Heroine attends Remembrance Ceremony

11th November 2009 at North Corner

Over 100 persons, including Devonport residents, Royal Marine Veterans and local primary school children gathered at the Heroes Stone at North Corner on 11th November to pay their respects to Heroes of WW2. A surprise visitor to the event was Mabel Siddall, the only surviving Hero named on the plaque. Mabel is frail and elderly and her children Barbara and Peter, who accompanied her to the event, decided on the morning that Mabel was indeed fit enough to travel from her home in Weston. Mabel was in terrific spirits and enjoyed conversations with many of those present.

Jack Griffiths, Head teacher of nearby Marlborough Primary school once again provided chairs from his school so that both children and visitors could be seated.

Visitors to the ceremony were welcomed by Mr B Vincent, a former Lord Mayor of Plymouth, who opened the proceedings. The service was conducted by a Naval Chaplain, with readings by Commander Charles Crichton RN OBE retired and Mr T. Quinton. A Royal Marine bugler sounded The Last Post followed, at exactly 11am, by two minutes of silence. The bugler then sounded Reveille. Commander Charles Crichton RN OBE retired gave the Kohima Epitaph.

Wreaths Laid

Over a dozen wreaths were laid by the following persons:
Mr B. Vincent. Former Lord Mayor of Plymouth
Commander Charles Crichton RN OBE retired
Captain S.J. Richardson RM
Mr B DeLar RMA (representing the Royal Marines Association)
Mabel Siddall & Mr Peter Siddall (Son of Mabel and Harold Siddall)
Mr Yabsley (grandson of Thomas Yabsley)
A pupil representing Marlborough Primary School
A pupil representing St Josephs Primary School
A pupil representing Morice Town primary school
Several Devonport Residents
Devonport Regeneration company
Mark Bradford (representing a community group, Voice of Devonport)

Following the ceremony visitors filled the quayside's only pub, the Steam Packet Inn, to chat and catch up with old friends once again. Landlord Phil Head generously provided free sandwiches to those who attended the ceremony.

Arriving At The Ceremony

Peter Siddall with his sister Barbara (right) and friend Jude Andrews (left).

Among the many veterans at the service was David Hicky, ex Royal Marine, pictured with his wife.

From left: Dave Brown, Chris Rendle, Mark Bradford and Chris Byers.

From left: In the group stood talking at front are, George Bray, (once a resident of Cornwall Street here at North Corner), Mr T. Yabsley (son of Hero Tom Yabsley), and the back view of Mr T. Yabsley's son. To the right of the younger Mr Yabsley, with her head just appearing in view, is Susan, nee' Yabsley (daughter of Hero Tom Yabsley) and next is another Mr Yabsley (another son of Hero Tom Yabsley).

From left: Phil Head, landlord of The Steam Packet Inn, Vicky Moore and Peggy Burge, sisters, both residents of Cornwall Street in their childhood (nee' Cox).

Royal Marine Veterans, representing the Royal Marines Association, taking their position on the quayside for the ceremony.

The Ceremony

During the Service 1.

During the Service 2.

During the Service 3.

Commander Charles Crichton RN OBE Retd, giving a reading.

A few of the serving members of HM Forces who were present.
Facing the camera and just in view are Mark Bradford at left and Charles Crichton at right.

Tom and Brenda Jago residents of North Corner.

Laying Wreaths

Commander Charles Crichton RN OBE Retd

Mabel Siddall and her son Peter 1

Mabel Siddall and her son Peter 2

Mabel Siddall and her son Peter 3

Mabel Siddall and her son Peter 4

Mabel Siddall and her son Peter 5

The younger Mr Yabsley.

Dave Brown

Mark Bradford

Pupils 1.

Pupil 2

After The Ceremony

A family group: Mabel Siddall is third from left, her daughter Barbara is first left, her great niece second left and her neice is right.

After the ceremony 1

After the ceremony 2.

Mabel chatting with Dave Brown

Mable chatting with Jack Grifiths, Head of Marlborough Primary

Mable chatting with school-children and their teacher North-Corner-ceremony-7
Gathering afterwards in the Steam Packet 1.

Gathering afterwards in the Steam Packet 2. Tom and Brenda Jago seated.

Gathering afterwards in the Steam Packet 3. A rare picture of me, Liz Cook - I'm usually behind the camera, not in front of it. Photo by Chris Rendle.


The message for the left wreath reads ...In Memory of My Uncle George, "Cockleshell Hero", Whom we will never Forget. The message on the right wreath is for Tom Yabsley it is from ... T. Yabsley.


The message reads ... We will never forget "our hero". Hazel (great niece) and Gary (great nephew).