Art / Culture


Cultural activities and features in Devonport, of a traditional nature, include ...


  • In recent years, there has been a revival in Devonport's art and culture scene. One exciting development is taking place at the Guildhall, where the Real Ideas Organisation (RiO) have fantastic ideas lined up for art and culture, involving both the community and local businesses. Their goal is to turn the Guildhall into a 'cultural quarter' for Devonport.
  • Also, since the millennium the Devonport tradition of street processions has been resurrected, most notably the Christmas street parade complete with lights and music.
  • We now have annual summer events at the Brickfields,
  • We have the brilliant Denna Jones as our Art Curator,
  • And, excitingly, we have our very own hang-out of creative artists down at Flameworks Richmond Walk. These are the artists to watch; their work here in Devonport, their skills, the team and what they get up to is the stuff that history is made of, theirs are the arts & crafts collectors' items of tomorrow.
All of the above is right here in Devonport - our cultural heritage is alive and kicking.