Devonport Services RFC

Devonport Services RFC do exactly what their name says, they are a rugby football club for members of the Services in the Devonport area. They play in the Western counties (west) league. The club's nickname is The Sporting Blues. The Rectory Grounds, near Kings Road, Devonport, has been the Service's home ground for around a century. There is an article on this website that looks at part of the history of the Rectory Field - up to 1950.

Devonport Services has an excellent reputation, not just for their playing skills but also for their development and training of youth in the sport; in this they are second to none in Britain. Full information on the club is available at the Devonport Services RFC website

Devonport Services RFC,
The Rectory Field,
2nd Avenue,

  • Telephone number 01752-562948
  • Director of rugby Dave Oakley
  • Fixtures secretary: Steve Lomax, 07742758534, email:
  • Secretary: Lt Rob Pond RN. email link
  • Youth Contact: Sam Matts (Chairman) 07775997280


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