Inhabitants of Plymouth Dock/Stoke Damerel 1791

Below is a full transcription of the Plymouth Dock/Stoke Damerel sections of the 1791 Universal Directory of Great Britain - from the CD version I purchased from the Archive CD Books project. I don't think this is available for sale anymore, but your local Latter Day Saints may hold a copy.

Page 261

About two miles up the mouth of the Tamar (which inlet of the sea is called Hamoaze, as the mouth of the other is Catwater, and commanded by the castle on St. Nicholas Island) are two docks, built in the reign of William III, one wet, the other dry, (with two others that have been built since,) that has all the conveniences for building or repairing ships, is hewn out of a mine of slate, and lined with Portland stone. The dry dock is built after the mould of a first-rate man of war; and the wet dock will contain five of the same bigness. What followed there, as it were of course, was the building of storehouses and warehouses for the rigging, sails, &c. of such ships as may be appointed to be laid up there; with very handsome houses for the commissioner, clerks, and officers of all kinds usual in the king's yards, to dwell in.

Adjoining the yard is also a gun-wharf, where all the cannon belonging to the men of war, lying in the Sound in the time of peace, are laid up. This wharf is remarkable for being hewn out of, and contained within, a solid rock. It contains an arsenal and magazines, in which are generally kept a large quantity of arms and stores, in like order, though not in so great a quantity, as those in the Tower of London. It has also, within the walls, houses for the officers belonging to his majesty's stores within this place. Here are likewise spacious and very commodious barracks for the soldiers who lie here, and consist of a number of squares well supplied with water. This place is, in short, now become as complete an arsenal, and yard, for building and fitting out men of war, as any the government are masters of; and perhaps more convenient than some of them, though not so large; and this has occasioned a proportional increase of building to the town, which has now become a very considerable, well-built, and large, place, and has the name of Plymouth Dock, but generally Dock

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Plymouth Dock, Devonshire.

The town of Plymouth Dock lies about two miles below Plymouth. It is nearly as large as Plymouth itself, as the list of inhabitants will shew. A new Balloon coach sets out every morning for Exeter, Bristol, Bath, and London, from Mr. Lockyer’s, the Old King’s Arms Inn and Tavern. A diligence sets out every morning at six o’clock for London, Bath, Bristol, and Portsmouth, from Mr. John Sole’s, the Fountain Inn and Tavern.

Portsmouth sloops, that bring passengers to Plymouth and Plymouth Dock, and from thence to Portsmouth:

Three Brothers, Henry Haskell
Rose, James Churchill
Duke of Portland, Benjamin Stephens
Daniel, Richard Haskell
Enterprise, William Harvey
Hope, Richard Braggs

The following is a List of the resident Commissioner and principal Officers,. &c. of his Majesty’s Dock-yard.

Rob. Fanshaw, Esq. Resident Commissioner
John Lloyd, Esq. Clerk of the Checque

Master Attendants.
James Smith
Samuel Hemmans

Edward Sison, Master Shipwright
George Teait, Storekeeper
Joseph Lugger, Clerk of the Survey.

Master Shipwright’s Assistants
Joseph Foote
Charles Kevern

William Collins, Master Caulker
Richard Sheppard, Surgeon
Richard Dutton, Boatswain
Thomas Harrison, Purveyor
Richard Wharton, Porter

Clerk of the Checque’s Clerks.
Thomas Netherton
F.T. Dyer
Henry Damerell
John Roberts
Walter Damerell
Benjamin Nankivel
Daniel Tom
George Forster

Master Attendants’ Clerks.
John Patey
George Wharton.

Master Shipwright’s Clerks
Robert Duins
Richard Blackmore
William Parkin
Jonathan Clouter

Storekeeper’s Clerks
Richard Blackler
William Pengelly
John Knapman
Thomas Gill
Thomas Hawkins
James Channins
Edward Knapman
Edward Pownoll
Mark Luke Morris
- Teait

Clerk of the Survey’s Clerks.
Peter Manico
Othnel Gidley
Mark Grigg
Richard Blanchard
William Curtis
Henry Vallack
George Rivers

Thomas Jenner, Master Mast-maker
William Tuson, Boat-builder
William Lemyn, Smith
William Hayward, Joiner
John Thompson, House-carpenter
John Penkivelle, Bricklayer
Thomas Tarraway, Sailmaker

OFFICERS of the GUN-WHARF, Plymouth Dock.

