Devonport Residents in 1839

A to Z - transcription of all Devonport persons in Robsons 1839-40 Devonshire Directory.

Please see notes at bottom as the original directory contained numerous spelling mistakes and other errors - these errors were left in the transcription, as seen below.

The Devonport section begins on page 107 with the following place description - which correctly written would be DEVONPORT, STOKE DAMEREL and MORICE TOWN.


Anciently Dock, or Plymouth Dock, is a seaport and market-town in the parish of Stoke Dameral, and hundred of Rosborough, nearly 2 miles from Plymouth, one from Stonehouse, and 218 from London. The entire parish contained, in 1831, 34,883 inhabitants, and was assessed in 1815 to 95,701 d.

The town is situated on an eminence between Stonehouse creek on the east, and Hamoaze on the west. The village of Stoke, Morice-town, the Dock-yard, Gun-wharf, Military-hospital, &c. are all comprehended in the parish. Though of considerable magnitude, it is comparatively of recent date. It is of an oblong figure, consisting of several regular well-built streets, intersecting nearly at right angles, well paved, and having marble foot-paths, which show a beautiful polish when washed by a shower.

The Dock-yard was established here in the reign of William III. In the reign of George II. it was strongly fortified; since this period it has been advancing in importance, and in the reign of George IV. received the name it now bears by royal permission, to distinguish it from Plymouth, of which till then it had been regarded as an appendage. The Dock-yard is one of the finest in Europe. It covers a space of more than 70 acres, and contains every convenience for the building and equipment of ships, with numerous storehouses, and the usual complement of buildings for carrying on the works, the transaction of business, and the accommodation of the naval and other officers of the establishment, with a surgery to afford prompt relief in cases of accident, and a chapel for seamen, officers, &c.

The town is almost surrounded with fortifications, by which, those on Mount Wise, commanding the entrance of the harbour, are the most formidable. The Gun-wharf, situated on the margin of the Hamoaze , north of the Dock-yard, is an important portion of this great naval arsenal. The government house, on the summit of Mount Wise, command a fine view of the opening to the channel, and the opposite grounds of Mount Edgecomb. A semaphore on this eminence communicates between the port-admiral's officers and the flag-ship in the harbour, and by means of a continued chain of thirty-two semaphores, with the Admiralty in London, a report has been made and replied to in fifteen minutes.

The bay is about four miles in length, and in general about half a mile broad, with a bottom of mud; its greatest depth at high water is between eighteen and twenty fathoms; at low water, about fifteen fathoms. The trades, occupations and manufactures are chiefly those connected with ship-building, and equipment, &c. In time of war this is a place of great bustle and activity. The markets, held on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday, are supplied with every necessary, and fish particularly in great variety and abundance. The market-place is at the junction of Market street, Duke-street, and Catherine-street.

The local government is vested in commissioners, chosen by the inhabitants, &c. Petty Sessions are held weekly by the county magistrates, and courts leet and baron annually by the lord of the manor. Devonport, by the Reform Act, sends two members to Parliament. The present members are Sir Geo. Guy, Bart., and Henry Tuffnell, Esq. The borough includes the parish of Stoke Dameral and the township of Stonehouse. The mayor is the returning officer. There are two chapels of ease belonging to the Established Church, and chapels for various classes of dissenters.

Stoke Dameral is situate about half a mile from Devonport. St. Michael's terrace commands a fine view of Plymouth Sound. The military hospital at Stoke is situated on a declivity, terminated by Stonehouse creek. From the ramparts of the Blockhouse, at the northern end of the parish, is a magnificent panoramic view.

Morice-town on the harbour, northward of the gun-wharf, is commonly known by the name of New Passage. Here is a ferry to Torpoint, described under that head in the county of Cornwall.

Name, Residence, & Profession.

