The plot upon which these homes are built was previously the Raglan Barracks, hence the name for this area as used by locals. Entering the plot from Fore Street in the north is Raglan Road - this was once the military road, running parallel with the garrison wall that surrounded Devonport until the end of the 19th century.

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There are no shops at Raglan, the plot is residential.
  • Upon entering Raglan Road from Fore Street you'll find Leander House on your left, and a few steps further on the right is the vehicle entrance into St Theresa's apartments.
  • Immediately after St Theresa's vehicle entrance is the access path to St Josephs Church.
  • Continue walking south down Raglan Road you'll find The Music Zone on the left, and the curve to the right takes you to the residential properties built on the old parade ground of Raglan Barracks, see the plot on the Google map above.
  • By continuing straight ahead you will reach Raglan Gatehouse , the original arched entrance into Raglan Barracks
  • Having passed Raglan Gatehouse the name of the road you are walking changes, from Raglan road to Madden Road. In earlier times these two roads were one, named Raglan Road and before that Military Road. For nearly all the 20th century the nickname for this stretch of road, for the Military Road, was 'the Lines'. Had you walked this road from top to bottom prior to the 1890s, all the way down on your left would have been Devonport's massive garrison wall (Garrison Lines - hence the nickname). The Lines were mostly removed by the mid 1890s.
  • Continuing south, you pass the car park to Albion Rugby Club on your left, after which the next big building on the left is the Brickfields Sports Centre.

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