Devonport Heritage Trail

From summer 2011 the Devonport Heritage Trail will be officially open.

Walks generally

... which overlaps with the Heritage Trail, to be described later are:
  • Richmond Walk
  • North Corner
  • Central area
  • Mount Wise
  • Devonport Park
Few people purposely visit and walk around Devonport. One reason is because we are at the end of the road, so to speak - keep going beyond us and you will fall off, into the river - so people pass us by, on their way to other destinations. We want to change that. We are on our way to becoming a 'new and improved' area. The regeneration program has given us back our confidence, and we want to share our great secrets with you. By visiting and walking around you will understand why we keep making such bold statements as 'Devonport is the new place to be'. We promise you - you will be one of those who say "wow, didn't know this was here".

(Apologies that so much remains to be uploaded, and that all links are not yet full of content - this site is turning out to be rather large - we're getting there)