Able Wm. Grocer & tea dlr, 57 Cornwall st
Abram's J.W. Schoolmaster, South st
Ackenheads Misses, Ladies seminary , 11 Morice sq
Ackland J. Marine store dlr , 56 Cornwall st
Ackland J. Shoe warehse, & marine store dlr, 56 Cornwall st, & 4 Catherine st
Ackland J. Shopkeeper, 55 James st
Adams J. Shoe maker, 7 Granby st
Adams Rich. Shopkeeper , 81 Princes st
Adams Rich. Tailor, 41 Fore st
Adams Wm. Grocer & cheesemonr, 113 Pembroke st
Addiscott John, Shoe maker, 42 King st
Addiscott Rich. Boot & shoe mkr, 39 Pembroke st
Aishton John, Dock Gates inn, 63 Forest
Alee Ann, Beer ret, Quarry st
Allen F. Milliner, 54 Fore st
Allen Saml. Smith & file cutter, St. Aubyn's Ope
Almond J. Shopkeeper, 63 James st
Almond Wm. Hy. Baker, 7 Pond la
Angelley Letitia, Eating house, 57 Queen st
Anthony J. Grocer & tea dlr, 2 Morice pl, Morice tn
Applin F. Proprietor of the Clarence baths.
Arnold Joseph, Wire weaver, japanner, & general ironmonger, 12 and 13 Fore st
Ash A. Blue anchor, & cooper, 66 James st
Austin Mrs. Milliner & dress mkr , 124 Navy row, Morice town
Avent J. Corn merchant, Georges sq
Avent Rt. Auctionr, appraisr & shffs offi. 88 Fore st
Avery S. Grocer & tea dealer, 10 Market st
Axworthy Philip, Boot & shoe maker, 96 Fore st
Babb James, Tea dealer, 37 Catherine st
Babb J. Hair cutter, 14 James st
Backwell T.C. Plumber & brazier, 21 Cross st
Backwell R. C. Ironmonger, 37 Fore st
Badge James, Pawnbroker, 97 Pembroke st
Bailey J. Ironmonger & tinplate worker, 101 Fore st
Bailey J. Baker, 25 John st, Morice town
Baker Ann, the Eagle, 65 Cumberland st
Baker G. Dyer , Marlborough st
Baker R. Shopkeepr, 26 Gloucester st, Morice twn
Ball M. Shopkeeper, 30 John st, Morice town
Banbery R. Shoemaker, 4 William st, Morice town
Barrable C. Undertaker, 24 Princes st
Bartlett N. Beer ret, South st
Bartlett Wm, Baker, 1 John st, Morice town
Bartlett Wm. Builder, &c. Ker st
Bastard Wm. & Son, Tailors & mercers, 27 Fore st
Bastow J. Clock & watchmaker, 26 Marlborough st
Bate Henry, Tailor, 14 Market st
Bate Hen. Pawnbroker, 8 Fore st Ope
Bate John, Baker, 8 King st
Bate John, Grocer, 31 Pembroke st
Bate T. & H. Day school, Lr garden st, Morice twn
Bateman J. Boot & shoe maker, 23 Tavistock st
Bates Robert, Butcher, Market
Batten John, Navy & army tailor, 47 Fore st
Batten T. Bookseller, printer, & stationer, 100 Fore st
Bawden J. Plumber & ironmonger , 3 Morice pl, Morice town
Bawden J. Painter & glazier, 6 James st
Bayly S. Straw hat & bonnet mkr, 40 John st
Bazley Saml. Shoe maker, 6 Barrack st
Beall P. Shopkeeper, 62 Princess* st
Beall Wm. Pawnbroker, 11 Boot la
Beard Wm. Beer ret, 92 Pembroke st
Beer Ann, Shopkeeper, Tavistock st
Beer H. Beer ret, 37 Granby st
Beer J. Carpenter, Princes st
Beer J. Pork butcher, 19 Tavistock st, and in the Market
Beer John. Solicitor & clerk to the commissioner, St.Aubyn st
Beer Mary Ann, Shopkeeper, 1 Ordnance st
Beer Walter, Coal merchant, James st
Beer Wm. Beer ret, 25 Waterloo st
Bell Joseph, Surgeon dentist, 36 Pembroke st
Benjamin S. Umbrella & parasol manf, 36 Fore st
Bennee E. Butcher, Market
Bennett J. & Son, Hair dressers & perfumers, 26 Fore st
Bennett Edwd. Currier, 92 James st
Bennett R. Chiropodist, 6 Gardens st, Morice town
Bernal B. Professor of the Spanish language, 21 Waterloo st, Stoke
Benoy H. Fruit seller, 80 James st
Berryman Wm. R. Solicitor & agent to the Sun Fire and Life Office, St. Aubyn st
Best P. Grocer & tea dealer, & Italian warehsa to his late Majesty, 34 Duke st, & 13 Cumberland st
Bews S. T. Chemist & druggist, 108 Pembroke st
Bews W. Wheelwright & carpenter, Tamar st, Morice town
Bews W. Beer ret, 42 John st, Morice town
Biggins Robt. Shopkeeper, 60 Queen st
Billing G. W. Solicitor, Ker st
Billing Harold, Mercer & draper , 56 Fore st
Bintford J. Jolly Bacchus, 30 Pembroke st
Bird R. Timber dealer, & beer ret, Moon st. Morice tn
Birt T. Dyer, 37 King st
Bishop Wm. Carver & gilder, Ker st
Blackler John, Baker, 14 Waterloo st Stoke
Blackmore W. P. Solicitor, notary public & agent to the United Kingdom Life & Insurance Co. Morice st
Blackwell Saml. Baker , 94 Duke st
Blake Edward & Co. Wholesale & retail linen & woollen drapers, hosiers, haberdashers, &c, 34 Catherine st
Blake John, Fruiterer &c. 88 Pembroke st
Blake S. Ironmonger, 5B Cornwall st
Blatchford Wm. Miller, Manor mills
Blaxell Wm. Cabinet maker, 10 James st
Blight & Dennaford, Tailors, 26 Chapel st
Blight John, Currier, 2 Princes st
Blockington John, Sail maker, Mutton cove
Body F. Butcher, Market , & at 17 Fore st
Bolitho E. Animal preserver, 16 Granby st
Bond S. Fruiterer, 27 Marlborough st
Bone A, Solicitor & notary public; agent to the Paladium Insurance office, St. Aubyn st
Bone Jane, Grocer, 39 Queen st
Bonney John, Cabinet maker, 71 Pembroke st
Boolds J. jun. Cabinet maker & turner, Pond la
Boolds J. sen. Hosier & haberdasher, 13 Pond la
Boon Thos. Basket maker. Cross st
Bowden S. Milliner & straw hat maker, 41 Chapel st
Bowden Wm. Tailor, King st
Bowhay J. Ironmonger, brazier, & plumber, 50 Queen st
Box Wm. Carpenter, 48 Duke st
Box Wm. Butcher, Market
Brabin Wm. Pawnbroker, 28 Pembroke st
Bradley Allan, Haberdasher, 24,Tavistock st
Bragg G. Shopkeeper, 30 William st, Morice st*
Bragg J. Shopkeeper, 64 Cumberland st
Branch of Devon and Cornwall Banking Company Mr. C. Prideaux Man. draw on Barclay, Tritton, and Co. London
Branch National Provincial Bank of England, Mr. Joseph May, Man, Fore st, draw on London Joint Stock Bank, Princes st, London
Braund John, Globe inn, 12 Market st
Bray Edwd. Grocer & teadealer, 3 Duke st
Bray Peter, Tailor, 32 Tavistock st
Bray W. Hair dresser, 32 William st, Morice st
Breaker Ann, Baby linen warehse, 68 St. Aubyn st
Brent N. Poulterer, 45 Cumberland st
Brewer J. Rope mkr, & marine store keeper, Mill pleasant, Stoke
Bridgeland R. Eating house keeper, 14 Duke st
Bright Joseph, Confectioner , 33 Catherine st
Brighton J. Steam packet inn, Cornwall st
Brimacombe J. Butcher, Market
Brimblecombe Jane, Furniture broker, 72 Princes st
Brimblecombe John, Shopkeeper, 26 Cornwall st
Brock John, Mason & slater, back of William st, Morice town
Brockington E. Grocer, 49 Pembroke st
Brook E. Shopkeeper, 14 Princes st
Brook W. Painter & glazier, 2 Waterloo st, Stoke
Brooking S. Druggist & tea dealer, 1 Morice pl, Morice town
Brooks P. Marine store dealer, Francis alley
Brown J. Clothes salesman, 27 Cornwall st
Brown John, Painter & glazier, 14 George st
Brown T.N. Auctioneer, appraiser,& dealer in china & glass , 10 Duke st
Budge Jno. Hair dresse r, 14 Market st
Budge Wm. Butcher, 12 Pembroke st
Buckingham John, Watchmkaer, 41 Catherine st
Buckingham J. Mrs. Straw hat maker, Tavistock st
Buckland S. Beer ret, 110 Pembroke st
Buckthought T. Shoe maker, Duke st
Bullen Mary Ann, Bookseller, 9 Duke st
Bulley Francis, Grocer, 68 Princes st
Bulley Wm. Crown hotel, 5 Cumberland st
Bullocke Benj. Wine & spirit mercht, 49 Clarence st
Bunt Wm. Boot, Boot la*
Burlace R, Grocer, &c., 73 Pembroke st
Burt J.S. China & glass mercht, agent for Robin's Patent Filter, 85 Fore st
Burt M. Circulating library, 106 Navy rw, Morice town
Burt Robert, White Lion, 16 King st
Burt R.M. Plumber & glazier, 9 Fore st
Bush George, Chemist & druggist, 57 James st
Buswerva Henry, Clothes shop, 87 Pembroke st
Butcher Edwin, Barley sheaf, 17 Catherine st
Butcher John, Baker, 18 James st
Butland Mary, Butcher, Market
Byers Wm. Printer, stationer, & bookseller (to hislate Majesty), proprietor & publisher of the Devonport Independent & Plymouth & Stonehouse Gazette, 32 Fore st
Calland Edwd. T. Bricklayer & slater, 114, Fore st
Callard Thos. Teadealer & grocer, 7 Cornwall st
Cann John, Shopkeeper, 22 Granby st
Carne Richard, Clothesdealer, 31 Cornwall st
Carne Joseph, Mason, Princes st
Carmichael E. Dressmaker, 27 Chapel st
Carrington Fred. Geo. Proprietor & publshr of the West of England Conservative, 48 King st
Carterbrook J. Mason, Granby row
Caunter Henry, Beer retailer, Richmond walk
Cawse William, Carpenter, Ordnance row
Channon George, Pawnbroker, 37 Cumberland st
Chapman A. & E. Milliners & drss mkrs, 75 Geo. st
Chapman Mrs M. Berlin & fancy establishment, 36 St. Aubyn st
Chapman M. H. House & ornamental painter, 36, St. Aubyn st
Chapman T. Painter & glazier, 12 Princess st
Chapman W. Solicitor & agent to the Eagle Life & Phoenix fire offices, 27 St. Aubyn st
Chapple Wm. Beer retailer, 8 Waterloo st
Chivell William, Baker, 33 Cumberland st
Chivers Constance, Milliner & drss mkr , 82 Geo. st
Chown William, Mason & slater, Union st Stoke
Chowen Wm. Baker, 32 Pembroke st
Christopher Robt. Carpenter, &c. 30 James st
Chubb James, Corn market inn, Dock wall st
Churchward J. Appraiser & undrtkr, 45 Queen st
Churchward H. Shopkeeper, South Hill bldngs Stoke
Clark, Row, & Thomas Shipowners, 93 James st
Clarke John, Engraver, 15 Catherine st
Clatworthy Mary, Milliner, 12 James st
Clatworthy William, Cooper, James st
Clatworthy T. Teadealer & grocer, 23 Catherine st
Cleife H.H. Chemist & druggist, 47 St. Aubyn st
Cleife T. Pork butcher , Market & at St. Aubyn st
Clemence John, Shoemaker, back of William st, Morice town
Clemens . Shopkeeper, 1 John st, Morice town
Clements Elizabeth, Plymouth inn, 26 Fore st
Ching Wm. Boot & shoemaker, 49 James st
Cluness J.M. Church-house brdng & day schl, Stoke
Cock John, Jolly sailor, Cornwall beach
Codd Francis, Teadealer & grocer, 53 Queen st
Coe J. Grocer & teadlr, 28 Wm. st, Morice town
Coffin J. Postmaster, St. Aubyn st
Coker Susan, Shopkeeper, 17 Monument st
Cole John,Pork butcher , 58 Cornwell st
Cole W. Surgeon, 104, Navy row, Morice town
Cole W.J. Day school, 103 Navy rw, Morice town
Collier John, Boot & shoemkr, 40 Pembroke st
Collings Ambrose, Exeter inn, 67 Cumberland st
Collings E. Market-house inn, 46 Market st
Collings John, Beer retailer, Mill st
Collings J. Sawyer & dlr in wood, Cumberland st
Collins M. Shopkeeper, 13 Wm. st, Morice Town
Collins John, Statuary & mason, 28 St. Aubyn st
Collings Robert, Shopkeeper, Tavistock st
Collings Wm. Bread & biscuit bkr, 27 Pembroke st
Collings Wm. Shoemkr, 70 Princess st
Collins Richard, Newcastle inn, 54 James st
Colman Wm.Printer & stationer (to her Majesty), public library & reading rooms , 48 Fore st
Colmer Thomas, Dlr in marine stores, 7 Cornwall st
Colvill Nicholas, Blacksmith, New passage
Congdon James, Shopkeeper, Marlborough st
Connabear William, Butcher, Market
Coombes A, Milliner & strw bnt mkr, 5 Catherine st
Coombe John, Painter & glazier, 30 Pembroke st
Coombe Edwd. Grocer & teadealer, 26 James st
Copp James, Butcher, Market
Copplestone Jacob, Old Bristol, 51 Pembroke st
Coram George, King & Queen, 24 Cornwall st
Coram Jacob, Beer retailer, Oldmans buildings
Coram George, Wheelwright, Stoke
Core Richard, Beer retailer, 53 Mount st
Corke John, Beer retailer, Cherry garden st
Cornish S. Grocer & cheesemngr, 61 Pembroke st
Cornish John, Butcher, Market
Cornish J.Shopkeeper , 116 Navy row, Morice twn
Cornish William, Carpenter, New passage
Couch Joseph, Baker, 20 Granby st
Covins Jane, Shopkeeper, 58 Chapel st
Cowlyn & Tasker, Glovers, 51 Duke st
Cox W,C, Optician & mathematical instrment mkr,agent for government chronometers, 86 Fore st
Crabb James, Furniture broker, 9 Cornwall st
Crabb Milanda, Slopseller, Cornwall st
Craddick Abraham, Beer retailer, Doidges well
Crapp John, Tailor, 1 Cornwall st
Cree John, Linen & woollen draper, 18 Catherine st
Crews Sarah, Dressmaker, 19 St. John st
Crocker Hector, Carpenter & joiner, Cherry grdn st
Crocker M. Shopkper, 53 Charlotte st, Morice twn
Crocker John, Ropemaker, 48 James st
Crocker J. Marine store dlr & rope mkr, Braggs al
Crocker John,Baker , 5 Pembroke st
Crocker Wm. Baker, 38 Queen st
Crocomb William, Blacksmith, Union st, Stoke
Cross R. Tailor, 1 York buildings, Stoke
Crossing T. Surgeon, Morice square
Croydon John, Painter & glazier, 51 Duke st
Cullum L. Staymkr & baby linen warehose, 2 York buildings, Stoke
Cumbe W. Butcher, 4 Barrack st, & in the market
Cumming A. Smith & bell hngr, 4 Staffords hill
Cumming Chas. Hatmkr, 58 Cherry garden st
Curtis Sam. Shopkeeper, Cornwall st
Dallinger Joseph, Beer retailer, 103 Pembroke st
Dansey George, Surgeon, Trafalgar place, Stoke
Dart M. Shopkeeper, 41 John st, Morice town
Date Joseph, Grocer & teadealer, 41 King st
Davey John, Blacksmith, Richmond walk
Davey John, Day school, 60 Granby st
Davey John, Saddler & hrnss mkr, 106 Fore st
Davey Wm, Dairyman, 39 John st, Morice twn
Davidson John, Shopkeeper, William st, Morrice st
Davis Elizabeth, furniture broker, 45 James st
Davis J. Beer retailer, 17 William st, Morice town
Davis J. Grocer & baker, 24 Navy row, Morice twn
Davis J. Grocer & teadealer, 12 Duke st
Davis John, George inn. 13 Pembroke st
Davis M.H. Straw hat & bonnet mkr, St. John st
Davis Richard, Shopkeeper, Mount st
Davis Wm. Beer retailer, Morice st
Dawe & Lyttleton, Draprs, mercers, & hosiers, 41 Market st
Dawe Charles, Dyer & scourer, 54 Fore st
Dawe J. Dyr & scour, 2 Lwr garden st, Morice twn
Dawe John, Shopkeeper, 7 Pembroke st
Dawe Thomas, Shoemaker, Church st
Daws Sarah, Jeweller, 15 Catherine st
Daws Richard, Baker, 36 Barrack st
Deacon John, Basketmaker, 46 Cumberland st
Deacon William, Basketmaker, 14 Catherine lane
Dean William, Beer retailer, Mutton cove
De Carteraet R. Registrar of births & deaths for the Stoke district, Park buildings, Stoke
De Larue Mons. Professor of the French lang, Ket st
Denham Richard, Grocer & teadealer, 85 Duke st
Diamond J. Coaldealer, 56 Charlotte st, Morice twn
Diamond Thos. Ale & porter mercht, Granby st
Dickerson H. Chemist & druggist, 13 Cumberland st
Dikes Mary, Haberdasher, 25 James st
Dingle Richard, Eating house, 15 James st
Dinnis John, Bread & biscuit baker, 112. Fore st
Dinnock S. Shopkeeper & beer retailer, St. John st
Dinnock Thos. Shopkeeper, 93 Monument st
Distin Richard, General ironmonger, 70 Fore st
Doble Henry, Surgeon, 135 Navy row, Morice twn
Dodd Edward, Clothes salesman, 2 Queen st
Dodridge John, White & blacksmith, Fore st ope
Dodridge William, Baker, 25 Catherine st
Dodsworth Wm. The Falstaff, 105 Fore st
Doming R. Engraver & jeweller, Stoke
Dorrington Francis, Kings arms, 66 Pembroke st
Dorward N. Dressmaker, 47 Duke st
Doubtfire James, Grocer & teadealer, 11 Market st
Down J, Beer retailer, Clarence row, Morice town
Down P.J. Three tuns, 19 Catherine st
Downing Amos Carver & guilder, 2 Duke st
Downing W. Portsmouth passge hse, 29 Cornwall st