Storekeeper, Alexander Schaw, £140 **
Clerk of the Survey, Robert Atkinson, £120
Clerk of the Checque, And. Long, £100
Clerks, at £60 each
G. Hart
J.H. Hooper
B Murray
- Lower, £50
Surgeon, Vaughan May £63.17s. 6d.

Powder Magazine at Caym Point
Storekeeper, William Lawrance, £100.
Clerk of the Checque, Robert Atkinson, jun, £70

The following is a List of the principal inhabitants:


Bannick Mr. William
Couch Mr. George
Crapp Mr. William
Croft Mr. John
Eastlake Mr. John
Henderson Mr. John
Jago Mr. Walter
Lancaster Mr. Joseph
Langmaid Mr. John
Lower Mr. Edward
Mitchel Mrs. Ann, widow
Nelson Richard, Esq.
Patey Mr. –
Pemberton William, Esq.
Rowe Mrs Susanna, widow
Silly Mr. William
Smith Mr. Richard


Birt Rev. Isaiah, Dissenting Minister
Hughes Rev. Richard, Chaplain of Plymouth Dock-yard
Hughes Rev. Robert, sen.
Hughes Rev. Robert, jun.
Wilkinson Rev. John, Dissenting Minister
Willey Rev. Michael, Minister of the Protestant Church of United Brethren
Williams Rev. Jonathan, Chaplain of St. Aubyn Chapel


Croad Abel, Druggist and Surgeon
Dansey Frederic, Druggist and Chemist
Dunning Rich. Surgeon and Apothecary
Glencross James, Druggist and Chemist
Little Daniel, Surgeon and Man-midwife
Lower John, Surgeon and Apothecary
May Vaughan, Surgeon & Man-midwife
Sargent Rob. Surgeon and Man-midwife
Smith John, Surgeon and Man-midwife
Sparke Isaac, Surgeon and Apothecary
Spry Digory, Surgeon and Apothecary
Tripe Thomas, Druggist and Chemist


Barlow William, Attorney
Berriman Richard, Attorney
Bone Robert, Attorney
Elford Jonathan, Attorney
Elworthy John, Attorney
Foot William, Attorney
Harris J. Attorney
Parham Benjamin, Attorney
Rodd Richard, Attorney


