Devonport's Military History

Although Devonport is famous, both nationally and globally, for its naval heritage, the British Army played an equally significant role in the town for 250 years, from shortly after 1700 until shortly after WWII.

Deserters from Plymouth Dock, 1758

Soldiers deserted from the 34th Regiment of Foot, quartered at Plymouth Dock, during November and December 1758.

Plymouth Dock - A Garrison Town

Short article giving a flavour of the garrison and military nature of Plymouth Dock. Includes some newspaper snippets c1800-1824.

The Statue of Field Marshal Lord Seaton

Erected at Mount Wise in 1866 this statue is now one of Devonport's lost artifacts.

Recruitment Method in Devonport 1854

Letter to a newspaper editor from an Old Volunteer, who was a Devonport resident in 1854.

Buildings and Structures of Military Origin

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