Drake Henry, Shoemaker, Braggs alley
Drake William, Grocer, 104 Pembroke st
Dreadon Anne, Greengrocer, George st
Dukes John, Shoemaker,20 Tavistock st
Duncan J. Carpenter & joiner, Cherry garden st
Dunn J.A, painter & glazier, 107 James st
Dustow J. Baker, 54 Gloucester st, Morice town
Dyer John, Bricklayer, 67 Chapel st
Dymond James, Coffee & dining rooms, 67 Fore st
Davies Agnes, Shopkeeper, Cannon st
EarleThos. Beer retailer, 28 John st, Morice twn
Earle Peter, Royal exchange, 56 James st
Eascott William, Shopkeeper, 11 Granby st
Eastcott & Frise, Auctioneers, engineers, & surveyrs, 28 Chapel st
Eastcott John, Auctioneer & appraiser, 45 Fore st
Eastcott Richard, Brushmaker, 45 Fore st
Eastabrook John, Butcher, Market
Eastabrook S. Butcher, Market, & 13 Cornwall st
Eastbrook W. Butcher, 3 Barrack st, & in the market
Easton J. Mason & slater, Duke st
Easton Richard, Lamb inn, 1 Queen st
Eddyvean Mary Ann, Beer retailer, 49 Navy row, Morice town
Edgcombe Mary Ann, Beer retailer, 5 King st
Edmond J. Boot & shoemaker, 73 Monument st
Edmonds Richard, Tailor, &c,. 36 Catherine st
Edwards E. Staymaker, 14 Cherry garden st
Edwards W. Watch, clock, & gunmkr, 64 St Aubyn st
Ellis R. J. Shopkeeper, 53 Navy row, Morice town
Ellis James, Beer retailer, 53 James st
Ellis James, Boot & shoemaker, 66 Fore st
Ellis John, Auctioneer, 36 James st
Ellis Richard, Butcher, Market
Ellis Robert, Baker, 49 Queen st
Ellis T. Upholsterer & cabinetmkr, 105 & 5 James st
Ellis William, George & dragon, Duke st
Elliot John, Brewer & maltster, Clowance st
Elliott & Co. Tea dealers, grocers,& British wine merchants, 56 St. Aubyn st
Elliott & Son, Tamar Coach manftrs, Morice town
Elliott James, Star inn, 33.Queen st
Elliott John, Shoemaker, Market
Elliott J. Tea dealer & grocer, 37 Cumberland st
Elliott S. Mason & slater, Lr gardn st, Morice town
Elliott W. Royal hotel (family & comcl), 82 Fore st
Elms Joseph, Watchmaker & auctioneer, superindnt registrar of births, deaths, & marriages for the Stoke Damerel district, 20 Fore st
Elson W. Beer retailer, 27 Glos'ter st, Morice twn
Elworthy T. Naval & mltry bootmkr, 62 St Aubyn st
Emdon Wolf, Patten & clog maker, Duke st
Evans John, Chemist & druggist, 45 Pembroke st
Evans John, Tea dealer & grocer, Ordnance st
Evans Samuel, Tea dealer & grocer, 28 Catherine st
Evans William, Chemist & druggist, 3 Queen st
Every J. Chair manufacturer, 45 Marlborough st
Facey John, Ironmonger, 3 Catherine st
Facey R.R. Carpenter, Back of Wm. st, Morice tn
Fagan David, Navy & army hotel, 75 Fore st
Farthing Eliza, Umbrella maker, 98 Pembroke st
Faull Edward, Boot & shoemaker, 66 St. Aubyn st
Fawkes William, Crown & anchor, 16 Pembroke st
Ferguson J. Dler in marine stores, 32 Cherry gdn st
Ferrara John, Shopkeeper, 14 Prospect row
Fisher William, Furniture broker, 8 Cornwall st
Fittock George, Tea dealer & grocer, 5 Catherine st
Fittock Peter, Cabinetmaker, 3 George st
Fleming Thomas, Cabinetmaker, 12 Prospect row
Foale Henry, Stationer, 86 James st
Foot William & Son, Solicitors, Chapel st
Foot Alice, Beer retailer, 18 Market lane
Foot Josias, Agent to Atlas Fire & Life Assurance Company, Chapel st
Foot William, Notary public, Chapel st
Ford Mary, Straw bonnet maker, 97 Fore st
Ford John, Boot & shoemaker, 15 King st
Foster & Co. Mercers, hosiers, &c,. 46 St. Aubyn st, & 28 South st
Fouracre Joseph, Baker, 35 Duke st
Fox B. & Son, Wine & spirit mchts, 6 Catherine st
Fox Peter, Shopkeeper, 31 Barrack st
Fox P. Pork butcher, Barrack &t, & in the Market
Fox Samuel, Shopkeeper, Tavistock st, Stoke
Franklyn Thomas Wine & spirit merchant, 42 Fore at, & at Tavistock st
Freeman Robt. Day school for gents, 2 George st
Frend Samuel, Pawnbroker, 66 James st
Fursdon, R. Butcher, Market
Gabriel Mrs. S. Ladies day & bdg school, 37 Ker st
Gabriel Thomas, Veterinary surgeon, 37 Ker st
Gale Richard, Clothes dealer, Catherine lane
Gall Philip, Shakspeare tavern, 3 Cumberland st
Galloway J. Painter & glazier, Dock wall st
Gandy Thomas, Boot & shoemaker, Cornwall st
Ganower Charles, Baker. 67 Pembroke st
Gard John M. Conveyancer, & agent to the Globe Fire & Life Office, St. 20 Aubyn st
Gardner Samuel, Shoemaker, 90 James st
Gardiner Mary, Beer retailer, 19 Prospect row
Garland Ann, Dressmaker, 14 Mount st
Garland Elizabeth, Furniture broker, 98 James st
Gartnell James, Baker, 74 Monument st
Gay Richard T. Painter & glazier, 75 Pembroke st
Gedye John, Registrar of births & deaths, for Clowance district, 60 Monument st
Gent Charles, Grocer, Cornwall st
Gent Daniel, Draper & hosier, 9 Marlborough st
George Honor, Grocer, 48 Queen st
German Richd. Tailor & woollen draper, 88 Fore st
Gibson John, Tobacco manufacturer, 9 Catherine st
Gill Henry,Solicitor, &c., 65 St, Aubyn st
Gilbard Hy. & Co.Rectifiers, & wine & spirit merchants , 30 Fore st
Gilbard Henry, Draper, mercer, & hatter, 36 Fore st
Gilbard James, Solicitor, 42 St. Aubyn st
Giles John, Shopkeeper, Quarry st
Giles Joseph, Brewer, Market st
Giles William, Baker, 11 Fore st
Gilbert Wm. R.D. Commercial & mathematical academy, & teacher of navigation, 2 Union terrace, Morice town
Gilchrist Joseph, Dairyman, Gross st
Gill Hy. Attorney, 66 Princess st
Gin W, French clog & patten maker, Ordnance row
Gist & Co. Brewers & maltsters, Canterbury st
Glasson George, Physician, 2 St. Aubyn st
Glencross Josiah, Chemist & druggist, oil & colourman, & dealer in tea & coffee, 59 & 60 Fore st
Glenville William, Baker, 5 Market st
Gitsham Jas. Haircutter, 36 Queen st
Gitsham Jas. Beer retailer, 35 Queen st
Goad William, Butcher, Market
Goldie Robert, Beer retailer, 38 Pembroke st
Gordon E. Straw hat & bonnet maker, 17 Market st
Gormully Mary & Susan, Milliners & straw bonnet makers, 89 Fore st
Gormully P. Watchmaker & jeweller, 10 Duke st
Gormully William, Carver & turner, Marlborough st
Gould Edward, Ironmonger, 5a. Cornwall st
Gould Joseph, Mason & slater, 3 Ordnance st
Grant Francis, Glazier, South st
Grant John H. Baker, 38 Cumberland st
Granville Samuel, Watchmaker, 40 Fore st
Granville Arthur, Printer, bookbinder, & stationer, & registrar of births & deaths, for Morice district, Tavistock st
Granville Henry, Bookseller & printer to her Majesty, & registrar of marriages for Stoke Damerel, 99 Fore st
Granville Mary, Confectioner, 55 Queen st
Granville Phineas, Butcher, 15 Boot lane
Granville R. Upholsterer & cabinetmaker, 99 Fore st
Greenwood W. & J. Builders & merchts, Cannon st
Griffin Jno. & Samuel, Tailors, 39 King st
Grills Priscilla, Shopkeeper, 85 George st
Grose Richard, Mercer & tailor, 39 St. Aubyn st
Grose William, Grocer & tea dealer, 18 George st
Gruzellier Louisa, Shopkeeper, 18 Waterloo st, Stoke
Gudridge J.M. Grocer & tea dealer, 60 Cornwall st
Hainsselin D. Profsr of the French lnge, George st
Hainsselin D. Hy. Auctnr & apprsr, 1 St. Aubyn st
Hale Lydia, Cap & bonnet box maker, Catherine la
Halls Brothers, Tea dlrs & grocers, 16 Catherine st
Halls James, Two trees, 90 Fore st
Halse John, Painter & glazier, 5 St. John st
Halse Roger, Shopkeeper, 1 Cumberland st
Hallett John, Chemist & druggist, 77 James st
Hamand S. Chemist & drugst, 17 Trafalgar pl, Stoke
Hambly John, Military arms, 114 Fore st
Hammond Mary, Slopseller, Pond lane
Hancock Joshua, Brewer, & union inn, 23 William st, Morice town
Hancock Robert, Silversmith, 3 King st
Hancock Thomas, Surgeon, 12 St. Aubyn st
Hannaford Mrs. Preparatory school, 19 Morice sq
Harding & Co. Engravers & printers, 40 King st
Hare Cath, Chairmaker, 16 James st
Harris Frederick, Butcher, Market
Harris Joseph, Post-office inn, 21 Market st
Harris H.V. Bookseller, stationer, & printer, 43 St. Aubyn st
Harris Rich. Richmond walk inn, Richmond walk
Harris Richard, Castle & key, 18 Prospect row
Harris Thos. Baker, 49 Gloucester st, Morice town
Harris William, Potato dealer, Cornwall st
Harris William, Hairdresser , Cornwall st
Harrison G.F,B. Surgeon, 19 Fore st
Harry John, Beer retailer, 51 Queen st
Harry John, jun. Ironmonger , 52 Queen st
Harvey John, , Church st
Harvey Geo. Butcher, 16 Duke st, & in the Market
Harvey Mrs. S. Confectioner, 77 Monument st
Harvey William, Butcher, Market
Harvey William, Currier, 13 James st
Harvey Theodore, Blacksmith, Monument st
Harvie Abraham, Boot & shoemaker, 36 Duke st
Hatch T. Linen & woollen draper, 35 Catherine st
Hawke My. Jane, Beer retailer, 59 Cornwall st
Hawkes Grace, Shopkeeper, 60 Monument st
Hawker Thomas, Solicitor & agent to the Pelican Life Assurance Company, 51 St. Aubyn st
Hawkin Sarah, Butcher, Market
Hawking Hy. William the Fourth, 30 Cornwall st
Hawton William, Red cow, Barrack st
Hay Arthur, Wigmaker, 71 Princes st
Head A. Milliner & dress maker, 30 Barrack st
Head James, Carpenter, Tavistock st, Stoke
Head John, Horse & groom, 9 Cumberland st
Head John, Painter & glazier, 84 George st
Head Robert, Butcher, Market
Head Thomas Perkins, Confectioner , 97 James st
Heals John, Baker, 1 St. John st
Healy Mrs. Milliner, 93 Fore st
Healy Thomas, Watchmaker & jeweller , 93 Fore st
Heard James, Grocer & tea dealer, 35 Pembroke st
Heard Richard, Butcher, Market
Heard Sarah A. Beer retlr, 14 Gloster st, Morice T
Heard Samuel, Butcher, Market & at 16 Ker st
Heard Wm. Gunsmith, 75 Duke st
Heard Wm. Henry, Gun maker, 68 Cumberland st
Hearle G.W. Printr, stationr, & bkslr, 111 Fore st
Hearn Wm. Shopkeeper, 65 Gloucester st, Morice T
Hearn George, True Blue, Cornwall st
Heath J. & W.H. plumbrs, braziers, & ironmongrs, 21 Catherine st
Heath John, Grocer tea dealer, 7 Duke st
Heath Thos. Shoemaker, 2 John st, Morice town
Heath William, Boot & shoemaker, 43 Fore st
Heller Elizabeth, Milliner, 18 St Johns st
Hellier Elizabeth, Rag & bottle dler, 7 Catherine st
Henwood Francis, Furniture broker, 79 James st
Henwood R. Hay & straw dlr, 1 Thtre ct, Cmbld st
Herbert Joseph, Shopkeeper, 19 Market st
Herring John S, W. Solicitor, & agent for Licensed Vctlrs & gnrl fi & li assrnce office, 45 St Aubyn st
Herring Richard, Ordnance arms, 8 Fore st
Herron David, Shopkeeper, 15 Paradise row, Stoke
Hewit John, Butcher, Market
Heydon J. Bkslr, prntr, & machine ruler, 98 Fore st
Hifley John, Baker, 90 Pembroke st
Hill George, Tea dealer & grocer, 16 Tavistock st
Hill Robert, Shoemaker, 8 Princess st
Hilson William, Rising Sun, 1 Fore st
Hindell S. Miss, Teacher of Dancing, 30 Chapel st
Hingston Jas, Block & pump maker, Richmnd walk
Hinvest Wm. Brush maker, 86 Duke st
Hitchens Wm. Carpenter, 7 Mount st
Hoar James, Baker, Cornwall st
Hoar John, Tobacco, snuff, & tobacco pipe manufacturer, 100 Pembroke st & 45 King st
Hoar John, Furniture broker, 17 James st
Hoar Henry, General merchant, Dockwall st
Hockday Jas, Brush mkr & marne store dlr, Fras al
Hockin Charles, Tailor, Cannon st ope
Hocking James, Shopkeeper, 61 Granby st
Hodge & Norman, Devonport Bank, Fore st. Draw on Sir J.W. Lubbock, bart. & Co. Mansion house st
Hodge & Rawlings, Straw bnnt mkrs, 91 Pmbke st
Hodge James, Beer retailer, Tavistock st
Hodge Samuel, Cabinet maker, 82 James st
Hodgson William, Dairyman, 27 James st
Hodling Mary, Slopseller, 14 Cornwall st
Holland John, Hairdresser, 91 Fore st
Holland Peter, Shopkeeper, 4 Marlborough st
Holloway N. Dyer, 33 Duke st
Holman M.A. Straw hat & bonnet mkr, Cannon st
Holman William, Draper, 31 Fore st
Honey John, Shopkeeper, 12 Queen st
Honswell Mary, Cornish inn, 14 Ordnance st
Hooper James & J. Bakers, 17 Pembroke st
Hore Miss, Ladies seminary, 7 Morice st
Hore Wm. Painter & glazier, 7 M orice st
Horrell Henry, Rose & Crown, 102 Pembroke st
Horsley Robert, Baker, 11 Canterbury st
Horswill Jas. Miller, Stoke, & at Stonehouse
Hoskings M. Earthenware dealer, 32 Cornwall st
Hoskings Mary Ann, Old Globe, Cornwall beach
Howard Thomas, Registrar of births & deaths for the Tamar district, 4 Union terrace, Morice town
Howe W. Tin plte wrkr, 10 Fore st, & 9 Andw la
Howell Mrs H. Milliner & dress mkr, 35 Barrck st
Howell Henry, Turner & cabinet mkr, 35 Barrck st
Hume Andrew, Currier , 12 King st
Hunt Robert, Chemist & druggist, 12 Cornwall st
Hunt Samuel, Music wrhse & teacher, 54 St Aubyn st
Husband & Rees, Brewers & maltsters, Morice twn
Husband James, Solicitor, & member of the Incorporated Law Society of London, & commissioner of Stannary Courts of Devon & Cornwall, Mrce sq
Husband James, Solicitor, agent for the Alliance insurance office, Morice sq
Husband P. Butcher, 131 Navy row, Morice town
Husband Wm. Linen draper, 40 Catherine st
Hussey Thomas, Confectioner, St Aubyns ope
Hutchens George, Grocr & tea dealr, 33 Market st
Hutchings S. Mlnr & strw bnnt mkr, 68 St Aubyn st
Hutchens J.N. Tea dealer & grocer, 8 Catherine st
Hyne Richard, Tallow chandler, corn & seed merchant, & maltster, 96 Duke st, & 1 James st
Incledon James, Confectioner, Frances al
Ivey Susan, Straw hat & bonnet maker , Braggs al
Jackman Wm. Grocer, tea dealer, & baker to his late majesty, 39 Clowance st
Jago Joseph, Hair cutter, 15 Tavistock st
James R. & E. Hosiers, glovers, &c., 48 St Aubyn st
James Thomas, Baker, 101 Pembroke st
James Peter, Baker & grocer, 12 Granby st
James Wm. Carlton inn, St Aubyn st
Jarvis Edward, Sailmaker, Richmond walk
Jeffery & Co. Tea dealers & grocers, 7 Market st
Jeffery M.W. & Co. Wholesale & retail chemists & druggists , 6 Market st
Jenkin John, Beer retailer, Dockwall st
Jenkins Grace, Shopkeeper, 75 Princess st
Jenkins Richard, Boot & shoemaker, 34 Market st
Jewell Geo. General Shop, 85 Pembroke st
Jewell Isaac, Shoemaker, 3 Pond st
Johns Ruben Rendle, Pawnbroker , 84 James st
Johns Wm. Gunsmith, 2 Waterloo st
Joint Stock Bank, St Aubyn st
Joll James, jun. Tamar inn, Tamar st, Morice twn
Joll & Son, Forage masters & dealers in marine stores, Tamar quay, Morice town
Jonas J. Classicl & commrcl acadmy, 14 St Aubyn st
Jones Thomas, Tailor & mercer, 62 Fore st
Jones Wm. Tallow chandler, 18 Cornwall st
Jope Daniel, Dairyman, Georges la
Jope John, Butcher, 109 Pembroke st
Jordan Joseph, Cooper, 37 Cumberland st
Jory Mary, Dealer in china & glass, Market
Joyce John, Butcher, Market
Jullyan Will. Tailor & undertaker, 52 St Aubyn st
Jury William, Tailor, 6 Boot la
Kassells Ann, Straw bonnet maker, 114 Pembrke st
Keen John, Haberdasher, 10 Queen st
Kellow F.B. Miss, Ladies seminary (day), Waterloo st, Stoke
Kemp Richard, Tailor & mercer, 28 Fore st
Kennard Robert, Hatter, Marlborough st
Kerswell Samuel, Surgeon, 35 King st
Kent Ebenezer, Ferry inn, New passage
Keys Elias, Printer & stationer, 7 James st
