Church of England. The Devonport Deanery

ST. AUBYN'S. The parish of Devonport St Aubyn falls within the Devonport Deanery. The church is located in Chapel Street, PL1 4DP.

Depending on the date you are reading this St Aubyn's church may have already been de-consecrated. The Grade II listed building was given planning permission in 2008 to convert to a community facility - to include a library and computer facilities on the ground floor, and a gallery/exhibition space, rooms for meetings and space for worship on the mezzanine floors. The conversion project, part of Devonport's regeneration programme, was part funded by Devonport Regeneration Community Partnership. Drawings of the building survey carried out by Preston Engineering, showing the external architectural elevations together with cross sections, floor plans and details of the bell tower, may be seen on the Preston Engineering website. The refurbished building at time of writing, June 2009, is planned to open in March 2010. Whilst work is being carried out on the church, Services will be held at the Green Ark Children's Centre Fore Street, every Sunday at 9.30am until further notice.

ST MICHAEL'S. The parish of Devonport St Michael falls within the Devonport Deanery. The church is located in Albert Road, Devonport. The original church was demolished in June 2007 and replaced by 42 homes. The new St Michael's was built just along the road a little, on the site of the Vicarage. The first Service in the new church was held on 31 May 2009, but the official opening was on Sunday 21st June 2009, with a Service led by the Bishop of Plymouth.
  • Clergy: The Rev Tim Buckley, The Vicarage, 10 De La Hay Avenue, Stoke, Plymouth, PL3 4HU Tel: 01752 666544
  • Website for the parish of Devonport St Michael: Barnacles
  • Church Wardens: Ian Sothcott Tel: 01752 511826 and John Wright Tel: 01752 559246

The Roman Catholic Diocese of Plymouth

St Joseph's RC Church. St. Joseph's Church is located in Raglan Road, Devonport, PL1 4NQ.

St Joseph's is part of the Cathedral of St Mary and St Boniface Parish. Contact: Cathedral of St Mary and St Boniface, Wyndham Street West, Plymouth, PL1 5RZ Services held every Thursday 10am and every Sunday 11am at Raglan Road.

Devonport Community Baptist Church. An informal church where everyone is welcome. Services are held in a community hall with disabled access. The church office is at 22 Granby Street, Devonport, PL1 4BH. Services are held every Sunday 11am to 1pm at Welcome Hall, Fore Street.

Salvation Army. The Salvation Army have been active in Devonport since the 1880s. Within Devonport House at Park Avenue there is a Chapel area, where 'Pause For Thought' is held every Thursday 10am, and a Sunday Service / discussion group on Sundays at 9.30am.
  • Tel: 01752 562170
  • Web: Salvation Army Devonport
  • The Salvation Army also run the Devonport Morice Town Corps. Tel: 01752 563896