Abram John, Shopkeeper
Adams -, King’s Pilot
Adams Mary, Shopkeeper
Allan James, King’s Pilot
Andrew -, Master Ropemaker in the Dock-yard
Andrews David, Hatter and Salesman
Andrews Peter, Taylor and Salesman
Annis William, Hair-dresser
Arthur William, Baker, and Wholesale Flour-merchant
Atkins Aaron, Grocer
Atkins George, Blockmaker & Tinman
Atkins George, Tinplate-worker
Austen John, Blacksmith
Backwell Richard, Blacksmith, & Pantheon Stove Maker
Baker Grace, Slopseller
Baker John, Clock and Watch Maker
Ballhatchet John, Mercer and Taylor
Bank Ralph, Silversmith
Barrett John, Victualler, (Turk’s Head)
Barter Robert, Shoemaker
Bartlibein C. Baker
Bartlet Richard, Shopkeeper & Salesman
Bastow Richard, Shoemaker
Batton James, Silversmith and Salesman
Bayles Thomas, Tallow-chandler
Beard Thomas, China, Glass, and Staffordshire, Warehouse
Beer Christopher, Dealer in Spirits Wholesale and Retail
Bennett Grace, Shopkeeper
Bennett William, Boot and Shoe Maker
Berry John, Painter and Glazier
Best John, Grocer
Billing John and Robert, Carpenters, Joiners, and Timber-merchants
Billing Mary, Oxford Inn
Birt Elizabeth, Mercer and Draper
Black William, China-shop
Blackmore Richard, Leather-cutter
Blake John, Grocer
Blatchford Jane, Victualler
Blatchford John, Salesman
Blaxland George, Pearl Frigate Inn
Boddy Edward, Carpenter, Joiner, and Timber-mercant
Bone John, Taylor
Bone John, Wholesale and Retail Dealer in Spirituous Liquors
Bothwell John, Peruke-maker and Hair-dresser
Bowhay John, Slopseller
Bozen Francis, Pawnbroker
Bozen Mark Anthony, Navy-agent
Bradden John, Old Golden Lion Inn, and Brewer
Bradden Tho. Clock and Watch Maker
Bray John, Baker
Bray Rober, Carpenter and Joiner
Bray William, Taylor and Habit-maker
Breay Wm. Peruke-maker and Hair-dresser
Brend James, Salesman
Brend John, Shoemaker
Brenham Jon, Victualler, (3 Ships)
Brice Thomas, Printer
Bridges Francis, Excise-officer
Brinckman Henry, Victualler
Brown Jane, Mantua-maker and Quilter
Brown John, Excise-officer
Brown John, Boot and Shoe Maker
Brown Mary, Shopkeeper
Bryant John, Taylor
Bryne William, Salesman
Budge John, Hair-dresser
Buller Peter Charles, Shoemaker
Bullen William, Mercer and Draper
Bulling William, Victualler
Bullon Francis, Slopseller
Burch Robert, Victualler, (Jolly Sailor)
Burnaford William, shopkeeper
Burnell William, Baker
Butcher John, Baker
Butland William, Butcher
Byrth John, Grocer
Campbell Luke, Schoolmaster
Cannon William, Grocer
Cape Thomas, Grocer and Tea-dealer
Carne John, Mercer and Draper
Carrington Henry, Grocer
Carver William, Pawnbroker
Cawsey Bartholomew, Salesman
Cawsey Benjamin, Baker
Cayzer John, Baker
Chappel William, Banker and Merchant
Charlesworth Ann, Bear Inn
Chenowith William, Baker
Ching Richard, Shoemaker
Chipman Mrs. Slopseller
Chubb John, Cooper
Clapp Samuel, Goldsmith, Working-jeweller, and Engraver
Clark John, Grocer
Clark Richard, Royal Oak Inn
Clark Robert, Ironmonger
Clarke John, Master Blacksmith in the Gun-wharf
Clarke Richard and Philip, Mercers and Drapers
Clemens William, Victualler
Cloutter Jonathan, Cornish Inn
Cock Andrew, shoemaker
Cock Mary, Shopkeeper
Cock Richard, Shopkeeper
Cock Samuel, Hair-dresser, Perfumer, and Toyman
Cock Wm. Victualler, (Queen’s Head)
Cock William, Glazier
Cockram John, Baker and Tea-dealer
Cockram Richard, Victualler
Cole Nicholas, Shoemaker
Collins George, Leather-cutter
Collins Joseph, Wine-merchant
Collorn Philip, Dolphin Inn
Colvin Philip, Hair-dresser
Congdon Elizabeth, Slopseller
Congdon Lazarus, Stationer & Printer
Cooling John, White Lion Inn, and Brewer
Coombs Robert, Butcher
Copplestone Richard, Staymaker
Copplestone Richard, Three Tuns Inn
Copplestone Thomas, Half-moon Inn
Cork John, Staffordshire Warehouse
Cornish John, Shopkeeper
Cornish Thomas, Grocer and Tea-dealer
Couch Mary, Midwife
Courtis George, Grocer
Courtis John, Shoemaker
Courtis Mary, Grocer and Tea-dealer
Courtis Samuel, Hair-dresser
Couts William, Victualler, (True Blue)
