VISITING - Introduction

Devonport is a place of substance. We are one of the few neighbourhoods in the City of Plymouth to have our own group of sub-neighbourhoods; a legacy from when we were a separate town in our own right. Navigation to each area is on the left.

In some parts of Devonport it is common practice to use the area name as part of the formal address, on envelopes. For example, some Charlotte Street residents give 'Charlotte Street, Morice Town' as their postal address, while others give 'Charlotte Street, Devonport'. Either is acceptable in practice, and the postman certainly knows where to deliver the mail, whichever is used. In other parts of Devonport it is not common practice to use the area name as part of the formal address. For example, take the area that locals know and refer to as 'Raglan' - it is most unlikely that any of these residents would add the line 'Raglan' to their formal address. However, because of Devonport's history, and the way in which these long-standing names are so strongly rooted in our local culture, if any of these character names were used on envelopes you can guarantee the postman would know where to deliver.

If you are visiting Devonport with a view to a home and living here, our Living section provides lots of general information that will be important to you, such as schools, local police and churches. But in this 'visiting' section a different angle is taken; here, we aim to provide more detailed information, searchable by area or by street - as you can see by the navigation column. At the moment only a few are clickable, but when the remaining content is fully added you will be able to see what each street or area actually looks like, with images of the homes, shops, offices, or whatever else exists in a given street.

Historical information related to each area or street is in the History section.