King Eliz. Shopkeeper, 101 Navy rw, Morice town
King Mary, Shopkeeper & beer retailer, 4 Quarry st
Kitt James, Grocer & tea dealer, 29 King st
Kitt Peter, Grocer & tea dealer, 22 James st
Kitto William, Shopkeeper, 48 Cornwall st
Knebone Eliza, Straw hat & bonnet mkr, Clowance st
Knight Samuel, Grocer & tea dealer, 11 Pond lane
Knight Samuel, Pawnbroker, 11 James st
Knight Samuel, jun. Pawnbroker , 56 Queen st
Knight Wm. Beer retailer, Georges lane
Knighton Thomas, Beer retailer, 58 Pembroke st
Knowling R. Lord Hood, brewr & mltstr, 30 King st
Laity Richard John, Surgeon, 36 King st
Lake J. Mason, 25 South st
Lamb John, Haircutter, 102 James st
Lamb Thomas, Carver & gilder, 95 Fore st
Lamb Thomas, Carver & gilder, 102 James st
Lampen Thomas, Linen draper, 10 St John st
Lancaster M. Organist & Musical Academy, Stoke terrace, Stoke
Lancaster Mrs. Ladies boarding & day school, Stoke terrace, Stoke
Lancaster Thos, Watch & clock maker, 58 Queen st
Land James, Baker , Tavistock st
Landon Charles, Pilot Boat, 9 Pembroke st
Lane John, Turner, 37 Tavistock st
Lane J. Mason & slater, Tavistock st, Stoke
Lane Thomas, Shoemaker, 21 Duke st
Lane Samuel, Clarence inn, & brewer, 13 Cathrne st
Lang M. &, N. Dressmakers, 29 Barrack st
Langdon Thomas, Timber dealer, 62 Princess st
Lanpey John, Beer retailer, Stoke
Lapthorn Wm. Shopkeeper, 57 Gloster st, Morice tn
Larmour E. Millinr & straw bonnet mkr, 102 Fore st
Lawrence Arthur, Beer retailer, 24 Pembroke st
Lawrence Ann, Confectioner, &c., 55 St Aubyn st
Ledra John, Jeweller, 44 King st
Lee Catherine, Butcher, Waterloo st, Stoke
Lee Joseph, Shopkeeper, 40 Queen st
Lee Thos. Painter & Glazier, Tavistock st, Stoke
Lee W.S. Saw maker & joinrs tool whse, 108 Fore st
Levi & Mordecai, Pawnbrokers, 15 Catherine st
Levi P. &. Co. General merchants, 71 Fore st
Leyi Sam, Dealer in Birmngham & Sheffield wares, 14 Tavistock st
Libbey Daniel, Silversmith & jeweller, 39 Fore st
Lidstone E. Fringe maker, 30 Chapel st
Liscombe Thos. W. Brewer & malster, South st
Little & Woollcombe, Solicitors, Ker st
Little Daniel, Surgeon, 25 Ker st
Little W.H. Surgeon dentist, 29 Barrack st. & in the Market
Little William Joseph, Solicitor, master extraordinary in Chancery, member of the London Incorporated Law Society, and agent to the London Union fire & life office, Barrack st
Loaring Thomas, Shopkeeper , 54 Princess st
Lobb Gregory, Tailor, 50 James st
Lovering Thomas, Three Tuns, 30 Princess st
Lower John, Surgeon, Clowance st
Lucks Sarah, Marine store dealer, Frances alley
Luckes James, Beer retailer, Cornwall st
Luke John, Blacksmith, Pembroke st
Luscombe John, Butcher, Market, & at 10 Pond la
Luscombe Henry, Smith, Princess st ope
Luxmore John, Cabinet maker, 20 Princess st
Luxmore William, Grocer, 16 Fore st
Lyne Lewis, Draper, 40 Market st
Mabry William, Painter & glazier, 45 Mount st
Mackay James, Mercer & tailor, 20 Catherine st
Mackay John, Grocer & tea dealer, 55 Fore st, and at Morice pl, Morice town
Mackey Richard, Furniture broker, 4 James st
Maddock Wm. Slop seller, Cornwall st
Mahany John, Day school for boys, St John st
Mallett Wm. Builder & undertaker, 34 Chapel st
Manicom Elizabeth, Milliner, 5 Duke st
Manicom John, Boot & shoe maker, 5 Duke st
Mankey Tobias, Baker, 21 St John st
Manning Richard, Umbrella maker, 11 Cross st
Marks John, Cooper, 1 Pond la
Marks John, Navy inn, 46 Charlotte st, Morice tn
Marshall & Sons, Cooking stove & grate manufctrs, 44 St Aubyn st
Marshall J. Stay maker, William st, Morice town
Marsdon John, Stay maker, 2 Cornwall st
Martin Mrs. J. Milliner, 70 George st
Martin Alice, Grocer & tea dealer, 113 Fore st
Martin J. Nurseryman, Stoke
Martin John, Carpenter & joiner, Cumberland st
Martin John, Furniture broker, 6 King st
Martin John, Tailor, 70 George st
Martin Thomas, the Swan, Cornwall beach
Martin W.B. Chemist & druggist, 57 St Aubyn st
Mathews Miss, Boarding & day school, 85 Navy row, Morice town
Matthews Thomas, Turks head, 6 Prospect row
Mattock Rev. J.B. Commercial & Mathematical Academy, Monument sq
May E. Schoolmistress, 27 Duke st
May John Wine & spirit merchant, & agent to the County fire & Providnt life office, 58 Fore st
May Joseph, Surgeon, 5 St Aubyn st
May Mary, China & glass warehouse, 11 Catherine st
May Richard, Broker, chest & pormanteau maker, 11 St Aubyn st
May William, Glazier & painter, 33 King st
May William, Tailor, 38 Tavistock st, Stoke
Maynard Henry, Sddlr & hrness mkr, 65 St Aubyn st
Mayne Thomas, Hatter, 1 King st
M’Clune Mary, Beer retailr, 1 Chrltte ter, Mrce tn
M’Courbrey H. & Co. Linen drapers, 26 Fore st
M’Lean M. Cooper, Ordnance st
M’Pherson Rob. Beer retailer, 68 Navy rw, Mce tn
Medlin S. Lghrn & Tuscn hat & bonnt mk, Ker st
Meyer John, Physician, George st
Mewton Wm. Cabinet maker & upholsterer, 89 James st
Miall Margaret, Currier & leathr cuttr, 38 Mrkt st
Miller Thomas, Tallow chandler, 8 Pond la
Millman Robert, Beer retailer, 18 Duke st
Mills Wm. Henry, Sunderland & Liverpool inn, Tamar st, Morice town
Milton Thomas, Pork butcher, 17 St John st, & in the Market
Milton Thomas, Pork butcher, Market
Minards Zeb. Shoemaker, 16 Navy row, Morice tn
Mitchell Wm. Boot & shoemaker, 3 Staffords hill
Mitchell John, Furniture broker, 34 James st
Mitchell John, Navy Arms, 43 James st
Mogg John, Butcher, Market
Mogg Wm. Day school, Granby st
Moody John Adams, Eating house, 9 Boot la
Moon Benjn Navy & army tlr, 60 St. Aubyn st
Moore Jno. Shopkeeper , Tavislock st, Stoke
Morcombe Mary, Str hat & bonnet mkr, 73 Duke st
Morcombe Thos. Cabinet mkr, 73 Duke st
Morgan Wm, Bread & biscuit bkr, 35 Market st
Morman Richd. Shoemaker, 38 Tavistock st, Stoke
Morrell Wm. Shopkeeper, 8 Queen st
Morris Jas. Tailor & merce r, 38 Fore st
Mortimer Rachael, Dyer, &c,. 95 Fore st
Mortimore John Jas. Upholsterer & cabinet maker, 11 Cumberstand st
Mould Thos. Surgeon, & dentist, 62 St. Aubyn st
Moule Eliz. Mrs. Straw bonnet mkr , 19 Princess st
Mountjoy Jemima, General shop , 93 Pembroke st
Moyas & Co. Brick manfrs & brown ware pottery, Morice town
Mugridge Sam. Shoemaker , 4 Gloucester st, Morice town
Mumford Thos. Baker, 40 Tavistock st
Murch Joseph, Plumber & painter, 1 Waterloo st
Murray Sarah, Shopkeeper, 1 John st, Morice st
Myers Saml. Naval & military fge mkr , 43 Duke st
Mairn John, Florist, Mill pleasant, Stoke
Nancollis John, Mason, 11 St John st
Netherwood Ann, Ladies seminary, 16 Catherine st
Netten Richd. Hatter, 53 Fore st
Netting Richd. Furniture broker, 61 Cornwall st
Nettle J. Parish clerk, Waterloo st
Nichols John, Painter & glazier, 75 George st
Nicholson Wm. Beer retailer, 2 St. John st
Nickols Wm. Tailor, 103 James st
Niles Edward, Carver & gilder, 8 Duke st
Nodder Benj. Shoemaker, 13 Gloucestr st, Morice tn
Northy Gregory, India arms, 17 Cornwall st
Nott M. & Co. Chemist & druggist, 77 George st
Oaff John, Painter & glazier, 36 Princess st
Oaff Wm. Shoemaker, 2 Wellington st, Stoke
Oke Jane, Stay maker, 33 James st
Oliver Robt. M. Navy agent, & agent for Argus life ass compy, 36 Chapel st
Oliver Thos. Baker, 21 William st, Morice town
Olver Thos. Ironmonger, &c., 68 Fore st
Olver Richd. Butcher, Tavistock st, Stoke
Olver Wm. Ironmonger, 54 Queen st
Oram Edmund, Tailor, 40 St. Aubyn st
Oram Ewd. Tea & coffee dlr, 2 Market st
Oram R.B. Conveyancer, & agent to the Westminster life & British fire offices, 21 St. Aubyn st
Orchard Jonthn. Boot & shoemaker, 42 John st, Morice town
Organ Sam. Tailor, 21 James st
Osborn Sarah, Blacking mkr, 28 Cherry Gdn st
Ovendon James, Scale & beam mkr, 3 Marlboro st
Oxford Benj. St. Aubyn's Arms, 141 Navy row, Morice town
Oxford Thos. Baker, 22 Princess st
Paddon Fs. Beer retailer, Mount st
Pain John, Shopkeeper, Tavistock st, Stoke
Painter Ann, Artillery Arms, 1 Marlborough st
Palmer Geo. Pawnbroker, 10 Pembroke st
Palmer John, Tea dlr & grocer, 14 Catherine st
Palmer Jno. F. Baker, Dockwall st
Palmer Robt. Plumber , 34 Pembroke st
PangellyThos. White Hart, 82 Pembroke st
Paramore David, Coal, wine, & spirit mch, George st
Pardon Sarah, Dress maker, 51 Chapel st
Parish J. Shoemaker, Marlborough st
Parkins Elizth. Straw bonnet mkr, 76 James st
Parnall Geo. Military Hospital inn, 1 Paradise row, Stoke
Parsons John, Wood dealer, Princess st ope
Parsons Wm. Gardener & Seedsman, 8 Lower Garden st, Morice town
Pascoe Charles, Tailor, 47 King st
Pascoe Peter, Grocer & haberdasher, registrar of bir & dea for St. Aubyn district, 25 Cumberland st
Payne Samuel, Linen & wlln drapr, 27 Catherine st
Payne Simon. Mount Edgcombe inn, Mutton cove
Pearce Elizth. Butcher, Market
Pearce Wm. Shoemaker, 68 Granby st
Pearn Jas. Shopkeeper, 1 Back of Wm st, Morice tn
Pearn John, Cross Keys, Tavistock st, Stoke
Pearse John, Painter & glazier, Marlborough st
Pearse John Cox, Linen draper, 4 Cornwall st
Pearse William, Baker, 115 Pembroke st
Peek John, King & Constitution, 20 James1 st
Peek Wm. Currier, 69 Princess st
Peek Wm. Slopseller, Cornwall st
Pencelly Thos. Shoemaker, St. Aubyn ope
Pengelly Wm. Ironmonger, 8 James st
Penward Susan, Dairy, 4 Princess st
Perkins Mary, Prince William Henry, Cumberland st
Perkins Thos. Boot maker, 60 Cornwall st
Perkins Thos. Mason & slater, 1 Navy row ope, Morice town
Permit Office, 79 Duke st
Perry John, Shoemaker, 55 Charlotte st, Morice tn
Perry Saml. Shoemaker, 43 King st
Petherick John, Clothesshop, 28 Cornwall st
Phelps Elizth. Dress & pelisse mkr, 8 St. Aubyn st
Phillips Ann, Cross Keys, 43 Queen st
Phillips Wm. Shopkeeper, Mill pleasant, Stoke
Philp Danl. Shoemaker, 12 Cherry Garden st
Philp John, King's Head, 38 Clowance st
Philp John, Currier, 12 Cherry Garden st
Philp Wm. Beer retailer, Frances al
Philp Wm. Shoemaker, 71 Granby st
Picken Ann, Furniture broker, 23 James st
Picken Edwd, Grocer, 67 James st
Picken James, Shoemaker, 92 Monument st
Picken John, Last maker , 35 Tavistock st
Picken Wm. Printer & stationer, 38 Tavistock st
Picken W,J. Tea dealer, 38 Tavistock st
Pike Walter, Hat maker, 40 Cumberland st
Pile & Son, Tailors, 3 Duke st ope
Pillar Thos. Tea dlr & grocer, 12 Navy rw, Moris tn
Pincombe Abrahm. Naturalist, 43 Chapel st
Pine James, Brewer, 52 Chapel st
Pine John, Beer retailer, 14 Chapel st
Pine John, Eating house keeper, 1 Duke st
Pinhey James, Queen's Head, 13 Duke st
Pinsent & Co. Drapers & Hosiers, 43 Market st
Piper James, Butcher, Tavistock st, Stoke
Pirdeaux Wm. Tailor, Ker st
Polkinghorne Elis. Ostrich feathr mfr, 44 Duke st
Polkinghorne Edw. Saddle & harnss mkr, 44 Duke st
Polkinghorne Edw. Baker, 10 Princess st
Polkinghorne Hugh, Tailor, 29 Clowance st
Pollard Wm. Chemist, druggist, tea dealer, & grocr, 39 Catherine st
Polsue Jno. P. & Co. Brewers & beer retailers, Stafford hill
Polyblank Sarah, Butcher, Market
Pool James, Tallow chandler, 70 Pembroke st
Pool James, Tallow chandler, 10 Marlborough st
Pool John, Butcher, 42 Navy row, Morice town
Pool Wm. Butcher, Market, & at Morice town
Pool Wm. Royal Standard, 33 Willm st, Morice st
Poo? Thos. Brush Manufactr, 112 Pembroke st
Popplstone Richd. Beer retailer , 13 King st
Portsmouth Packet office, Downing Wm. Agent , 29 Cornwall st
Post Office Recg. House, Sanders Wm. Master, Letters are delivered morn 9 to 12, & even 6 to 9 (p arrive to and from Devonport), Morice town
Potam John, Tailor, 28 Queen st
Potham Thos. Blacksmith, 30 Cumberlaud st
Potten John, Milkman, 2 Pembroke st
Prior Eth. Butcher, Market
Prouse Walter, Stone mason, Morice pl, Moris twn
Prout James, Mason, 34 Garden st, Morice town
Pumeroy Elizth. Butcher, 95 Pembroke st
Putt Wm. Butcher's Arms inn & brewr, 5 Barrack St
Pyke John, Butcher, 29 Barrack st, & in the market
Pyke Robt. Butcher, Market
Pyke Saml. Butcher, 23 Pembroke st
Quance Richd. Butcher , Market
Quint Mrs. Milliner , 26 Morice st
Radford Geo. Chemist & druggist, 39 Catherine st
Radmore Richd. Three Crowns, Cornwall st
Ramsey J. & W.B. Plumbers, iron merchants, & iron mongers, stove & grate manufacturers, 88 & 89 Duke st
Ramsey Benj. M. Solicitor, 40 St. Aubyn st
Ramsey Edw. Goldsmith & jeweller, 51 Fore st
Ramsey Jonathan, jun. Agent to the Birmingham fire office, 88 & 89 Duke st
Randall Ebenzr. Shopkeeper, 40 John st, Morice tn
Randall William, Tea dealer & grocer, Dingle pl, Morice town
Rapson John, Falmoulh inn, 62 Queen st
Rathan L.E. Marine store dealer, Fort st
Rattenbury Chas. & Edw. James, Printers & stationers, booksellers, binders, & machine paper rulers, 5 Dockwall st
Rawling Eliza, Shopkeeper, 34 Cherry Garden st
Rawling Edw. Shoemaker, St. Aubyns ope
Rawlings Jane, Shopkeeper, 2 William st, Morice tn
Ray S. Stay maker, 54 Navy row, Morice town
Read Joseph, Furniture broker, 73 Granby st
Reed Thos. Boot & shoemaker, 6 Duke st
Reed Wm. Boot & shoemaker, 9 Market st
Reed Wm. Hair dresser, 33 Duke st
Reeve Anthy. Milkman, 10 King st
Restarick Thos. Shipowner & mcht, 88 James st
Restarick Wm. Haberdasher, 20 Pembroke st
Richards Chas. Haberdasher , 46 King st
Richard James, Bedstead maker, Cherry Garden st
Richards Matthew, Licensed to let horses & gigs, 7 Chapel st
Richards Matilda, Straw bonnet mkr, 9 King st
Richards Wm. Printer, bookseller, & stationer , (Davenport Telegraph and Plymouth Chronicle, office), 49 Fore st
Rickard F. & L. Dressmakers, 15 Duke st
Rickard J. Mason & slater, Cornwall st
Rickard Joseph, Beer retailer, Georges la
Rickard Martha, Office for servants, 116 Fore st
Rider Jno, Baker & flour factor, 18 Marlborough st
Rider Hy. Plumber & brazier, 35 John st, Morice tn
Riddle Wm. Shoemkr, Back of William st, Morice town
Rodd John, Tailor, South st
Rogers E. & J. Straw bonnet mkrs, 61 Queen st
Rogers Nics. Furniture bkr & carpentr, 80 Duke st
Rogers James, Mason's Arms, 76 Pembroke st
Rogers Jas. Cooper, Haberdasher & hosier, 41 Cumberland st
Rogers Nicholas, Butcher, Market
Rogers Rachael, Tavistock inn, Tavistock st
Rogers Rich. Boot & shoemaker, 59 Queen st
Rogers Wm. Optician, 83 George st
Rolston Geo. Surgeon, St. Aubyn st
Rooke John, Boot & shoemaker, 86 Fore st
Ross Wm. Golden Lion, 92 Fore st
Row Chas. Chemist & druggist, 26 Catherine st
Rowe James, Tailor, 25 St. Aubyn st
Rowe James, Tailor & mercer, 34 Fore st
Row Fredk, Physician, Ker st
Row Wm. Pawnbroker, 5 Princes st
Row W. H. Jeweller, 33 Fore st
Row Wm. II. Professor of music, 10 Trafalgar pl, Stoke
Rowe Wm. & Son, Chemists & druggists, 31 William st, Morice st
Rowe John, Beer retailer, 25 Tavistock st
Rowe Judith, Anchor & Hope, 16 Cornwall st
