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Rare Devonport Postcards

If you collect Devonport postcards you will know that many of them are rare, and fetch high prices; several of these rare ones are shown below. As always, even with rare ones, price achieved depends on quality/condition of the card.

Mutton Cove

  • DATE SOLD: 2005 - Ebay
  • SELLER'S DESCRIPTION: Condition of Card/s. Fine plus unused. Fine early last century view of the buildings as they were in this part of Devonport

  • Tavistock Street

  • DATE SOLD: 2005 - Ebay
  • SELLER'S DESCRIPTION: Tavistock Street. A "Clardo" Series card posted from Devonport on 10th October 1917. A glossy print in clean condition with some corner wear and edge curl. The Picturedrome cinema can be seen along the road.
  • PRICE REALISED: £50.99

  • Tavistock Street

  • DATE SOLD: 2004 - Ebay
  • SELLER'S DESCRIPTION: This is a Stengel postcard of Tavistock Street, Devonport. Unused. V.G.C. It shows people, shops, and horses and carts. Great old postcard that is in very good to better condition.
  • PRICE REALISED: £27.00

  • North Corner

  • DATE SOLD: 2003
  • SELLER'S DESCRIPTION: Sold by auction at Plymouth Postcard Collectors meeting. This card was in excellent condition.
  • PRICE REALISED: £92.00

  • Market

  • DATE SOLD: 2011 - Ebay
  • SELLER'S DESCRIPTION: Postcard of the market Devonport posted 1905. Card in very good condition.
  • PRICE REALISED: £34.00

  • JB-Love's-Great-Emporium

  • DATE SOLD: 2008 - Ebay
  • SELLER'S DESCRIPTION: Devonport 1911 PPC - J.B.LOVE'S GREAT EMPORIUM. Good clean card used 1911.
  • PRICE REALISED: £34.00

  • Catherine Street

    Catherine Street
    Card 1. 2003, Ebay
    Card 2. 2011, Ebay
    Card 1. 2003. Catherine Street real photo postcard, coloured, with shops and people. Had been posted but the stamp has been removed. Number E18644
    Card 2. 2011. A postally used postcard of Catherine street, Devonport.It was posted in October 1906 and shows a few shop fronts, one with Frys and Cadbury Chocolate signs, and other Business advertisments to buildings. It is generally clean, just a light grime to the bottom white border and some light creasing to bottom right corner, as seen.
    Card 1. £23.55
    Card 2. £33.33

  • SERIES: by Welch & Sons

    The set below was published by J Welch & Sons, Photographic Publishers of Portsmouth. Odd ones in the series occasionally become available, although rare, and in 12 years of collecting I've never seen a full set being sold together. The cards have a glossy gelatin coating and were printed in Germany circa 1900-1910

    Catherine Street. Catherine Street ran south from Fore Street. Its position was a little further west of where the new Wall Street is located - more or less corresponding to the current entrance into South Yard/Granby Gate.
    Date Sold / Price Realised:- Sold via Ebay 2009. £33

    Mutton Cove.
    Date Sold / Price Realised:- A card the same as this sold via Ebay for £16.04 January 2014.

    View of Mount Wise, overlooking rooftops of Pembroke Street and Clowance Street. Mount Wise Barracks (aka the Laboratory) can also be seen centre right.
    Date Sold / Price Realised:

    Fore Street and South Yard Gate
    Date Sold: October 2012 / Price Realised: £9.10

    Ferry that crosses between Devonport and Torpoint
    Date Sold / Price Realised: Unknown

    Royal Naval Barracks at Devonport
    Date Sold / Price Realised: Unknown

    View of Hamoaze from the Column, overlooking the town.
    Date Sold: October 2013. Ebay
    PRICE REALISED: £28.51

    Since seven is an odd number I'm guessing there is an eighth card to this series; although I've never seen one for sale it is probably a view of the top of Ker Street, showing the Guildhall and Column.


    There exists well over 30 different postcards of the ferry, of which the first 5 or 6 of the very early ones are rare, and the next 5 or 6 getting hard to find.


    Royal Albert Hospital

  • DATE SOLD: 2008 - Ebay
  • SELLER'S DESCRIPTION: Royal Albert Hospital
  • PRICE REALISED: £22.58

  • Royal Albert Hospital

    Card 1. 2005 Ebay
    Card 2. 2006 Ebay
    Card 1. Royal Albert Hospital. By Stengel & Co. Number E 18642. Postally used from Devonport in 1907. Very good condition for age, a couple of small creases and writing on the front bottom edge. A very fine animated scene with horse-drawn transport, lots of bystanders, a policeman by an interesting weighing-machine (?) and the rear end of a tram on the left. Robert Quantick was the proprietor of the Marlborough Hotel on the right.
    Card 2. Royal Albert Hospital. This card was published by Stengel, numbered E1864 and is postally used with an Edward VII stamp. There is postmarking on the front, also small corner creases and slight corner wear.
    Card 1. £26.55
    Card 2. £21.05

  • Richmond Walk / Victualling Yard in the distance

    Richmond Walk

    ((This card sold well even though it was mucky on the front)
  • DATE SOLD: October 2012. Ebay
  • SELLER'S DESCRIPTION: Richmond Walk / Victualling Yard 3.5" x 5.5" printed Valentine's Postcard in reasonable posted 1907 condition.
  • PRICE REALISED: £21.02.

  • Royal Sailors Rest

    At least half a dozen postcards exist of Agnes Weston's Royal Sailors Rest; hard to find and always achieve good prices.

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