Devonport Heritage Trail

The Devonport Heritage Trail is a new 2011 project designed to promote the old historic quarters of Devonport, until now one of Plymouth’s hidden gems. It’s a Must-Do trail, for both residents of and visitors to Devonport. By following the trail you can explore both historic and cultural aspects of what was once the biggest town in the whole of the Devon and Cornwall peninsula. The Trail is about 7.5 km (four miles) long but can easily be covered in sections, of which there are four…
  • Mount Wise
  • Central
  • North Corner
  • Devonport Park
Plymouth City Council provides a downloadable Devonport Heritage Trail leaflet that walks you through each section, complete with a numbered map. The full Trail is marked by:
  • Over 70 waymarkers

    these are circular numbered plaques that can be identified from the map on the leaflet. Gary and Thomas Thrussell are the blacksmith artists who created the waymarkers.
  • Four Heritage Trail Panels

    each outlining the historical aspect of each section of the route. The panels are located at: Mount Wise, Cumberland Gardens, North Corner and Devonport Park.
  • Several public art features

    dotted around Devonport, all visible as you walk the route. This includes glass items by Carole Waller, found at Brickfields and the park, and sculptured stone benches and stone tiles designed by Michael Disley, and made by himself, school children and local residents.
If any readers have walked the Heritage Trail and wish to provide feedback to others, your comments will be added below - your email letters would be most welcome.

added 19 March 2011