Made in Devonport - Issue Two, July 2009. Silversmiths

Edward Ramsey

Edward Ramsey's silverware was assayed at Exeter between 1840 and 1859 - his mark was the letters RAM over the letters SEY. Ramsey made a variety of artifacts including silver objects, swords and even pocket watches - all of which are now very collectable.

Another Devonport silversmith named Jonathan Ramsey was possibly Edward Ramsey's father (or brother?). Although this is unconfirmed Pigots 1830 reference to Jonathan Ramsey and Robsons 1839 reference to Edward Ramsey both give the same address, 51 Fore Street.

Plymouth Directory References:-
  • 1830 Pigot & Co Directory of Devonshire. Devonport Silversmiths. Ramsey Jonathan, 51 Fore Street.
  • 1839 Robsons Directory of Devon. Ramsey Edward, Goldsmith & Jeweller, 51 Fore Street.
  • 1844 Pigots Directory of Devon. Ramsey Edward. 54 Fore Street, Jeweller and Silversmith.
  • 1847 Williams Commercial Directory. Ramsey Edward. 54 Fore Street, Jeweller.
  • 1852 Brendans Directory of Plymouth and District. Ramsey Edward. Goldsmith & Jeweller, 54 Fore Street and rear of 12 Tamar Terrace, Stoke.

Please Note ...

Whilst I have recorded facts such as the date of sale, the price achieved &c. the 'description' of each item below was that description as provided by the seller at the time - these are not descriptions as provided by Devonport Online. * Thank you to the various Ebay sellers for giving permission to use their photos, it's appreciated.

Four Silver Egg spoons 1840

Seller's Description: 4 SOLID SILVER EGG SPOONS 1840

Hallmark: Fully English hallmarked, Lion Passant (guaranteeing Sterling 925 standard Silver), letter Gothic ‘D’ for the year 1840, the Assay Office mark for Exeter and the maker’s mark “RAMSEY” for Edward Ramsey.
Size: 12 cms
Weight: 70.2 grms ( 2.48 Troy oz)
Condition: Excellent

This set of four Solid Silver monogrammed egg spoons of a FIDDLE pattern, is in excellent condition with only minor surface scratches. There are no damage/cracks, no repairs and no kinks/twist. The bowls have no dimples and the rims have no signs of wear or distortion. The monogram (letter ‘S’) and the deeply struck hallmarks are clear. The maker, the silversmith Edward Ramsey, traded from 1840 to 1860 at his workshop in Devonport and assayed his work at the Exeter Assay Office.

Last Known Seller or Auction: Ebay
Date: April 2008
Estimate: unknown
Price Realised: £40.99


Dessert Spoon 1840

Seller's Description: Dessert Spoon 1840

Hallmark: Hallmarked for Exeter
Size: 7" inches long.
Weight: 52 grams

A silver dessert spoon assayed in Exeter and bearing the date letter code for 1840. The maker clearly impressed as RAMSEY. It has the initials P.D engraved to the handle.

Last Known Seller or Auction: Ebay
Date: June 2009
Estimate: unknown
Price Realised: £9.51


Two Tablespoons 1845


Hallmark: both spoons hallmarked for Exeter 1845.
Size: each spoon is 216mm long (8 1/2 in approx).
Weight: each spoon is 85gms (2 3/4 troy oz approx).
Condition: Both spoons, no damage or repairs with some surface scratches.

Two spoons from the same set, one priced at £30 the other at £35 - neither spoon sold. Maker Edward Ramsey.

Last Known Seller or Auction: Ebay
Date: July 2007
Estimate: unknown
Price Realised: Unsold

Sauce Ladles 1846

Seller's Description: SILVER SAUCE LADLES 1846

Hallmark: Hallmarked for Exeter 1846
Size: The ladles measure 17.5cm long with the bowls measuring 5.5cm long, 6.5cm wide and 2.5cm deep
Weight: The ladles weigh 5.35oz in total.
Condition: Superb

Superb pair of Fiddle Pattern Silver Sauce Ladles by Edward Ramsey 1846. Edward Ramsey was a silversmith who workrd in Devonport. These ladles are in superb condition having no dinks or dents and the bowls show virtually no wear for ladles over 150 years old. The ladles bear no monograms and the marks to the back are in excellent order. .

