People in Devonport's History

As an alternative way of finding someone, here's an alphabetical list of many persons mentioned somewhere within the 'Historic Devonport' tab of this website (not everyone has been added yet - when all are added the phrase 'many persons' will read 'ALL persons').

(Links to modern-day persons are located under the 'Millennium Devonport' tab).

The persons below either lived, worked or played in Devonport. The link might be to a full article on the person, or they might be mentioned only briefly somewhere on the page, or even more than once on the same page.

* Re surname FARRON - I attended the same school as the author of the article at this link - I always thought the teacher's name was spelled FARREN? Miss Farren was lovely, she was my first teacher.

(Page first added November 2011 - to be periodically updated, until all names mentioned under the 'Historic Devonport' tab have been added)

(updated March 2012)