Devonport People's Dreams 2001

In order to obtain New Deals for Communities (NDC) funding from government, towards regenerating Devonport, a seven-chapter document was compiled covering:- the status of Devonport at 2001, future plans and key objectives, implementation strategy and how the project would be monitored. These seven chapters provide a good overview of the condition of Devonport at the turn of the century.

The document, Devonport People's Dreams, helped to successfully secure £48.7 million in 2001; this was spent over the ten year life of the NDC project. The funding was administered by Plymouth City Council, via a company established to oversee the regeneration - Devonport Regeneration Community Partnership (DRCP).

Many changes have taken place since this document was written, with more to come.

1. Forward, Summary; Vision
2. Devonport - Our neighbourhood
3. Devonport - The Present
4. Devonport - The Future
5. Devonport - The Plans
6. The Forward Strategy
7. How the Plan will be Delivered

  • A Baseline Information
  • B Outcomes & Milestones
  • C 10 year plan
  • D 3 Year Plan
  • E 12 month Plan
  • F Urban Village Framework Plan - Summary
  • G Time-line
  • H Partnership Agreement