(Made in Devonport: Issue Four, November 2009. 'Devonport Postcards')

Devonport Postcards

During the period when Devonport was a major town in her own right, around 300 different postcards were produced of this area, most of them published in the first decade of the 20th century.

In addition to the hundreds of postcards of the town of Devonport, there were also hundreds published of the naval side of Devonport, of our ships and dockyard. These were mostly produced by the prolific local company Abrahams, and often fetch high prices today from postcard collectors.

This issue of Made in Devonport presents images of our local postcards, together with modern-day prices they achieve when sold. Sale price is dependent on condition and/or rarity, so for some cards I've monitored two sale prices achieved: the higher price for those that are either rare or in excellent condition, the lower price for dog-eared cards or those in plentiful supply. Note that whatever the price, Devonport postcards are popular - they always sell. The cards are grouped for convenience into sub-areas of Devonport. The finished publication will contain around 300 Devonport postcards, whilst this online issue is an introduction only and will contain about 100 postcards.

Please note that the description under each card is that as provided by the seller, the descriptions were not written by this author. .

Issue Four, 'Devonport Postcards', contains the following pages ...

(Revised March 2013 - more postcards added)