Rowland Edwd. Wheelwright & manor constable, 2 Fore st
Rudd Wm. Baker, 83 Duke st
Ruff Wm. Commercial inn, 35 Fore st
Rundle R. & T. Agents to the Crown life insurance office, George st
Rundle & Sons, Wine & spirit merchts , George st
Rundle Rich, Baker, Morice st
Rundell Wm. Engraver, George st
Rutter J . Yates, Surgeon, 1 Union ter, Morice tn
Rutter Thos. Surgeon, 13 St. Aubyn st
Ryan Rich. Baker, 34 King st
Ryder Ann, Furrier, 12 Barrack st
Ryder J.W. & R.J. Pawnbrokers & watchmakers, 6 William st, Morice town
Ryder Honor Mrs. Slopseller, 19 Cornwall st
Ryder Thomas Clothes salesman, 25 Cornwall st
Ryder Thomas, Baker, 21 Cornwall st
Safford Miss, Seminary for young ladies, Tamar ter
Sambell Benj. Baker, 29 Queen st
Sambell Sarah, Ladies school, Ivy cottages, Stoke
Sambells Frs. Butcher, Market
Sampson Thomas, Baker, 104 Fore st
Sanders Wm. Earthenware dealers, 1 William st, Morice town
Sanderson Elizabeth, Mineralogist, 10 Cornwall st
Sargent & Co. Brewers, 29 Princess st
Satterly A. & Xo. Hosiers, haberdashers, straw & tuscan plait dealers, 36 Market st
Sanders Samuel, Carver & gilder, 22 Fore st
Sawdy Edward, Boot & shoemaker, 100 James st
Scantlebury M. Shopkeeper, 97 Navy rw, Morice tn
Scott David, Painter & glazier, 67 Chapel st
Scott Elizabeth Baker & shopkeeper, Trafalgar place
Scorey & Stephens, Navy & army tailors, 46 Fore st
Screech Philip, Butcher, Market, residence Mrkt la
Seal Hy. Haberdasher, 37 Queen st
Searle Sarah, Milliner, 5 Duke st ope
Searle T. Shoeing smith , Market st
Searles Thomas, Chemist & druggist, Cornwall st
Seldon Thomas, Glazier & painter , 20 Market st
Sellark Mary, Butcher , Market
Selleck Jas. Pork butcher , Market
Sharp Fanny, Hosier & glover, 59 St. Aubyn st
Shaw J. Saw mkr, & mechanical tool whse, 73 Fore st
Shapland Win. Solicitor, agent to the British Coml Life, & Phoenix Fire Offices, 13 Barrack st
Shephard Thomas, Dutch clockmkr, 13 Morice st
Shepherd John, Mutton cove inn, Mutton cove
Short Edward, Cabinetmaker, 49 Marlborough st
Shute Thomas, The dolphin, 72 Granby st
Silverston Lazarus, Marine store dealr, 90 Duke st
Sims Samuel, Tailor, 58 George st
Simons Joseph, Mason, Moon st, Morice town
Sincock Hy. Shoemaker, 86 Pembroke st
Skerrett G. Watch & clockmkr, jewelr, &c,. 89 Fore st
Skinner Mary Ann, Fountain inn, Fore st
Slade Hy. Pawnbroker, 3 Mill st
Sloggatt E. Beer retlr, 28 Charlotte st, Morice tn
Smart Richard, Corn chandler, Princess st ope
Smart William, Navy agent, Market lane
Smith & Son, Hardware, fancy, & stationary warehouse, 69 St. Aubyn st
Smith J. & H.T. Solicitors , Morice square
Smith Jas. Butcher , Tavistock st, & in the Market
Smith John, agent for Royal Exchange Fire & Life Office, Morice square
Smith John, Butcher, Barrack st, & in the Market
Smith John, Shopkeeper, 44 Monument st
Smith Mary, Milliner, 42 Cumberland st
Smith Rich. Mason & slater, Tavistock st, Stoke
Smith Samuel, Shoemaker, 2 Ordnance st
Smith T. Brewer, & beer retailer, 18 Pembroke st
Smith Thomas, Shoemaker, 64 James st
Snell Saml. Shopkeeper, 14 Garden st, Morice town
Snell William Beer retailer, 80 Princess st
Snow R, Tallow chandlr & soap boilr, 13 Market st
Soaper R. Coal & wood dealer, Cumberland st
Sole Edward, Solicitor, Master extraordinary in Chancery, Commissioner for taking acknowledgments of married women and agent to the West of England insurance office, 84 Duke st & Geo st
Soper & Richards, Publishers of the Devonport Telegraph & Plymouth Chronicle, 49 Fore st
Soper Geo. J. Agent to the Norwich fire & life insurance office, 49, Fore st
Soper Toomas, Grocer & teadealer , 45 Market st
Sowden J. Butcher, Market
Sowden Joseph, Baker, Frances alley
Sowden W. Teadealer & grocer, 9 Granby st
Sparke & Son, Hatters, 39 Market st
Sparke Isaac, Silkmercer & draper, 80 Fore st
Spry E. Straw hat manufacturer, 12 Tavistock st
Spiers John, Carpenter , 48 Pembroke st
Spiller C. Wine & spirit vaults, 35 Wm. Morice tn
Spiller M.C. Grocer & teadlr, 35 Wm st, Morice tn
Spry James, Butcher, John st
Spry John, Butcher, Market
Spry John, Boot & shoemaker, 13 Tavistock st
Squance William, Rope & twine mkr, 6 Fore st
Squence William, Ropemaker, Mill pleasant, Stoke
Squire George, Surgeon, 79 George st
Squire Richard, Devonport inn, Cornwall st
Squire Thomas, Grocer & tea dealer, Frances allay
Squire William, Shopkeeper, Georges lane
Stanbury Geo. Shoemkr, 16 William st, Morice twn
Stanbury James, Baker, 81 James st
Slanbury Samuel, Baker, Dock wall st
Stanbury W. Butcher , Barrack st and in the market
Stanning John, Shopkeeper, 20 Cornwall st
Steed W. Beer retailer, 112 Navy row, Morice twn
Stentiford Martha, Beer retailer , South hill bldngs
Stephens Anne, Furniture broker, 9 Queen st
Stephens Francis, Builder, 5 Wellington st, Stoke
Stephens John, Dentist , 9 Princess st
Stephens Jonathan, Tailor, 13 Cornwall st
Stephens Mary A. Haberdasher , 94 Pembroke st
Stephens Susannah, Beer retailer, 7 Boot lane
Stephens William, Tallowchandler, 7 King st
Stevens Elizabeth, Beer retailer , 15 Granby st
Stevens William, Tailor, 7 Market lane
Stevenson J. Davis, Teadealer & grocer, 46 Queens St
Stivey John, Carpenter & builder, 14 Catherine st
Stivey John. Tailor, James st ope East
Stockaday L. Builder & undrtakr , 17 Granby st ope
Stonelake W. Pianoforte manufacturer & music slr, 26 St. Aubyn st
Stott Henry, Woodcutter & dealer, South st
Stroud John, Tailor, Morice st
Sutton George, Butcher, Market
Swain P.W. Surgeon, 13 George st
Swanson William, Bootmaker , 65 George st
Sweet E. Working silversmith, 48 Cherry garden st
Sweet Wm. Peartree inn, Union st. Stoke
Swinhoe Robert, Tailor, 10 Catherine st
Symons Geo. C. Baker , 23 Waterloo st, Stoke
Symons John, Mercer & draper , 74 Fore st
Symons James P. Chemist & druggist, 87 Fore st
Symons Mary, Oxford inn , 65 Fore st
Symons William, Cabinetmaker, Chapel st
Symons William, Baker, 15 Princess st
Tapp S.F. Day school, 49 Charlotte st, Morice twn
Tapson E. Coat merchant, Tamar wharf, Morice twn
Taylor Daniel, Beer retailer, 8 Pembroke st
Taylor James, Stonemason , 41 Pembroke st
Taylor J. Beer retailer & grocer, 18 Wellington st
Taylor John, Shoemaker, 30 James st
Taylor Henry, Beer retailer, 52 Pembroke st
Terlizzick William, Hairdresser, 45 St. Aubyn st
Teage John, Solicitor and agent for London Assurance fire and life office, 61 St. Aubyn st
Tabb Peter, Crown & column, Ker st
Tallin Sam, Tailor & furniture broker, 93 Duke st
Tarraway Thomas, Chemist & druggist, 21 Fore st
Tasker Richard, Sailmaker, Duke st
Thacker John, Shopkeeper , 6 Pembroke st
Thomas & Brothers, Whsle staymakers, Morice sq
Thomas Charles, Physician , Ker st
Thomas Charles, Blacksmith, Mutton cove
Thomas Jane, Draper & haberdasher , 107 Fore st
Thomas John, Wheelwright, 27 Granby st
Thomas Richard, Wine & spirit mercht, Barrack st
Thompson J. Timber merchant & cabinetmaker , 18 Cherry garden st
Thompson S.S. Upholstr & cbntmkr , 67 St. Aubyn st
Thorn S. W, Beer retailer & whitsmth, 69 Granby st
Thorn William, Baker, 2 Marlborough st
Thorne James, Baker, 25 Chapel st
Tippett S. Baker, 6 Charlotte st, Morice town
Tillman W.T. Solicitor & agent for the Independent West Middlesex Assurance Co. Chapel st
Toms J. Music warehouse, & teacher of piano forte, 63 St. Aubyn st
Toms J. Stoke wine & spirits vaults & brazier, Tavistock st, Stoke
Toms Wm. Boot & shoe maker, 39 Gloucester st, Morice town
Torkington Jane, Eating house keeper, 87 Duke st
Townshend John, London inn, 83 Fore st
Towson & Son, Chronometer & wtch mkrs, 69 Fore st
Tozer James, Beer ret, Church st, Stoke
Trant John, Carpenter & undertaker, 28 Chapel st
Tratthen George, Carpenter, 28 King st
Trebey William, Beer retailer, 62 Princess st
Tregear J.A. Gloucester arms, 40 Gloucester st, Morice town
Trehene James, Carpenter, 56 Charlotte st, Norice tn
Trelaver James, Beer ret, 26 Pembroke st
Treleaven Jas. Symons, Hat manf, 2 Catherine st
Treliving John, Watch maker, 40 St. Aubyn st
Treliving Joseph, Pawnbroker, 77 Pembroke st
Trenman John, Pawnbroker, Ordnance st
Trenough James, Schoolmaster, 2 Adelaide pl
Treemeer John, Grcr & teadelr, Tavistock st, Stoke
Tressider A.M. Milliner & dressmaker , 1 Market st
Tressider F. Ironmongr & tinplte worker , 1 Market st
Trigg John, Boot & shoe maker, 37 Fore st
Triggs Christopher, Carpenter, 35 Tavistock st
Trigg William, Shoemaker, 25 Fore st
Tripe C. Surgeon, Ker st
Tripe L. Surgeon, 4 St. Aubyn st
Trout Thomas, Builder & undertaker, 17 Cannon st
Tucker A,C. Chemist & druggist, 24 Fore st
Tucker Charles, Block & pump maker, Mutton cove
Tucker George, Tallow chandler, 50 Pembroke st
Tucker John, Tailor, 11 King st
Tucker Richard, Boot & shoemaker, 16 Granby st
Tucker Thomas, Beer retailer, 4 Market la
Tucker William, Hackny coach propietr, Fore st, Ope
Tuckett Thomas, Grocer & teadealer, 94 Fore st
Turpin John, Milkman , 43 Pembroke st
Tyrer John, Carver & turner, Ker st
Truscott Joshua, Plumber, 14 Tavistock st
Truscott Richard, Painter & glazier, 9 Gloucester st, Morice town
Truscott R. Painter & glazier, York pl, Stoke
Uglow John, Shopkeeper, Morice pl, Morice town
Underhay James, Baker, 27 Navy row, Morice town
Vale E. & G. Maltsters & brewers, James st, Ope east
Vallack Isaac, Half moon, 19 George st
Veale William, Shoemaker, 81 Duke st
Vear M.A. Shopkeeper, 72 Navy row, Morice town
Venton John, Eating house, 41 Queen st
Vian & Co. Drapers, mercers, & hosiers, 8 Market st
Vickery Richard, Crown hotel tap, 4 George st
Vigers John, Linen draper, 3 William st, Morice tn
Vincent John, Marine store dealer, 32 Market st
Vosper & Sargent, Linen & woollen drapers, 32 Catherine st
Vosper James, Shoemaker, Cornwall st
Vosper William, Linen & woollen draper, 72 Fore st
Wade M.A. Dressmaker, Monument st
Wadelton Charles, Upholsterer & cabinet maker. 3 James st
Wadelton T. Furniture broker, 79 James st
Wadleton Thos. Furniture broker, 95 Duke st
Wadling W. Hosier & haberdasher, 15 Market st
Wakeham J. Cabinet maker & upholsterer, 18 Fore st
Wakeham Wm. Hair cutter, Cross st
Wallis John, Shipwright, Richmond walk
Walter J, Grocer & shipwright, 1 Cross st, Cherry garden st
Walter J. Boot & shoe maker, 93 Navy rw,Morice tn
Walworth Thomas, Shopkeeper, 22 Cornwall st
Ward J. Shopkeeper, 78 Gloucester st, Morice town
Ward John, Baker, Doiges well
Warn Rich. Furnishing ironmonger, 24 Catherine st
Warn Richard, Boot & shoe maker, 16 Monument st
Warren John, Shoe maker, 28 Marlborough st
Warren Francis, Barnstaple Inn, 16 Princes st
Watson Robt. Surgeon, 9 St. Aubyn st
Watts Wm. Hair dresser & perfumer, 29 Fore st
Watson R.M. Surgeon, 134 Navy row, Morice tn
Waugh George, Hatter, 36 Tavistock st
Waymouth M.A. Draper & hosier, 55 Cornwall st
Weakley Robert, Weakleys hotel, 44 Fore st
Wearing R. Furniture broker, 22 Tavistock st
Weary J. Builder, undertaker, & appraiser, 25 Duke st
Webb John, Furniture broker, 6 Cornwall st
Webb William, Shopkeeper, Marlborough st
Webber John, Builder, 25 George st
Webber Wm. Butcher, Market & at Duke st
Weeks Elizabeth Butcher, Market
Weeks H.H. Paintr & glazier, Portland pl, Morice tn
Weeks John, Shopkeeper, 27 Cherry garden st
Welch J. Dressmaker, Cross st
Wellman Daniel, Tailor, 70 James st
Wellman Michael, Tailor, 29 James st
Welsh William, Surgeon, 7 St. Aubyn st
West John, Brown bear, 20 Chapel st
Westlake Geo. Watch & clock maker, 118 Navy row, Morice town
Westlake John, Butcher, 15 Princess st
Western Harriet, Straw bonnet maker, 28 St, John st
Western District Banking Company. Hawtayne Geo. Esq. Manager, St. Aubyn st. Draw on the London & Westminster Bank
Weymouth James, Painter & glazier, 17 King st
Wharton Wm. Anthony, Surgeon, 33 St. Aubyn st
Wheeler James, Boot & shoemaker, 9 James st
Wheeler John Wm. Boot & shoemaker, 110 Fore st
Whenworth Sam. Baker, 27 William st, Morice tn
White & Morcombe, Lin drprs & hosrs, 3 Market st
White Geo. Baker, 16 Charlotte st, Morice town
White John, Tailor, 99 James st
White Susanna, Fruiterer, 115 Fore st
White W. Linen & woollen draper, 30 Catherine st
Whitford Henry, Boot & shoemaker, 76 George st
Whitford M. Linen draper, 7 William st, Morice tn
Whittell George, Boot & shoemaker, Duke st
Whittle Thomas, Boot & shoemaker, Ker st
Wicks S. Beer retailer, 13 Navy row, Morice town
Widecombe William, Freemasons arms, 31 John st, Morice town
Willcock Jas. Butcher, Market
Wills Elizth. Beer retailer, 5 William st, Morice tn
Wills William, Painter & glazier, 101 James st
Williams Ellis, Hosier & haberbasher, 2 Stafford hill
Williams Joseph, Cabinetmaker, Ker st
Williams Thomas, Cornish arms, 37 Pembroke st
Williams W. Baker & confectionr, 7 Cumberland st
Williams William, Toy warehouse, 91 James st
Williams William, Dyer & scourer, 87 James st
Willing & Davis, Hatters & tailors, 38 Catherine st
Willing James, Auctioneer, appraiser, house & commercial agent, 76 Fore st
Willing J. Tea nealer, & grocer, 45 King st
Willis J. Shipwright & mast maker, Richmond walk
Willmott Isaac. Tailor, 36 Clarence st
Windsor J. Grocer & tea dealer, 13 Marlborough st
Winnicott James, Beer retailer, Mill st
Winnicott John, Fruiterer, 73 James st
Winlo & Son, Genl mrchts & shipowners, 58 James st
Wise John, Schoolmaster, 10 Mount st
Witt Grace, Country inn, 108 & 109 James st
Wivil Ann, Shopkeeper, 11 Cornwall st
Wollacott E. Baker, grocer, & teadlr, 11 Pembrke st
Wollacott Sam. Professr of dancing, 12 Clowance st
Wood William & Son, Printers, stationers, & booksellers, auctioneers, & appraisers, 52 Fore st
Wood Charles, Printer, bookseller, binder, stationer, & general news agent, publisher of the Devonport, Plymouth,& Stonehouse Reflector, Staffords hill
Wood Hannah, Dressmaker, Duke st
Woodley Henry, New inn, 15 Fore st
Woodley William, Baker, 18 King st
Woollington John, Tailor, 49 Duke st
Worth Jas. Mason & builder, 21 Cherry garden st
Worth Hy. Mason, 14 Clarence st
Worth Richard, Builder & undertaker, St. John st
Worley Thomas, Boot & shoemaker, Clowance st
Worley Hy. Shoemaker, Canterbury st
Wyatt Francis, Ham & bacon factor, 13 Duke st, & at 39 Cumberland st
Wyatt George, Confectioner, 63 George st
Wyld John, Stenceller, 11 William st, Morice town
Yabsley John, Grocer,&c., 68 Pembroke st
Yabsley Richard, Boot & shoemaker, 106 Fore st
Yoe James, Shoemaker, 5 King st
Yeo John German wool & haberdashery establishment, 89 Fore st
Yeo John. Auctioneer & appraiser, 35 St. Aubyn st
Young Ann, Tobacconist, 11 Queen st


