John Henry Puleston MP. 1874-1892

John Henry Puleston was elected MP for Devonport in 1874 and remained so until 1892. He was knighted in 1887. His image together with the first article below was published in the Illustrated London News 1st August 1874.

QUOTE Mr John Henry Pulston, of Marden Park Surrey, and of Brynogian (sp), North Wales, is a partner in the London banking-house of McColloch and O(?), of Lombard Street. He is eldest son of the late Mr John Puleston of Plasnewydd, near Ruthin, Wales, and was born in the year 1830. He was educated at the grammar school of Ruthin, and subsequently at King's College School, London. In 1857 he married Margaret, daughter of the the Rev. Edward Lloyd of Llanfyllyn, Montgomeryshire. He resided many years in the United States, where he was actively engaged in journalism and in financial business. He has therefore a perfect familiarity with American interests, and his election has been faourably commented on by the American press. He was invited to contest the representation of his native county, Denbighshire, as the colleague of Sir W.W. Wynn, but declined. Mr Puleston belongs to the conservative party. UNQUOTE

As a young man Puleston went to America and opened a successful medical practice in New York. He began to have an interest in politics at this stage and whilst in New York became involved with the Republican Party. He appeared to be successful at everything he attempted, as he then took a career as a journalist, becoming editor of several newspapers including the Phoenixville Guardian (but he apparently left this town with debts behind him).

In due course he became well known in American political circles and was made military agent for the state of Pennsylvania at the rank of Colonel. Puleston undertook yet more work opportunities while in America as he eventually became a broker on Wall Street. Having thus made many contacts with bankers he finally returned to London

A few years after becoming Devonport's MP, Puleston returned to America and repaid all his previous debts. However, he probably got into more debt during this period since he eventually died a bankrupt.

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