Cowan Alexander, Cabinet-maker
Coxworthy -, Overseer of his Majesty’s Works
Coxworthy Tho. Clock & Watch Maker
Crabb Richard, Taylor
Cragg Ann, Marquis of Granby Inn
Cree John, Mercer, Draper, and Salesman
Crocker William, Barfleur Inn ?
Croft William, Tavistock Inn
Cromwell Elizabeth,Grocer
Crossing Ann, Slopseller
Cummings James, Hair-dresser and Salesman
Cuningham Judith, Slopseller
Dabnoth Samuel, Baker
Dale Francis, Smith
Dale James, Master Furbisher in the Gun-wharf
Daniell Robert, Watchmaker
Davey Richard, Grocer
Davies William, Recruiting Officer Inn
Davies William, Mercer and Draper
Davis Ann, School for Young Ladies
Davis Mary, Shopkeeper
Dawe Charles, Boot and Shoe Maker
Dawe Josiah, Mercer
Day Samuel, Old King’s Head Inn
Debro John, Shopkeeper
De Carteret John, Wine-merchant
Delacombe Henry, Auctioneer
Denham Henry, Grocer
Derry Richard, Grocer
Dickerson James, Master Carver in the Dock-yard
Dillin Robert, Working-jeweller, Gold-smith, and Engraver
Dinniss James, Baker
Doidge John, Sword-cutler & Gunsmith
Doidge John, Schoolmaster
Drew George, Prince William-Henry Tavern
Drew Gideon, Grocer
Drew John, Stationer and Bookbinder
Drewitt Stephen,Pawnbroker
Dunn Mary, Shopkeeper
Dunn Roger, Victualler, (Pack-horse)
Dunsford Joseph, Peruke-maker
Dunsford Philip, Schoolmaster
Durham George, Slopseller
Durriey Philippa, Midwife
Dyer John, Mutton Cove Inn
Dyer Samuel, Sawyers’ Measurer
Earle Mrs. Shopkeeper
Earlidge James, Soap-boiler & Chandler
Eastbrook John, Butcher
Easterbrook Samuel, Butcher
Easton James, Taylor and Salesman
Ebdon Thomas, Post-office Inn
Edgcombe Richard, Butcher
Edmund John, Taylor
Edmund Josiah, Slopseller
Edwards John, Victualler, (Black Horse)
Elliott John, Taylor
Elliott Richard, Old Blue Bell Inn
Ellis James, Shoemaker
Elmes George, Baker
Emanuel Abraham, Jeweller and Silversmith
England Edward, Hair-dresser
Evans John, China, Glass, and Staffordshire, Warehouse
Evans William, Dock Gates Inn
Evans William, Mercer and Grocer
Falkner Thomas, Baker
Finemoore John, Boot and Shoe Maker
Finemoore Richard
Fisher William, Half-moon Inn
Fletcher Bridget, Liverpool Inn
Foot Jonas, Shoemaker
Ford Ann, Bird-in-Hand Inn
Ford Edward, Ironmonger
Foster James, Carpenter and Joiner
Foster Mary, Cook-shop
Foster Sarah, Grocer
Fox John, Grocer and Tea-dealer
Fradgley Samuel, Boot and Shoe Maker
Franklyn G. White Lion Inn
Franklyn James, Importer of Irish Linen
Fraser James, Stationer and Bookbinder
Freeman Richard, Coast-waiter
Friend Richard, Baker
Frost William, Victualler
Fry Samuel, Taylor and Salesman
Gardner John, Victualler, (British Tar)
Garland John
Gates George, Shoemaker
Gay -, Butcher
Gay James, Carpenter and Joiner
Gay John, Shoemaker
George William, Perfumer and Toyma**
Gerhart Philip, Baker
Gest John, Teacher of the Classics, &c.
Gibbons Tho, Taylor and Habit-maker
Gibbs John, Slopseller
Gibbs John, Coach and Horses Inn
Gibbs Robert, Ropemakers
Gibbs William, Wine-merchant
Gilbart James, Mercer and Draper
Gilbert John, Butcher
Gill John, Cordage-manufacturer
Gill John, Boot and Shoe Maker
Gill Mary, Victualler and Brewer
Goad William, Butcher
Godhood Edward, Tallow-chandler
Goodridge Elizabeth, Lodging-house
Go**ier B. Mercer and Draper
Govan Alexander, Taylor
Gover Christopher, Taylor
Granvill Arthur, Hair-dresser and Perfumer
Granvill James, Baker and Confectioner
Granvill Robert, Broker, Mercer, and Draper
Gray Alexander, Auctioneer
Gray William, Victualler, (Earl Howe)
Gregory James, Peruke-maker and Hair-dresser
Gregory Thomas, Shopkeeper
Greney Elizabeth, shopkeeper
Griffin E. Midwife
Griffiths Levi, Pipemaker
Grigg Nathaniel, Tea-dealer
Grilts William, Stone-engraver
Grose John, Shopkeeper
Guither John, Grocer
Guither Stephen, Grocer
Haddy Sampson, Shoemaker
Haddy Stephen, Boot and Shoe Maker
Hailey Robert, Clerk of the Dock Work-house
Halberstadt Rebecca, Milliner
Hale Mary, Shot and Block Inn
Hall Stephen, Boot and Shoe Maker
