Articles Various - on the History of Devonport

Articles, General

The Dockyard Telephone Exchange. Joanne Hayward writes about the Exchange as it was in the 1990s.
The Oggie Man. A song about a Devonport pasty seller, by Folk Singer Cyril Tawny.
Mr Edwards, RNEC 1903. Receipts from Fore Street Naval and Military Outfitters.
John RAMSEY In 1908 John RAMSEY was awarded a medal by the king.
An old Devonport Poem. A 1930s poem, about sailors' run ashore, drinking in every public house Along The Dockyard Wall
Devonport Carnival. Notes on the traditional Devonport Carnival.

Articles on the Town of Devonport

(some of this set are also in the Transcriptions section)

Articles extracted from old newspapers....

Devonport Gibbet Finally Blown Down. Two murderers were hung from a gibbet that stood for 39 years.
J.H. Puleston MP. John Henry Puleston was Devonport MP between 1874 - 1892.
Joseph May saw Napoleon. Joseph May, a well respected Devonport surgeon, recounted how he had seen four Napoleons.
Wife sold at Devonport Market - 1827

Articles Containing Some Lists of Names....

1805 Devonport-born men at Trafalgar .
1820-1843 - Devonport Bankrupts.
1821-1835 - Some Primitive Methodist Baptisms 1821-1835
1831 - Devonport-born men on HMS Beagle.
1883-1980 - Marriages at St Aubyn's Church between 1883-1980
1904 - Several persons connected with St Paul's Church, serving North Corner. Includes
church officers, the choir, Sunday School teachers, and a few baptisms/marriages.
1906 - Devonport residents in 1906 who were registered Land Tax Commissioners.
1911 - Froebel Houses Pupils - attainments and certificates
1949 - Members of the Male Choir, St Marys Church.


1863-1914 - Members of St Aubyn Lodge No 954 who have served the Office of Master.
1895 - Chapter Fidelity No 230.
1902 - Masonic Lodges in the town of Devonport 1902 , with some member names and lodge addresses.
1902 - Members of Chapter Fidelity Lodge No 230,
1921 - Members of Fidelity ‘Huyshe’ Lodge No 91,

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