Friends of North Corner


The Friends of North Corner is a voluntary organisation that was initiated in 2002 for one purpose only, to install the Heroes Stone at North Corner; when that task was completed the group became dormant. Now in 2009, in response to a request from local residents, I've revived The Friends group in order that we, as a team, secure funding to clean and make safe the slip and the beach, to provide more life-belts around the quayside, and to repair the lovely set of steps here at North Corner, Devonport.


Current membership includes not just residents of North Corner and of Devonport generally, but also North Corner's diaspora. Indeed, membership is open to anyone who supports the aims of The Friends, or simply loves North Corner and understands its place within Devonport's history.

Current task - 2009

We have recently submitted an application for funding under Devonport's New Deals 'Safer, Cleaner, Greener' programme. We hope to carry out the work described above and in this regard have been liaising with city council officers and the River Tamar moorings officer. We have also invited a specialist stonemason to evaluate the circular steps on Cornwall Beach; they're producing their report as I write but have commented already to me that these are 'a wonderful set of steps'

Please Help

Your support for this project will be really appreciated, we'd love you to join as a Friend. And if you live in or near Devonport, your physical support will be even more appreciated - we need people to turn up and vote for our application. That is, the method of distributing the Safer, Cleaner, Greener funding, of sharing it amongst the various Devonport applicants, is by voting. On Saturday 14 November all applicants wil be attending the Cowlin Marquee at Plymouth Albion grounds, the Brickfields (1 pm), where each application is presented and the decision, on whether to provide funding to a project, is taken by a show of hands. It's that simple. So the Friends of North Corner send you this plea, 'please will you attend and vote for us on 14 November - we can't do it without you'.

  • Transport available (please phone the number below before 12th November)
  • Creche for under 7`s available
  • Free Buffet for voters and children
  • Children entertainment for all ages
  • Cinema vouchers can be won throughout the day.

Liz Cook,
p.p. Phil Head, Sandy Borthwick, et al.,
The Friends of North Corner
October 2009