Devonport-born men who fought at Trafalgar

Below is a list of Devonport-born men who fought at Trafalgar. The Battle of Trafalgar, 21 October 1805, is considered one of the most significant in British Naval history - followng which Britian achieved dominance of the seas for the next century.

Plymouth-Dock (Devonport) played an important role in bringing not just our navy, but also our country to a position of global power. Local residents of the period are to be applauded; highly skilled in building the ships in the first instance, they were also skilled in manning them, and mastering the seas. Further, the Hamoaze here in Devonport, was THE main stretch of water in England used for (a) mooring of foreign ships captured during the Napoleonic wars, and (b) housing thousands of captured prisoners aboard hulks.

The following names are extracted from the National Archives database; apart from 12-year-old William John Thompson HOOD, whose place of birth was listed as Plymouth-Dock/Ireland, all the others were listed as born in Plymouth-Dock. (See also Notes at page bottom)

Name Age Rank Ship
Thomas ADAMS 19 Landsman CONQUEROR
James BLAMY 29 Ordinary Seaman HMS Belleisle
William BOYD 37 Able Seaman HMS Belleisle
William BRADFORD 29 Purser's Steward HMS Mars
Thomas BRAUND 16 Midshipman HMS Royal Sovereign
John William BRAY 14 Boy HMS Sirius
Walter BRAY 33 Landsman HMS Tonnant
Edward BROPHY 27 Ordinary Seaman HMS Achille
William BROWN 15 Midshipman Died. 21 October 1805
Peter BRYAN 47 Sailmaker HMS Achille
George Henry BUTLER 13 Boy HMS Spartiate
Henry BUTLER 30 Ropemaker HMS Spartiate
William CALDWELL 29 Able Seaman HMS Victory (Was at Trafalgar)
Thomas CASSELAKE 22 Able Seaman HMS Achille (Was at Trafalgar)
James CHURCH 22 Landsman HMS Belleisle (Was at Trafalgar)
John CLARE 23 Ordinary Seaman HMS Britannia
William John COCK 26 Midshipman HMS Mars
Edward COGAR 50 Caulker HMS Polyphemus
Anthony COLLINS 27 Landsman HMS Dreadnought
John Francis COOK 13 Volunteer 1st Class HMS Mars
Thomas COURTIS 18 Midshipman HMS Mars
John CUMMINS 23 Able Seaman HMS Conqueror
George DALE 25 Able Seaman HMS Prince
William DART 21 Boy HMS Belleisle (Was at Trafalgar)
John DAVIS 28 Able Seaman HMS Tonnant
William DODD 21 Able Seaman HMS Tonnant
John DOMETT 14 Boy HMS Conqueror
Richard DOUGLAS 17 Midshipman HMS Achille (Was at Trafalgar)
Christopher DUNN 20 Landsman HMS Belleisle
Edward P. FOSTER 18 Midshipman HMS Mars
Philip GARLAND 16 Ordinary Seaman HMS Sirius
Richard GEORGE 20 Landsman HMS Ajax
Joseph Collings GILL 12 Midshipman HMS Achille (Was at Trafalgar)
Mark GRIGG 12 Volunteer 1st Class HMS Achille (Was at Trafalgar)
Lawrence HACKETT 34 Ordinary Seaman HMS Spartiate
Robert HALF 14 Boy HMS Royal Sovereign
John HAWKINIS 30 Armourer HMS Tonnant
Moses HAYNES 30 Ordinary Seaman HMS Britannia
Thomas HELPMAN 21 Midshipman HMS Conqueror
John F. HERBERT 13 Volunteer 1st Class HMS Thunderer
John HERROD 12 Boy HMS Spartiate
William HERROD 14 B0y HMS Spartiate
William HEYSON 20 Landsman HMS Prince
William John Thompson HOOD 12 Volunteer 1st Class HMS Achille and HMS Salvador Del Mundo
Samuel JAGO 26 Midshipman HMS Belleisle
Thomas JAMES 17 Midshipman HMS Prince
Peard JILLARD 20 Ordinary Seaman HMS Sirius
Charles JOLLEY 20 Midshipman HMS Conqueror
Henry LONEY? 20 Master's Mate HMS Conqueror
James MALONEY 15 Boy HMS Conqueror
Alexander MAZEY 24 Landsman HMS Britannia
N? MILLETT 43 Caulker HMS Spartiate
George MITCHELL 23 Ordinary Seaman HMS Belleisle
Richard MITCHELL 25 Ordinary Seaman HMS Polyphemus
Thomas NEWLAND 35 Able Seaman HMS Spartiate
Charles NILES 14 Boy HMS Mars
Benjamin NORGATE 22 Landsman HMS Tonnant
John PASCHO 29 Ordinary Seaman HMS Belleisle (Was at Trafalgar)
James PEARCE 29 Able Seaman HMS Belleisle (Was at Trafalgar)
Charles PEARNE 22 Landsman HMS Britannia
John Alexander PHILLIPS 15 Midshipman HMS Belleisle
Robert PLANT 17 Boy HMS Spartiate
James POAD 15 Midshipman HMS Victory (Was at Trafalgar)
James RICHARDSON 34 Gunner's Mate HMS Dreadnought
John ROSE 44 Able Seaman HMS Ajax
James ROWE 29 Able Seaman HMS Victory (Was at Trafalgar)
Robert ROWE 24 Ordinary Seaman HMS Prince
James ROWLEY 21 Landsman HMS Achille (Was at Trafalgar)
John SALTER 11 Boy HMS Spartiate
George SANDERS 19 Ordinary Seaman HMS Thunderer
John SCOTT 50 Gunner's Mate HMS Spartiate
John SHEA 33 Able Seaman HMS Sirius
Richard SNOWDEN 29 Caulker HMS Sirius
John STEPHENS 15 Boy HMS Ajax
Daniel H. SULIVAN 15 Midshipman HMS Neptune
John THOMPSON 11 Boy HMS Spartiate
John TUCKER 16 Boy HMS Belleisle (Was at Trafalgar)
Thomas J.F. TURNER 29 Ropemaker HMS Belleisle (Was at Trafalgar)
William VENNER 24 Able Seaman HMS Belleisle
William Smith WARREN 17 Volunteer 1st Class HMS Achille (Was at Trafalgar)
Edward WATERS 23 Able Seaman HMS Royal Sovereign
John WAY 14 Boy HMS Conqueror
Samuel WILCOCKS 17 Clerk HMS Bellerophon
Joseph WILLIAMS 21 Midshipman HMS Conqueror
Thomas WILLIAMS 26 Ordinary Seaman HMS Belleisle Was at Trafalgar
Methuslah WILLS 24 Midshipman HMS Dreadnought
Joseph WOODWARD 14 Boy HMS Neptune
George YOUNG 14 Midshipman HMS Sirius