Hallet William, Victualler and Brewer
Hambly James, King’s Pilot
Hamblyn John, Butcher
Hamblyn Wm. Shoemaker & Salesman
Hamford Thomas, Plumber and Brazier
Hancock Eliz. Victualler, (Barley-sheaf)
Hancock Oliver, Victualler, (Sheer Hulk)
Handcock Robert, Grocer
Harding John, Grocer
Harding John, Shopkeeper
Harris Henry, Carpenter and Joiner
Harris Thomas, Tinman
Harry E. Victualler, (Milford Arms)
Harry John, Silversmith
Harry William, Victualler, (Old Boot)
Hartnol John, Excise-officer
Harvey Elizabeth, Black Milliner
Harvey William, Dealer in Staffordshire-ware
Hatch George, Grocer and Tea-dealer
Hawke John, Custom-house Officer
Hawke Samuel, Victualler
Hawkins Hannibal, Maltster
Hawkins Margaret, Slopseller
Hay Arthur, Peruke-maker, Hair-dresser, and Perfumer
Heath William, Shoemaker
Hearle Charles, Gardener
Helson Robert, Slopseller
Hendey Stephen, Royal Sovereign Inn
Hennem John, Mercer and Draper
Herd Solomon, Butcher
Heyden John, Printer, Stationer, and Bookbinder
Hicks Matthew, Shopkeeper
Higg Mary, Lodging-house
Higman Mary, Grocer
Higman William, Sadler
Hill Elizabeth, Shopkeeper
Hill Mary, Shopkeeper
Hill John, Taylor
Hill William, Victualler
Hinston Andrew, Plumber and Brazier
Hinton John, Grocer and Tea-dealer
Hoar John, Tobacconist
Hodge John, Clock and Watch Maker
Hodge William, Banker and Merchant
Holberton William, Shoemaker
Holman John and Son, Carpenters and Joiners
Hood Ann, Shopkeeper
Hooper William, Grocer
Hopping Mary, Bunch of Grapes Inn
Hore Ann, Mercer
Horton George, Victualler
Howard John, Agent to the Dock Barracks
Howard Thomas, Grocer
Howe William, Currier and Leather-cutter
Howell Mary, Shopkeeper
Hoxland Edward, Stationer and Printer
Humes John, Victualler
Hunt Robert, Salesman
Hunt Susanna, Worsted-dealer
Hurrell John, Peruke-maker and Hair-dresser
Husband Robert, Baker
Husband Thomas, ironmonger
Huss Thomas, Schoolmaster
Hutchings Richard, Peruke-maker and Hair-dresser
Hyett Robert, Baker
Isaac Thomas, Boot and Shoe Maker
Ivory John, Salesman
Jackman William, Shopkeeper
Jago John, Peruke-maker and Hair-dresser
James Thomas, Butcher
James William, Shoemaker
Jenkins William, King’s Pilot
Johnson -, Postmaster
Joll John, Carpenter and Joiner
Joll Mary, Shopkeeper
Joll Richard, Town-crier
Jolly William, Victualler
Jones Susanna, Grocer
Jones Thomas, Hair-dresser
Joythorne Erasmus, Custom-house Officer
Kea*sley John, Butcher
Keelir John, Baker
Kelley E. Distiller and Mantua-maker
Kellonsy Ann, Dolphin Inn
Kellow William, Mason and Hallier
Kelly John, Swan Inn
Kent John, Hair-dresser
Kent John, Mason and Hallier
Kilkaney Jane, Shopkeeper
Knight Richard, Shoemaker
Lacey Mary, Victualler
Lamb Mary, Slopseller
Lambert John, Auctioneer and Land-surveyor
Lampen John, Grocer and Cheesemonger
Lancaster William, Watchmaker
Lander James, Shoemaker
Lang Oliver, Slopseller
Lark Richard, Stoke Inn
Latimoor Ann, Grocer and Pork-shop
Lawes Mary, Shopkeeper
Leaman -, Master Blacksmith in the Dock-yard
Lean E. Taylor and Salesman
Lee William, Old Star Inn
Lewis Elizabeth, Grocer
Lipscombe Matthew, Butcher
Lobb William, Taylor and Staymaker
Lockyer D. Custom-house Officer
Lockyer Orlando, Kings Arms Tavern
Loder William, Shopkeeper
Long Robert, Taylor and Salesman
Lord William, Peruke-maker and Hair-dresser
Lotson Mary, Midwife
Luke David, Victualler, (Jolly Potters)
Luxton Adam, Shoemaker
Lympany John, Baker
McArthur James, Mercer and Draper
McArthur Archibald, Foreman of the works at Caym Point
McDugal Duncan, Pawnbroker
McLin Hector, Slopseller
Maddock Elizabeth, Grocer
Maddocks -, Confectioner
Maddocks Samuel, Grocer
Major John, Grocer
Mallet William, Hat-maker
Manning John, Baker
Mark John, Salesman
Mark Philip, Taylor
Martin Joseph, Shoemaker
Martin Wm. Victualler (Civil Usage)
Mason John, Victualler, (11 Stars)
Masters Ann, Shopkeeper
Masters Luke, Victualler
May -, Pork-shop
Meally Grace, Victualler, (Bull’s Head)
Medder John, Boot and Shoe Maker
Medlyn James, Butcher
Melluish Ann, Shopkeeper
