Chapter 'Fidelity' attached to Lodge No. 230


At a Regular Meeting held on Tuesday, the 27th day of August, 1901, it was unanimously resolved (after due notice) that By-Law No. VIII be repealed and that in place thereof the following be substituted:-

VIII. The fee for exaltation shall be Three Guineas which shall include the fee for Registration and Grand Chapter Certificate. Of this sum half-a-guinea shall be deposited with the Treasurer by the Member proposing the Candidate at the time of the proposal. Should the Candidate be elected and fail to present himself for exaltation at the same or next subsequent meeting, his election shall be cancelled and in default of a satisfactory explanation being given the deposit forfeited, but should he be rejected the deposit shall be returned.

The fee to be paid by a Joining Member shall be half-a-guinea in addition to Registration fee payable to Grand and Provincial Grand Chapters.

1902 March 24th,
Approved by the Grand Superintendent,


Confirmed by the M.W. Grand Master,
26th March, 1902.

List of Members of Chapter 'Fidelity' No 230

(transcribed in the sequence as printed in the membership-card)

R. Pike, P.Z., P.P.G.O.
E.H. Littleton, P.Z., P.P.G.P.S.
W.G. Swiss, P.Z.
F. Orchard, P.Z., P.P.G.S.B.
A. Maddock, P.Z.,
J. Bassett, P.Z., P.P. 2nd Ast, Soj.
W.V. Harris, P.Z.,
G.F. Bromley, P.Z., P.P.G.A.D.C.
W. Brockman, P.Z.,

S. Austin
J.G. Alford
R.H. Hodge
W. Henderson
A.J. Vogwill
E.T. Popham
Mark Durbin
P.A. Norman
J. Owen
J. Pascoe
H.W. Haydon
A.J. Williams
J. Angwin
A.W. Rowe
J. Wyatt
G. White
G.W. Thom
W.E. Symons
J.H. Stevens
H.T. Smith
T.F. Stidever
A. Truscott
A.D. Davis
R. Collingwood
R. Carpenter
H. Gould
D. Larnach
C.R. Sergeant
F.C. Smith
G.H. Burnett
J.E. Edwards
B.O. Cross
C.P. Gaston

A.W. Rowe, Scribe E.,
25 William Street, Morice Town, Devonport

Other Lodges and Chapters

Here is a list of Masonic Lodges and Chapters in the town of Devonport 1902.

Ebrington Masonic Hall,

Granby Street, Devonport,


Source: From a pamphlet produced by this lodge in 1902 - see images ...

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