I contacted the National Archives with the following query... "Did all the persons listed in your 'served at Trafalgar' database, actually serve at Trafalgar? Sorry if that seems a daft question, but when you search in deep through the names, then some of them have in brackets the text.... (was at Trafalgar) - yet others do not have this text in brackets next to their ship? The thing is... I extracted ALL of my list of Plymouth-Dock persons from your 'Served at Trafalgar' database. Why do some have the bracketed text (was at Trafalgar), and others not?

Reply - Thank you for your e-mail. I am writing to confirm that all the individuals (as far as can be determined) under the Nelson Trafalgar page, served at Trafalgar. As you may have noted the Trafalgar Ancestors database project is an on-going one. For some men there are just some basic facts about them. Whereas others have more detailed records, for example, Horatio Nelson. In time we hope that all the records will be as detailed as Nelson's. The reason why the entry (was at Trafalgar) appears in the service records screen is to provide contextual information about what other battles individuals may have served in and what ships they served on at the time of the battle. This would allow researchers using the database to perhaps endeavour to locate other sources relating to that particular battle or ship. This was useful when looking at the careers of men who may have served on many ships and in other battles during their career.

I hope this explains satisfactorily the reasoning behind these entries.

Yours faithfully
Bruno Pappalardo Research, Knowledge and Academic Services