Merritt Sampson, Grocer
Miall Charles, Shoemaker
Miller Mary, Shopkeeper
Mills John, Cornish Inn
Mills John, Market-house Inn
Mills William, Shoemaker
Milton John, Butcher
Milton William, Butcher
Mitchell James, Baker
Mitchell Mary, Victualler, (3 Cranes)
Mitchell Miss, Milliner
Moore John, Fowey Inn
Moore Mary, Dealer in Staffordshire-ware
Mooring Patrick, Slopseller
Morcomb Daniel, Salesman
Morgan Letitia, Victualler and Cook-shop
Morrey John, Taylor
Morrise Richard, Pawnbroker
Morrogh Margaret, Square Inn
Muddell Sarah, Pork-shop
Mudge Sarah, Grocer and Tea-dealer
Mudgridge Philip, Shopkeeper
Mumford E. Flour-merchant
Mumford Thomas, Baker and Flour-merchant
Murray William, Victualler, (Plough)
Musgrove Christopher, Salesman
Mutton George, Grocer and Slopseller
Mynard Hendry, Tinplate-worker, Brazier, and Ironmonger
Naden Mary, Pawnbroker
Narraway William, Milkman
Nelson -, Banker
Nettleton Peter, Victualler
Newman Thomas, Milkman
Nichols Elizabeth, Shopkeeper
Nichols Richard, Hat-maker
Nicholson Joseph, taylor and Salesman
Norgate Charles, Block and Pump Maker
North John, King’s Pilot
Northam Thomas, Victualler
Northgate Charles, Dealer in Staffordshire-ware
Norton William, Confectioner
Noseworthy Matthew, Schoolmaster
Ogleby William, Victualler
Olive George, Taylor
Olvar Thomas, Grocer
Oram Wm, Victualler, (General Howe)
Oram Wm. Victualler, (Sailor's Return)
Orwell William, Victualler
Oyens Peter, Watchmaker
Palmer Peter, Victualler, (Druid)
Pardew James, Victualler, (Stag)
Park John, Grocer and Salesman
Parnell H. Wheat-Sheaf Inn
Pascoe Peter, Grocer
Pasmoore John, Master Stone-mason in the Dock-yard
Patchet I*et, Milliner
Patey James, Confectioner
Patrick John, Jeweller
Payne Jeremiah, Victualler
Payne Stephen, Shoemaker
Peacock Thomas, Glazier
Pearce Ann, Slopseller
Pearce William, Star Inn
Pearn Edward, Grocer
Pearn Mary, Slopseller
Pearn William, Pawnbroker
Pear* George, Quebec Inn
Perkins John, Victualler, (Rising sun)
Phillips Alexander, Grocer
Phillips Richard, Ordnance Inn
Phillips Robert, Hatter and Hosier
Philip and Friend, Hair-dressers
Philip John, Shoemaker
Philip Robert, Shoemaker
Pill James, Tavern-keeper
Pillor John, Plasterer
Pinch Richard, Victualler
Pinch Richard, Dealer in Staffordshire-ware
Pink James, Victualler, (Ships)
Pink Phillis, Victualler, (Cross Oars)
Pollard John, Clock and Watch Makers
Pollard John, Cross Oars Inn
Pollyblank John, Butcher
Pomerry Elizabeth, Shopkeeper
Pomerry Elizabeth, Hair-dresser
Pomerry Richard, Boot and shoe Maker
Pool Michael, Boot and Shoe Maker
Poole Tho. Fellmonger & Breeches-maker
Poole William, Butcher
Provo Richard, Mercer and Salesman
Prowse Elizabeth, China, Glass, and Staffordshire, Warehouse
Prowse James, Carpenter and Joiner
Prowse James, Hair-dresser
Pulman Thomas, Slopseller
Putt John, Baker
Pyke Richard, Butcher
Pyke Robert, Butcher
Pyke William, Butcher
Radmore James, Victualler
Ralph James, London Inn
Rapson John, Grocer
Rapson, John, Butcher
Rawlings Edward, Shopkeeper
Rawlings Edward, Soap-boiler and Chandler
Rawlings William, Builder
Rawlings William, Peruke-maker and Hair-dresser
Reep Tristram, Shopkeeper
Reeves J. Mantua-maker
Rey**** William, Shopkeeper
Reynolds Samuel, Schoolmaster
Richards William, Grocer
Richardson Adnam, Bookseller and Hardware-man
Richard Francis, Victualler
Rider George, Glazier
Rider John, Shopkeeper
Ridout James, Victualler, (Swan)
Rippin Edward, Slopseller
Rise Roger, Victualler, (True Blue)
Roberts William
Roberts John, Whitesmith & Ironmonger
Roberts Stephen, Mercer and Grocer
Rockett William, Hair-dresser
Rodd Richard, Brewer
Rogers Nicholas, Butcher
Rogers Richard, Shoe and Boot Maker
Roney John, Slopseller
Roth John, Taylor
Row John, Peruke-maker and Hair-dresser
Rowe James, Taylor
Rowland Thomas, Grocer
Sagu**in John, Victualler, (15 Balls)
Sambells Richard, Innkeeper
Sampson Mary Ann, Mantua-maker
Sanders John, Mercer and Draper
Scobel Hannah, Victualler