Last Known Seller or Auction: Ebay
Date: November 2008
Estimate: unknown
Price Realised: unfortunately not recorded

1846-sauce ladles-a
1846-sauce ladles-b

Sword c1846


This item forms part of the National Maritime Museum collection, London. Introduction to their description is below, please see the NMM website for full description.

Sword circa 1846, made in Fore Street, Devonport. Solid half-basket hilted sword, which belonged to Captain William Hans Blake (died 1874). The hilt of the sword consists of a gilt, solid half-basket guard, with raised bars and a crown and anchor badge. There is a folding flap on the inside of the guard. The sword has a lion's-head pommel and back-piece, the mane extending half of the length of the back-piece. The white fish-skin grip is bound with three gilt wires. The sword has a prominent tang-button. The steel blade is slightly curved and pipe-backed. The obverse of the blade is engraved with the Royal arms, with supporters, the Latin motto 'DIEU ET MON DROIT' below the arms and a crowned lion above them. The reverse of the blade is engraved with the words 'RAMSEY, Fore St, DEVONPORT', with a crown and ...
Last Known Seller or Auction: Not Applicable
Date: Not Applicable
Estimate: Not Applicable
Price Realised: Not Applicable

Pair of Tea Spoons 1847


Hallmark: Each is hallmarked on the reverse of the handle with RAM over SEY, Victoria duty mark, three towers, lion passant (sterling silver assay mark), L showing that each was hallmarked in Exeter 1847.
Size: Each measures over 5 3/8" long and is almost 1 1/4" across its bowl.
Weight: Each spoon weighs 17.9 grams - a total of almost 1 1/4 troy oz.
Condition: very good condition with just the usual surface scratching than you'd expect for their age and no dinks or dents, less than the usual dimpling to the bowl and less than the usual wear to the leading edges - SUPER condition.

This is a lovely rare PAIR of EARLY VICTORIAN PROVINCIAL solid sterling silver tea or coffee spoons whichwas made, in Devonport, England in 1847 by the illustrious Georgian West Country silversmith, Edward Ramsey. They are in the Fiddle pattern. Each spoon is engraved to the handle with the initials JCA. I have shown the hallmark so that you can make up your own mind. A rare pair of Victorian tea spoons from an illustrious West Country silversmith in SUPER condition after over 160 years.

Last Known Seller or Auction: Ebay
Date: April 2009
Estimate: unknown
Price Realised: £25


Sugar Sifter Spoon 1847

Seller's Description: SUGAR SIFTER SPOON 1847

Hallmark: Hallmarked Exeter 1847 (Queen`s head duty mark, lion passant, town mark and date letter "L").
Size: Length 6" (15 cm)
Weight: 1.5 oz
Condition: No damage or repairs, no distortion and no real signs of wear.

Fiddle pattern, solid silver sugar-sifter spoon with prettily pierced oval bowl. Maker is Edward Ramsey (RAM/SEY) an unusual way of spelling the maker`s full surname in a maker`s mark as opposed to the normal use of initials only. He worked from 1840 to 1859. No owner`s initials.

Last Known Seller or Auction: Ebay
Date: July 2009
Estimate: unknown
Price Realised: £54.01


Silver Tea Spoon 1848

Seller's Description: EXETER SILVER TEA SPOON - RAMSEY 1848

Hallmark: Exeter 1848
Size: length: 5.5 in / 14 cm
Condition: Very Good

An interesting sterling silver Victorian tea spoon by the Devonport maker Edward Ramsey. The hallmarks are a little rubbed but readable. A collectable spoon - not an easy find.

Last Known Seller or Auction: Ebay
Date: November 2008
Estimate: unknown
Price Realised: £10


C.19th Pocket Watch Spare Parts


Faces/movements spares/repairs Inc. Nice fusee signed movement Edward Ramsey Devonport. This auction is for 19th century pocket watch dials and movements, all for spares or repairs. This is a fusee movement, looks nice and old. Serial # 1141. Dial is good, just needs a clean, and movement is complete.

Last Known Seller or Auction: Ebay
Date: May 2008
Estimate: unknown
Price Realised: £17.22


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