(Estate) Elmes Joseph, 20 Fore st
Hainsselin D.H, 1 St, Aubyn st
Willing James, 76 Fore st
Yeo John, 35 St. Aubyn st
(Navy) Oliver Robert, 36 Chapel st

Auctioneers & Appraisers
Avent Robert, 88 Fore st
Brown Thomas N. 10 Duke st
Churchward James, 45 Queen st
Eastcott & Frise, 28 Chapel st
Eastcott John, 45 Fore st
Ellis John, 36 James st
Elmes Joseph, 20 Fore st
Hainsselin D.H. 1 St. Aubyn st
Willing James, 76 Fore st
Wood William & Son, 52 Fore st
Yeo John, 35 St. Aubyn st

Baby Linen Wrehses
Breaker Arm 68 St Aubyn st
Cullum L. 2 York buildings, Stoke

Almond William Henry, 7 Pond st
Axford Thomas, 22 Princess st
Bailey John, 25 John st, Morice town
Bartlett William 1 John st, Morice town
Bate John, 8 King st
Blackler John, 14 Waterloo st, Stoke
Blackwell Samuel, 94 Duke st
Butcher John, 18 James st
Chivell,William, 33 Cumberland st
Chowen William, 32 Pembroke st
(& Biscuit) Collings Wm, 27 Pembroke st
Couch Joseph, 20 Granby st
Crocker John, 5 Pembroke st
Crocker William, 38 Queen st
Davis John, 24 Navy row, Morice town
Daws Richard, 36 Barrack st
Dinnis John, 112 Forest
Dodridge William, 25 Catherine st
Dustow John, 54 Gloucester st, Morice town
Ellis Robert, 49 Queen st
Fouracre Joseph, 35 Duke st
Ganover, Charles, 67 Pembroke st
Gartnell James, 74 Monument st
Giles William, 11 Fore st
Glenville William,5 Market st
Grant John H. 38 Cumberland st
Harris Thomas, 49 Gloucester st, Morice tn
Harvey John, Church st, Stoke
Heals John, 1 St. John st
Hifley John, 90 Pembroke st
Hoar James, Cornwall st
Hooper James & J. 17 Pembroke st
Horsley Robert, 11 Canterbury st
James Peter, 12 Granby st
James Thomas, 101 Pembroke st
Laud James, Tavistock st, Stoke
Mankey Tobias, 21 St. John st
Morgan William, 35 Market st
Mumford Thomas, 40 Tavistock st
Oliver Thomas, 21 William st, Morice town
Palmer Jno. F. Dockwall st
Pearse William, 115 Pembroke st
Polkinghorne Edward, 10 Princess st
Rider John, 18 Marlborough st
Rudd William, 83 Duke st
Rundle Richard, Morrice st
Ryan Richard, 34 King st
Ryder Thomas, 21 Cornwall st
Sambell Benjamin, 29 Queen st
Sampson Thomas, 104 Fore st
Scott Elizabeth, Trafalgar place, Stoke
Sowden Joseph, Frances alley
Stanbury James, 81 James st
Stanbury Samuel, Dockwall st
Symons George C. 23 Waterloo st, Stoke
Symons William, 15 Princess st
Thorne James, 25 Chapel st
Thorn William, 2 Marlborough st
Tippett S. 6 Charlotte st, Morice town
Underhay James, 27 Navy row, Morice tn
Ward John, Doidges well
White George, 16 Charlotte st Morice town
Whenworth Sam. 27 William st, Morice tn
Williams William, 7 Cumberland st
Wollacott Elizabeth, 11 Pembroke st
Woodley William, 18 King st