Scott James, Victualler
S*** Mary, Shopkeeper
Sh*pland Ann, Victualler, (Cross Keys
Shepp*rd Thomas, China, Glass, and Staffordshire, Warehouse
Sher**ll William, Baker
Shilson Henry, Wine-cooper
Shils*on William, Shopkeeper
Simms Thomas, Salesman
Skinner John, Slopseller
Skinner Powell, Grocer
Smith John, Hair-dresser
Smith Richard and Co. Curriers and Leather-cutters
Smith Thomas, Prospect Inn
Smith William, Cabinet-maker and Upholsterer
Snell Benjamin, Seedsman, Corn-factor, and Coal-merchant
Snell Christian, Chandler
Snell John, London Inn
Soady William, Tallow-chandler
Sole John, Fountain Tavern
Southwell Richard Hays, Ironmonger
Sowdon Mrs. Midwife
Sowten John, Slopseller
Sparks Phillippa, Victualler, (Red Cow)
Spence Robert, Victualler, (Ships)
Spiller Samuel, Blacksmith
Spray William,Cabinet-maker and Upholsterer
Spry John, Cabinet-maker
Spry William, Confectioner
Spurior Richard, Pavi*r
Spurrell Matthew, Baker
St. Aubyn John, Banker
Stacombe Richard, Ropemaker
Stanbury Ann, Innkeeper
Stanbury John, Taylor and Habit-maker
Stanton George, Slopseller
Stear William, Painter and Glazier
Steedman Ann, Victualler
Stephens Elizabeth, Slopseller
Stephens John, Shoemaker
Stephens John, Shopkeeper
Stone John, Victualler, (Adm. Rodney)
Stumbles Grace, Baker
Stumbles William, Taylor
Sturgus Thomas, Custom-house Officer
Summers Richard, Master of the Windmill
Tapson E. Carpenter and Joiner
Taylor Thomas, Boot and Shoe Maker and Leather-cutter
Thomas -, Organist
Thomas John, Wheelwright
Thomas John, House-painter
Thomas Martin, Mercer and Draper
Thomas Ormond, Victualler
Thomas Thomas, Grocer
Thompson John, Mercer, and Linen and Woolen Draper
Tickell John, Grocer
Tickell Nicholas, Grocer
Tilman John, Carpenter, Joiner, and Mercer
Tink Charles, Dealer in Foreign Spirits Wholesale and Retail
Todd Mary, Shopkeeper
Tonkin Joseph, Shoemaker
Towan Joseph,Mercer and Draper
Towson John, Mercer and Slopseller
Towson John, Watchmaker
Trathen William, Victualler
Trebec Susanna, Slopseller
Tregoning Hugh, Boot and Shoe Maker
Tregoning Richard, Innkeeper
Tregoning William, Shoemaker
Trewin Samuel, Victualler
Trickey Samuel, Butcher
Truscot Ann, Mantua-maker
Tucker Richard, Victualler
Tucker William, Grocer and Cheese-merchant
Turle James, Phoenix Inn
Turner Thomas, Innkeeper
Tyle Samuel, Mason and Hallier
Upcott William, Old Exeter Inn
Upham Sarah, Shopkeeper
Veal Sampson, Seven Stars Inn
Vincent James, Grocer and Pork-shop
Viney Peter, Mitre Inn
Viney Thomas, Victualler
Vosper Ann, Shopkeeper
Wacum Mary, Peruke-maker
Walkinshaw Mary, Mantua-maker
Walter Robert, Hat-maker
Warburton Thomas, Blacksmith
Warkman Richard, Boot & Shoe Maker
Warren George, Old George Inn
Watts Elizabeth, Grocer
Watts John, Shoemaker
Warmouth Miss and Co. Milliners
Webb Daniel, Spread Eagle Inn
Webb John, Mercer and Slopseller
Webber John, Mason and Hallier
Welch -, Silversmith
Welch William, Button-maker
Whitaker William, Baker
Whitaway William, Boot and Shoe Maker
White -, Victualler, (Minerva)
White James, Painter
White Thomas, Gardener and Seedsman
Whitford John, Salesman and Slopseller
Whitford John, Innkeeper
Willing William, Grocer
Wilcocks Ann, Painter
Wilcocks Samuel, Victualler
Willercott John, Slopseller
Williams Edward, Excise-officer
Williams Elizabeth, Shopkeeper
Williams George, Cabinet-maker, Upholsterer, and Auctioneer
Williams John, Butcher
Williams Samuel, Innkeeper
Williams Thomas, Schoolmaster
Williams Thomas, Taylor
Willing John, Sawyer
Wills Thomas
Wilmot Peter, Salesman and Slopseller
Winsland John, Taylor
Wood John, Shopkeeper
Woods Samuel
Woolaboth Samuel, Slopseller
Woolcock George, Taylor & Salesman
Woolcock James, Taylor
Woolcock William, Tinplate-worker
Woolcock William, Mercer & Slopseller
Woolcombe John, Taylor
Worley William, Boot and Shoe Maker
Wotton Mary, Shopkeeper
Wyatt John, Victualler, (Duke of York)
Yates Thomas, Admiral Howe Inn
Yeo James, Innkeeper and Brewer
Youlton John, Innkeeper, (Grapes)

