HMS Galatea Memorial

The memorial to HMS Galatea in Devonport Park is in the shape of an obelisk - it's located in the trees about 50m to the west of the Lower Lodge, and viewable from the pavement in Fore Street (just).

All images on this page, taken c2005, are of Galatea Monument, Devonport Park, constructed in 1871.

Note: Please zoom into the image for your own interpretation of the text, the following is a best guess.

Name Class Date
Hy. Skentlebury Boy May 11 1867
Walter Millar R.M.L.I. Oct EO.
Jiovanni Spiter ? ...ok. E3.
Jno Ware A.B. ? Nov 16 ?
Robt UT?R??E R.M.L.I. Sept 5 1868
Jno Carl.. EAD?C stoker ?
Alex Stroud Stoker ?
Jas Cook C.R.L.M.I. April 17 ?
Jno Keleher 30 TSW?N? M??E EP3
Fredk For?mann SAN? Dec 3
Wm Snell Boy 2G
Wm Duff Stoker Jan 5 1870
Geo Grand Stoker Feb ?
Saml Mazzey Cooper ... 27
Jno Bowman A.B. Mar 1?
Wm Payne Band July 22
Saml Marsh O.R.D. Aug 3
Geo A. Cook Boy Sep 13