., P.P.G.A. SEC.
A. H. Damerell
W.H. Corner P.M. P.P.G.A. SEC
J. Peters
G.R. Archer, P.M., P.P.G.I.G.
J.H. Hellen, P.M.., P.P.G.I. of WKS
J.E. Edwards, P.M., P.P.G.ST. BR.
J.A. Hendra, P.M, P.P.G.D.
E. Harvey
W.H. Watson
A. Pengelly
J.T.S. Brokenshire, W.M.
A. Brokenshire, P.M., P.P.G. ST. BR
C.W. Percy
W.R. Beer
N.J.P. Revington, P.M., PROV.G.S.D.
A.H. Watson, P.M., P.P.G.A.D.C.
T.S. Hoppins
J. Ide M.O.
W. Kemble, S.W., W.M.ELECT
F.G. Bayley J.W.
J.E. Adams, R. of M.
H.H. Ree S.O.
E. McCarthy S.D.
M. Durbin, P.M., P.P.G.ORG.
W.G. Mitchell
A.S. Grigg J.O.
F.G. Langmead
C.G. Pitcher, STWD.
T.W. Payne
W.H. Brown, TYLER
J.W. Barnes, SEC.
R.H. Hutchings
W.S. Haycroft
J. Rounsefell, STWD.
W.H.C. Lewis, CHAP.
F. Searle
H. Hurst
T.R. Hobbs, ORG.
R.D. Bishop, I.G.
W.G. Pillidge, S. STWD.
A.E. Sanders, D.C.
A. Collecott
A.E. Scobie, J.D.
F.W. Pearce
C. Truscott
R.E. Rabey
O.J. Lawrence
W. Harmer
A. Harris, STWD.
W.S. Higgs, STWD.
J. Tink
C.J. Golliker, STWD.
W.H. French
W.H. Boasden
J.D. Colley
G.H. Beer
E.A. Roberts
F. Perryman
T.J. Leigh
H. Byfield
C.H. Wilson
Reg. Hooper
J. Greenburgh
C.J. Souhamy
E.H. Tucker
T. Woolland
E.A. Aikman
A.E. Lewis
D.J. Crowther
J.T. Bowen
E.J. Hancock
C.R. Dan
H. Ramage
J. Warren
J.L. Russell
H.S. Cox
G. Partridge
R.C. Bewes

Hon Members

A. Broom, P.M., 16, P.P.G.M.O.
H.B. Spencer, P.M., 438, P.G.D. ENG.

Source: From a booklet produced by this lodge in 1921 called, By-Laws of the Fidelty 'Huyshe' Lodge of Mark Master Masons No 91

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