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Stoke Damerel Principle Inhabitants

Baylay Mrs. widow
Creed George, Gent
Rider Right Hon. Budley
St. Aubyn John, Gent
Squires Tristram, Gent
Willett John, Gent

Hitchins Rev. Thomas M. Curate

Boone John, Physician to the Army

Boone John, Gardener
Finney Henry, Grocer
Fox Thomas, Painters Measurer in Plymouth Dock yard
Gilbert Henry, Baker
Greenway John, Dock Inn
Light Ann, Mantua maker
Light William, Taylor
Moore John, Victualler, (Pear Tree)
Prowse Solomon, Victualler, (Cross Keys)
Redstone William, House-carpenter, Joiner, and Organ-builder
Small William, Grocer
Telore Mary, Church-house Inn
Treeby John, Innkeeper
Wise Thomas, Shoemaker


* Plymouth Dock/Stoke Damerel/Devonport were one and the same place. Over the centuries this has confused writers and journalists, so they were often documented under different headings.

* I replaced the original sign for the pound note, the letter 'l', with the modern sign, '£'
* I replaced the original letter 's' (the old fashioned version that looks like a long 'f'), with the modern day version of 's'.
* Where a star * is shown above, it represents a letter or letters I could not read.
* Where just a hyphen or dash is shown above, this is how it is written in the 1791 document.

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