Chapter 6 - The Forward Strategy

Long experience of delivering urban regeneration initiatives in Plymouth has shown the value of looking ahead and planning for when dedicated funding runs out. This applies not only to NDC funding but also to European and other non-mainstream funding. For this reason the structures we are putting in place have the potential to be permanent and self-supporting. This will allow initiatives and activities which need to be delivered beyond the ten years of N DC to continue.

Other activities will be taken on board by mainstream funders involving, in appropriate cases, initiatives being rolled out across the city. Other activities are, of course, time limited. They are only needed while the problem persists and needs to be addressed in the Devonport area. A measure of the success of NDC will be how many activities satisfactorily cease during the ten year programme, simply because they are no longer needed as they have addressed a particular problem and irradicated it.

Nonetheless we are under no illusion that many of the problems and issues identified in this Delivery Plan are deep-seated and have emerged over the past 25-30 years. We are only too well aware that there are no easy solutions. We cannot, therefore, reasonably expect all of the area's needs to be met and it's problems solved in just ten years. We believe, however, that a sustainable future can be built within these ten years. This will be achieved by:-

  • Setting up permanent democratic and accountable bodies and partnerships
  • Ensuring appropriate levels of public involvement is directed to the area and pubic services are delivered in away that meets local needs. This will include the drawing up of public service and partnership agreements where appropriate
  • Pump-priming private sector investment which will be the catalyst for further private investment in years to come
  • By increasing assets in locally accountable and managed bodies, such as the Devonport Regeneration Company or Development Trusts. This will include the possibility of establishing a community bank and investing any surplus funds from assets acquired bya regeneration company or trust

Part of the process over the next ten years will be to ensure those projects and activities which are meeting real need are sustained as long as they are required. Accordingly, the key partners have committed, as far as they are able at this point in time, to continued support for activities which meet outcomes,that resonate with NDC priorities. The Devonport Regeneration Company will also consider appointing a Forward Funding Officer and ensuring a sustainability policy is developed providing linkages to local supplies and investing in local skills and assets.

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