Located at Piquet Barracks, Cumberland Road, Devonport.

Are you Unemployed? Redundant? A Lone Parent? Need a Job Change

ACHIEVEMENT TRAINING can help you with:
  • Professional C.V. writing (emphasising relevant experience and transferable skills)
Support with:
  • Online Job-Searchs and applications
  • Application Forms
  • Speculative and Covering letters
  • Interview preparation
  • Setting up email accounts
  • Travelling expenses to the centre
Plus free use of:
  • Paper, stamps and envelopes
  • Computers and internet
  • Telephone
ACHIEVEMENT TRAINING also liaise with jobcentreplus for professional Skills Transfer Analysis (sourcing potential funding for necessary work-related vocational qualifications).

The centre at Piquet Barracks is open from 9.00 to 4.00 Mondays to Thursdays and from 9.00 to 3.00 Fridays.

  • Contact: The Ocean Suite, Piquet Barracks, Cumberland Road, Devonport PL1 4HX
  • Tel: 01752 856813
  • email: [email protected]


Providing education and training to Devon, Cornwall and the wider community.The College is a large organisation offering a wide variety of training for 14-19 year olds, adult learners and international students. There are NVQ courses, apprenticeships, business courses, higher education - and even free courses on offer. Located at Kings Road, Devonport. PL1 5QG


Free mental health awareness workshops in Devonport. People with mental health problems can really struggle: their condition can make life difficult, and then the discrimination they face because they have this condition can make things even worse. How can each of us make sure we’re helpful to people with mental health problems when we come across them in our work and our life?

Monthly from summer 2009 through until March 2010, The Zebra Collective is running a 1-day Mental Health Awareness Workshop in Devonport. Sponsored by Devonport Regeneration Community Partnership (DRCP), these sessions are for anyone who works in Devonport in any way, including:
  • volunteers
  • residents’ group members
  • community centre workers
  • sports centre workers
  • community workers
  • health workers
  • social workers
  • shop staff
  • housing office staff (receptionists, administrators etc. – all roles)
  • doctor surgery staff
  • dental surgery staff
The sessions take place in Devonport at a variety of locations, and they run on weekdays between 9.30am and 2.30pm. Dates:
  • 9th Sept 2009
  • 24th Sept 2009
  • 20th October 2009
  • 9th November 2009
  • 16th December 2009
  • 11th January 2010
  • 15th February 2010
  • 16th March 2010

Free refreshments and lunch are provided.The aims of the session are:
  • to increase people’s understanding of what mental health problems are all about
  • to explore the problem of discrimination against people with mental health problems
  • to separate the facts from the many myths around about mental health
  • to give local people some guidance on how to be helpful to a person with mental health problems
A certificate of attendance is given to each person who attends. For more information (including dates of sessions) or to book a place, contact Jan Horrocks at [email protected] or on (01752) 606415