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The name arises from Army barracks originally located on the site, Granby Square barracks. Now long gone, the barracks were constructed c1757 and named after Lieutenant General John Manners who became the Marquis of Granby. One hundred years later they were updated and became known as the New Granby barracks - c1860s.

Another century later, during the 1960s, the army vacated the plot, all but one of their buildings were demolished, and subsequently residential flats were built upon the site. The name Granby lives on in several street names within the area. One of the current residents living at Granby was previously sited there as a soldier, when the barracks were still in use - so the name and its historical roots is still within living memory.

Immediately adjacent and to the west of the original Granby Square barracks was Marlborough Square barracks, constructed around the same time, c1757. These barracks were named after John Churchill the Earl of Marlborough. Two streets in that location retain for Devonport the historic name of Marlborough, see below, and we group these, along with the others below, as all falling within the general area known locally as 'Granby'.

Note: Granby is not a postal address, nor is it documented on legal papers as such, it is local name, cultural to Devonport only.

Listing of streets in the 'Granby' area of Devonport ...

  • Dieppe Close
  • Durrant Close
  • Granby Court
  • Granby Green
  • Granby Place
  • Granby Street
  • Granby Way
  • Keyes Close
  • Knowland Close
  • Lafoten Close
  • Marlborough Street, and the Marlborough Street Directory
  • Marlborough Row
  • Morice Square
  • Morice Square Lane
  • Morice Street
  • Park Avenue
  • Porteous Close
  • Princes Street
  • St Aubyn Road
  • St Nazaire Close
  • St Nazaire Approach
  • Vaagso Close
  • Washbourne Close
  • Wright Close