Boon Thomas, Cross st
Deacon John, 46 Cumberland st
Deacon William, 14 Catherine lane

(Warm, Shower, Vapour, Tepid, & Swim-ing
Applin F. (late Buckwell's) Richmond wk

Beer Retailers
Alee Ann, Quarry st
Bartlett Nancy, South st
Beard William, 92 Pembroke st
Beer Hy. 37 Granby st
Beer William, 25 Waterloo st
Bews William, 42 John st, Morice town
Bird Robert, Moon st, Morice town
Buckland Samuel, 110 Pembroke st
Caunter Hy. Richmond walk
Chapple William, 8 Waterloo st, Stoke
Collings John, Mill st
Coram Jacob, Oldmans buildings
Core Richard, 53 Mount st
Cork John, Cherry garden st
Cradick Abraham, Doidges well
Dallinger Joseph, 103 Pembroke st
Davis John, 17 William st, Morice town
Davis William, Morrice st
Dean William, Mutton cove
Dinnock Sus. St. John st
Doron John, Clarence row, Morice town
Earle Thomas, 28 John st, Morice town
Eddyvean M.A. 49 Navy row, Morice town
Edgcumbe Mary Ann, 5 King st
Ellis James, 53 James st
Elson Wm, 27 Gloucester st, Morice town
Foot Alice, 18 Market lane
Gardiner Mary, 19 Prospect row
Gitsham James, 35 Queen st
Goldie Robert, 38 Pembroke st
Harry John, 51 Queen st
Hawke My. Jane, 59 Cornwall st
Heard Sarah A. 14 Gloucester st, Morice tn
Hodge James, Tavistock st, Stoke
Jerkin John, Dockwall st
Knight William, George lane
Knighton, Thomas, 58 Pembroke st
Lanpey Jno. Stoke
Lawrence Arthur, 24 Pembroke St
Luckes James, Cornwall st
McClune M. 1 Charlotte terrace, Morice tn
McPherson R. 68 Navy row, Morice town
Millman Robert, 18 Duke st
Nicholson, William, 2 St. John st
Paddon F. Mount st
Philp William, Frances alley
Pine John, 14 Chapel st
Polsue Jno. P. & Co. Stafford's hill
Popplstone Richard, 13 King st
Rickard Joseph, George lane
Rowe John, 25 Tavistock st
Sloggatt Elizth. 28 Charlotte st, Morice tn
Smith Thomas, 18 Pembroke st
Snell William, 80 Princess st
Steed Wm. 112 Navy row, Morice town
Stentiford Martha, South hill bldgs. Stoke
Stephens Susannah, 7 Boot lane
Stevens Elizabeth, 15 Granby st
Taylor Daniel, 8 Pembroke st
Taylor James, 18 Wellington st, Stoke
Taylor Henry, 52 Pembroke st
Thorn Silas VV. 69 Granby st
Tozer James, Church st, Stoke
Treeby William, 62 Princess st
Trelaver James 26 Pembroke st
Tucker Thomas, 4 Market lane
Wicks Sarah, 13 Navy row, Morce town
Wills Elizabeth, 5 William st, Morice town
Winnicott James, Mill st

Birmingham & Sheffield Warehouses
Levi Saml. 14 Tavistock st

Block & Pumpmakers
Hingston Js, Richmond wk
Tucker Chas. Mutton cove

Granville Arthur, Tavistock st
Rattenbury Chas. & Edw. James, 5 Dockwall st
Wood Chas. Staffords hill

Booksellers & Stationers
Batten Thos. 100 Fore st
Byers Wm. (to his late Majesty) 32 Forest
Colman Wm, (to her Majesty) 48 Fore st
Foale Henry, 86 James st
Granville Arthur, Tavistock st
Granville Hy. (to her Majesty) 99 Fore st
Harris H.V. 43 St. Aubyn st
Hearle G.W. 111 Fore st
Heydon John, 98 Fore st
Keys Elias, 7 James st
Picken Wm. 38 Tavistock st
Ratlenbury Chas. & Edw. Jas. 5 Dock wall st
Richards Wm. 49 Fore st
Smith & Son, 69 St. Aubyn st
Wood Wm. & Son, 52 Fore st
Wood Chas. Stafford hill

Boot & Shoemakers
Ackland Jas. 4 Catherine st
Adams John, 7 Granby st
Addiscott John, 42 King st
Addiscott Rich. 39 Pembroke st
Axworthy Philip, 96 Fore st
Banbery Rich. 4 William st, Morice town
Bateman John, 23 Tavistock st
Bazley Saml. 6 Barrack st
Buckthought Thos. Duke st
Ching Wm. 49 James st
Clemence Jno. Back of William st, Morice town
Collier John, 40 Pembroke st
Collings Wm. 70 Princess st
Dawe Thos. Church st, Stoke
Drake Henry, Braggs al
Dukes John, 20 Tavistock st
Edmond Jas. 73 Monument st
Elliott John, Market
Ellis James, 66 Fore st
Elworthy Thos. 62 St Aubyn st
Faull Edwd. 66 St. Aubyn st
Ford John, 15 King st
Gardner Samuel, 90 James st
Gandy Thos. Cornwall st
Harvie Abm. 36 Duke st
Heath Thos. 2 John st, Morice town
Heath Wm. 43 Fore st
Hill Robert, 8 Princess st
Jenkins Rich. 34 Market st
Jewell Isaac, 3 Pond st
Lane Thos. 21 Duke st
Manicon John, 5 Duke st
Minands T. 16 Navy row, Morice town
Mitchell Wm. 3 Staffords hill
Murman R. 38 Tavistock st, Stokes
Mugrige Saml. 4 Gloucester st, Morice twn
Nodder B. 13 Gloucester st, Morice town
Oaff Wm. 2 Wellington st, Stoke
Orchard Jonathan, 42 John st, Morice twn
Parish J. Marlborough st
Pearce Wm. 68 Granby st
Pencelly T. St. Aubyns Ope
Perkins Thos. 60 Cornwall st
Perry John, 55 Charlotte st, Morice town
Perry Sam, 43 King st
Phelp Dan. 12 Cherry garden st
Phelp Wm. 71 Granby st
Picken Jas. 92 Monument st
Rawling Edwd. St. Aubyn, Ope
Reed Thos. 6 Duke st
Reed Wm. 9 Market st
Riddle Wm. Back of William st, Morice tn
Rogers Rich. 59 Queen st
Rooke John, 86 Fore st
Sawdy Edward, 100 James st
Sincock Hen. 86 Pembroke st
Smith Sam. 2 Ordnance st
Smith Thomas, 64 James st
Spry John, 13 Tavistock st
Stadbury Geo. 16 William st, Morice town
Swanson Wm. George st
Taylor John, 30 James st
Toms Wm, 39 Gloucester st, Morice town
Trigg John, 37 Fore st
Trigg Wm. 25 Fore st
Tucker Rich. 16 Granby st
Vospar James, Cornwall st
Veale Wm. 81 Duke st
Walter J. 93 Navy row, Morice town
Wann Rich. 16 Monument st
Warren John, 28 Marlborough st
Wheeler Jas. 9 James st
Wheeler John Wm. 110 Fore st
Whitford Hen. 76 George st
Whittel Geo. Duke st
Whittle Thos. Ker st
Worley Hy. Canterbury st
Worley Thos. Clowance st
Yatsley Rich. 106 Fore st
Yoe Jas. 5 King st

Boot Tree & Last Mkr
Picker J. 35 Tavistock st

Braziers & Tinmen, (those marked thus * are Braziers only)
Backwell T.E. 21 Cross st
Bowhay J. 50 Queen st

Elliott John, Clowance st
Giles Joseph, Market st
Gist & Co. Canterbury st
Husband and Rees, Morice town
Knowling Richard, 30 King st
Lane Samuel, 13 Catherine st
Liscombe Thomas, W. South st
Pine James, 52 Chapel st
Polsue John P.P. Staffords hill
Putt William, 5 Barrack st
Sargent and Co. 29 Princess st
Smith Thomas, 18 Pembroke st
Vale E. and G. James st, Ope east
Toms James, Tavistock st, Stoke

Brush Makers
Eastcott Richard, 45 Fore st
Hinvest William. 86 Duke st
Hackday John, Francis alley
Poor Thomas, 12 Pembroke st

Bartlett William, Ker st
Frout Thomas, 17 Cannon st
Greenwood William & John, Cannon st
Hockaday Lawrence, 17 Granby st, Ope
Mallet William, 34 Chapel st
Stephens Francis, 5 Wellington st, Stoke
Stivey John, 14 Catherine lane
Weary John, 25 Duke st
Webber John, 25 George st
Worth James, 21 Cherry garden st
Worth Richard, St. John st

Bates Robert, Market
Bennee E. Market
Body Fred. 17 Fore st, and Market
Box William, Market
Brimacombe John, Market
Budge William, 12 Pembroke st, & Market
Butland Mary, Market
(Pork) Cleife Thomas, Market
(Pork) Cole John, 58 Cornwall st
Connabean William, Market
Cornish John, Market
Copp James, Market
Cumbe William, 4 Barrack st, & Market
Eastabrook Samuel, 13 Cornwall st, & Market
Eastabrook John, Market
Eastabrook William, 3 Barrack st, & Market
Ellis Richard, Market
(Pork) Fox Peter, Barrack st & Market
Fursdon R. Market
Goad William, Market
Granville Phineas, 15 Boot lane
Harris Frederick, Market
Harvey George, 16 Duke st, & Market
Harvey William, Market
Hawkin Sarah, Market
Heard Richard, Market
Head Robert, Market
Beard Samuel, Market
Hewit J«hn, Market
Husband T. 131 Navy row, Morice town
Jope John, 109 Pembroke st, & Market
Joyce John, Market
Sambells Francis, Market
Lee C. Waterloo st, Stoke
Luscombe John, 10 Pond lane, & Market
Mogg John, Market
(Pork) Milton Thomas, Market
Olver Richard, Tavistock st, Stoke
Pearse Elizabeth, Market
Piper James, Tavistock st, Stoke
Polyblank Sarah, Market
Pool John, 42 Navy row, Morice town
Pool William, Morice town, & Market
Prior Elizabeth, Market
Pumeroy Eliza. 95 Pembroke st, & Market
Pyke John, 29 Barrack st, & Market
Pyke Robert, Market
Pyke Samuel, 23 Pembroke st, & Market
Quance John, Market
Rogers Nicholas, Market
Screech Philip, Market la, & Market
Sellark Mary, Market
(Pork) Selleck James, Market
Smith James, Tavistock st, & Market
Smith John, Barrack st, & Market
Smith William, 7 Barrack st, Market
Sowden J. Market
Spry James, St. John st
Spry John, Market
Stanbury William, Barrack st, & Market
Sutton George, Market
Webber William, Duke st, & Market
Weeks Elizabeth, Market
Westlake John, 15 Princes st
Willcock James, Market

Blaxell William, 10 James st
Bonney John, 71 Pembroke st
Fleming Thomas, 12 Prospect row
Hodge Samuel, 82 James st
Howell Henry, 35 Barrack st
Luxmore John, 20 Princess st
Morcombe Thomas, 73 Duke st
Short Edward, 49 Marlborough st
Symons William, Chapel st
Thompson John, 18 Cherry garden st
Williams Joseph, Ker at

Carpenters & Joiners
Beer J. Princess st
Box William, 48 Duke st
Cawse William, Ordnance row
Cornish William, New passage
Christopher Robert, 30 James st
Crocker Hector, Cherry garden st
Duncan J. Cherry garden st
Facey R.R. Back of William st, Morice tn
Head James, Tavistock st, Stoke
Hitchins William, 7 Mount st
Martin John, Cumberland st
Stivey John, 14 Catherine lane
Spiers John, 48 Pembroke st
Trant John, 28 Chapel st
Trathen George, 28 King st
Trehene James, 56 Charlotte st, Morice tn
Triggs Christopher, 35 Tavistock st

Carvers & Guilders
Bishop William, Ker st
Downing Amos, 2 Duke st
Lamb Thomas, 95 Fore st
Lamb Thomas, 102 James st
Niles Edward, 8 Duke st
Saunders Samuel, 22 Fore st
Tyrer John, Ker st

Chemists & Druggists
Bews S.T. 108 Pembroke st
Bush George, 57 James st
Cleife H.H. 47 St. Aubyn st
Dickerson Henry, 13 Cumberland st
Evans John, 45 Pembroke st
Evans William, 3 Queen st
Glencross Josiah, 59 & 60 Fore st
Hallett John, 77 James st
Hamand Samuel, 17 Trafalgar place, Stoke
Hunt Robert, 12 Cornwall st
Martin W.B. 57 St. Aubyn st
Nott M. & Co. 77 George st
Pollard William, 29 Catherine st
Radford George, 39 Catherine st
Rowe W. & Son, 31 William st, Morice tn
Searles Thomas, Cornwall st
Symons James Patty, 87 Fore st
Tarraway Thomas, 24 Fore st
Tucker A.C. 24 Fore st

China, Glass, &c., Dlrs
Brown T.N. 10 Duke st
Burt John Stokes, 85 Fore st
Hosking Mary, 32 Cornwall st
Jory Mary, Market
May Mary, 11 Catherine st
Sanders William, 1 William st, Morice tn

Every James, 45 Marlborough st
Hare Cath. 16 James st

Elliott & Son, Morice town

Coal Dealers
Diamond John, 56 Charlotte st, Morice town
Smart Richard, Princess st ope
Soaper Richard, Cumberland st

Coal Merchants
Beer Walter, James st
Paramore David, George st
Tapson Ebsworthy, Morice town

Bright Joseph, 33 Catherine st
Granville Mary, 55 Queen st
Harvey Mrs. S. 77 Monument st
Heal Thomas Perkins, 97 James st
Hussey Thomas, St. Aubyn ope
Incledon James, Frances alley
Lawrence Ann, 55 St. Aubyn st
Williams William, 7 Cumberland st
Wyatt George, 63 George st

Ash Alexander, 66 James st
Clatworthy William, James st
Jordan Joseph, 37 Cumberland st
Marks John, 1 Pond lane
McLean M. Ordnance st

Gard Jno. M. 20 St. Aubyn st
Oram R.B. 21 St. Aubyn st

Corn & Seed Merchants
Avent John, George sq
Hyne Richard, 90 Duke st, & 1 James st

Bennett Edward, 92 James st
Blight John, 2 Princess st
Harvey William, 13 James st
Hume Andrew, 12 King st
Miall Margaret, 38 Market st
Peek William, 69 Princess st
Philp John, 12 Cherry garden st

Baker George, Marlborough st
Birt Thomas, 37 King st
Dawe Charles, 54 Fore st
Dawe John, 2 Lower garden st, Morice tn
Holloway N. 33 Duke st
Mortimer Rachael, 95 Fore st
Williams William, 87 James st

Eating Houses
Angelley Letitia, 57 Queen st
Bridgeland Robert, 14 Duke st
Dingle Richard, 15 James st
Dymond James, 67 Fore st
Moody J.A. 9 Boot lane
Pyne John, 1 Duke st
Torkington Jane, 87 Duke st
Venton John, 41 Queen st

Eastcott & Frise, 28 Chapel st

Clarke John, 15 Catherine st
Dominy R. Stoke
Harding & Co. 40 King st
Rundell William, George st

French Clog & Patten Mkrs
Emdow W. Duke st
Gin William, Ordnance row

Fringe Makers
Lidstone E. 30 Chapel st
(Naval & Military) Myers S. 43 Duke st

Benoy Hannah, 80 James st
Blake John, 88 Pembroke st
Bond Sarah, 27 Marlborough st
White Susannah, 115 Fore st
Winnicott John, 73 James st

Furniture Brkrs
Brimblecombe J. 72 Princess st
Crabb James, 9 Cornwall st
Davis Elizabeth, 45 James st
Fisher William, 8 Cornwall st
Garland Elizabeth, 98 James st
Henwood Francis, 79 James st
Hoar John, 17 James st
Mackey Richard, 4 James st
Martin John, 6 King st
May Richard, 11 St. Aubyn st
Mitchell John, 34 James st
Netting Richard, 61 Cornwall st
Picken Ann, 23 James st
Read Joseph, 73 Granby st
Rogers Nicholas, 80 Duke st
Stephens Ann, 9 Queen st
Wadleton Thomas, 95 Duke st
Wadleton Thomas, 79 James st
Wearing Richard, 22 Tavistock st
Webb John, 6 Cornwall st

Cowlyn & Sasker, 51 Duke st

Grocers & Tea Dealers
Abel W. 57 Cornwall st
Anthony John, 2 Morice pl, Morice town
Avery Sampson, 10 Market st
Bate John, 31 Pembroke
Best Peter, 34 Duke st, & 12 Cumberland st
Bray Edward, 3 Duke st
Brockinglon Elizabeth, 42 Pembroke st
Callaud Thomas, 7 Cornwall st
Clatworthy Thomas, 23 Catherine st
Codd Francis, 53 Queen st
Cos Joshua, 28 William st, Morice twn
Coombe Edward, 26 James st
Dale (or Date?) Joseph, 41 King st
Davis John, 12 Duke st
Denham Richard, 15 Duke st
Doubtfire James, 11 Market st
Elliott & Co. 56 St. Aubyn st
Elliott Joseph, 37 Cumberland st
Evans John, Ordnance st
Evans Samuel, 28 Catherine st
Fittock George, 5 Catherine st
Gent Charles, Cornwall st
Glencross Josiah, 59 & 60 Fore st
Grose William, 18 George st
Gudridge John M. 60 Cornwall st
Halls Brothers, 16 Catherine st
Heard James, 35 Pembroke st
Heath John, 7 Duke st
Hill George, 16 Tavistock st
Hutchens George, 33 Market st
Hutchens John N. 8 Catherine
Jackman William, 39 Clowance st
Jeffery & Co. (Whlsle & retail) 7 Market st
Kitt James,29 King st
Kitt Peter, 22 James st
Knight Samuel, 11 Pond lane
Luxmore William, 16 Fore st
Mackay John (& wholesale) 56 Fore st
Martin Alice, 113 Fore st
Palmer John, 14 Catherine st
Pascoe Peter, 25 Cumberland st
Pillar Thos. 12 Navy Row, Morice town
Pollard William, 29 Catherine st
Randall Wm. Dingle place, Morice town
Soper Thomas, 45 Market st
Sowden William, 9 Granby st
Spiller M.C. 35 William st, Morice twn
Squire Thomas, Frances alley
Stevenson John Davis, 46 Queen st
Treemer John, Tavistock st, Stoke
Tuckett Thomas, 94 Fore st
Willing John, 45 King st
Windsor James, 13 Marlborough st
Wollacott Elizabeth, 11 Pembroke st

Edwards William, 64 St. Aubyn st
Heard Wm. Hen. 68 Cumberland st
Heard William, 75 Duke st
Johns William, 2 Waterloo st, Stoke

Blake E. & Co., 34 Catherine st
Booles James sen. 13 Pond lane
Bradley Allan, 24 Tavistock st
Dikes Mary, 25 James st
James R. & E. 48 St. Aubyn st
Keen John, 10 Queen st
Pascoe Peter, 25 Cumberland st
Restarick William, 20 Pembroke st
Richards Charles, 46 King st
Rogers James Cooper, 41 Cumberland st
Satterley A. & Co. 36 Market st
Seal Henry, 37 Queen st
Sharp Fanny, 59 St. Aubyn st
Stephens Mary A. 94 Pembroke st
Wadling William, 15 Market st
Waymouth Mary Anne, 55 Cornwall st
Williams Ellis, 2 Stafford hil
Yeo John, 89 Fore st

Bennett John & Son, 91 Fore st
Budge John, 14 Market st
Harris William, Cornwall st
Holland John, 91 Fore st
Reed William, 33 Duke st
Terlizzick William, 45 St. Aubyn st
Watts William, 29 Fore st

Ham & Baconfactor
Wyatt Francis, 13 Duke st, and 39 Cumberland st

Smith & Son, 69 St. Aubyn st

Cumming Charles, 58 Cherry garden st

Gilbard Henry, 36 Fore st
Kennard Robert, Marlborough st
Mayne Thomas, 1 King st
Netten Richard, 53 Fore st
Pike Walter, 40 Cumberland st
Sparke & Son, 39, Market st
Treleaven J.S. 2 Catherine st
Waugh George, 36 Tavistock st
Willing & Davis, 38 Catherine st

Hay & Corndealers
Avent John, Georges square
Henwood R. 1 Theatre crt, Cumberland st
Joll & Son, Tamar quay, Morice town

Blake Edwd. & Co. 34 Catherine st
Boolds James sen. 13 Pond lane
Dawe & Lyttleton, 41 Market st
Foster & Co. 46 St. Aubyn st
Gent Daniel, 9 Marlborough st
James R. & E. 48 St. Aubyn st
Pinsent & Co. 43 Market st
Rogers Jas. Cooper, 41 Cumberland st
Satterly A. & Co. 36 Market st
Sharp Fanny, 59 St. Aubyn st
Vian & Co. 8 Market st
Wadling Wm. 15 Market st
Waymouth Mary Anne, 55 Cornwall st
Williams Ellis, 2 Staffords hill

Inns, Taverns, Hotels, & Public-houses
Anchor & hope, Rowe Judith, 16 Cornwall st
Artillery Arms, Painter Ann, 1 Marlbro st
Barley Sheaf, Butcher Edwin, 17 Cathrne st
Barnstaple inn, Warren F. 16 Princess st
Blue Anchor, Ash Alexander, 66 James st
Boot, Bunt William, Boot lane
Brown Bear, West John, 20 Chapel st
Butchers Arms inn, Putt Wm. 5 Barrack st
Carlton inn, James William, St Aubyn st
Castle & Key, Harris Rich. 18 Prospect rw
Clarence inn, Lane Samuel, 13 Catherine st
Commercial inn, Ruff Wm. 35 Fore st
Corn Market inn, Chubb J. Dockwall st
Cornish Arms, Williams T. 37 Pembroke st
Cornish inn, Honswell M. 14 Ordnance st
Country inn, Witt G. 108 & 109 James st
Cross Keys, Pearn John, Tavistock st, Stoke
Cross Keys, Phillips Ann, 43 Queen st
Crown & Anchor, Fawkes W. 16 Pmbrke st
Crown & Column, Tabb Peter, Ker st
Crown hotel, Bulley Wm. 5 Cumberland st
Crown hotel Tap, Vickery R. 4 George st
Devonport inn, Squire Rich. Cornwall st
Dock Gates inn, Aishton John, 63 Fore st
The Dolphin, Shute Thomas, 72 Granby st
The Eagle, Baker Ann, 65 Cumberland st
Exeter inn, Collings A. 67 Cumberland st
Falmouth inn, Rapson John, 62 Queen st
The Falstaff, Dodsworth Wm. 105 Fore st
Ferry inn, Kent Ebenezer, New passage
Fountain inn, Skinner Mary Ann, 61 Fore st
Freemasons Arms, Widecombe W. 31 John st, Morice town
George & Dragon, Ellis Wm. Duke st
George inn, Davis John, 13 Pembroke st
Globe inn, Braund John, 12 Market st
Gloucester Arms, Tregear J.A. 40 Gloucester st, Morice town
Golden Lion, Ross Wm. 92 Fore st
Half Moon, Vallack Isaac, 19 George st
Horse & Groom, Head John, 9 Cumberld st
India Arms, Northy G. 17 Cornwall st
Jolly Bacchus, Bintford J. 30 Pembroke st
Jolly Sailor, Cock John, Cornwall beach
King & Constitution, Peek Jno. 20 James st
King & Queen, Coram Geo. 24 Cornwall st
Kings Arms, Dorrington F. 66 Pembroke st
Kings head, Philp John, 38 Clowance st
Lamb inn, Easton Richard, 1 Queen st
London inn, Townshend John, 83 Fore st
Lord Hood, Knowling Richard, 33 King st
Market House inn, Collings E. 46 Market st
Masons Arms, Rogers Jas. 76 Pembroke si
Military Arms, Hambly John, 114 Fore st
Military Hospital inn, Parnall George, 1 Paradise row, Stoke
Morice Town Spirit Faults, Splller Catherine, 35 William st, Morice town
Mount Edgcumbe inn, Payne S. Mutton cove
Mutton Cove inn, Shepherd J. Mutton cove
Navy & Army hotel, Fagan D. 75 Fore st
Navy Arms, Mitchell John, 43 James st
Navy inn, Marks J, 46 Charlotte st, Mrce tn
New inn, Woodley Henry, 15 Fore st
Newcastle inn, Collins Richard, 54 James st
Old Bristol, Copplestone J. 51 Pembroke st
Old Globe, Hoskings, M.A. Cornwall beach
Ordnance Arms, Herring Rich. 8 Fore st
Oxford inn, Symons Mary F. 65 Fore st
Pear Tree inn, Sweet Wm. Union st, Stoke
Pilot Boat, Landon Chas. 9 Pembroke st
Plymouth inn, Clements Eliz. 24 Fore st
Portsmouth Passage House, Downing Wm. 29 Cornwall!
Post Office inn, Harris J. 21 Market st
Prince George inn, Commercl Rooms, Franklyn Thomas, Tavistock st
Prince William Henry, Perkins Mary, Cumberland st
Queens Head, Tinhey James, 13 Duke st
Red Cow, Hawton Wm. Barrack st
Richmond Wlk inn, Harris R. Richmond wk
Rising Sun, Hilson William, 1 Fore st
Rose & Crown, Horrell Hy. 102 Pembke st
Royal Exchange, Earle Peter, 56 James st
Royal Hotel (family & commercial), Elliott William, 82 Fore st
Royal Standard, Pool Wm. 33 William st, Morice town
St. Aubyns Arms, Axford Benj. 141 Navy row, Morice town
Shakspeare tavern, Gall P. 3 Cumberland st
Star inn, Elliott James 33 Queen st
Steam Packet inn, Brighton J. Cornwall st
Stoke Wine & Spirit Vaults, Toms James, Tavistock st, Stoke
Sunderland & Liverpool inn, Mills William Henry, Tamar st, Morice town
The Swan, Martin Thomas, Cornwall beach
Tamar inn, Joll J. jun. Tamar st, Mrice tn
Tavistock inn, Rogers R. Tavistock st
Three Crowns, Radmore Rich. Cornwall st
Three Tuns, Down P.J. 19 Catherine st
Three Tuns, Lovering Thos. 36 Princess st
True Blue, Hearn George, Cornwall st
Turks Head, Matthews Thos. 6 Prospect rw
Two Trees, Halls James, 90 Fore st
Union inn, Hancock Joshua, 23 Union st, Morice town
Weakleys hotel (family & commercial) Weakley Robt. 44 Fore st
White Hart, Pangelly T. 82 Pembroke st
White Lion, Burt Robt. 16 King st
William the Fourth, Hawking Hy. 30 Cornwall st

Arnold Joseph, 12 & 13 Fore st
Backwell R.C. 37 Fore st
Bailey John, 101 Fore st
Bawden James, 3 Morice pl, Morice town
Blake Samuel 5b Cornwall st
Bowhay J. 50 Queen st
Distin Richard, 70 Fore st
Facey John, 3 Catherine st
Gould Edward, 5a Cornwall st
Harry John, jun. 52 Queen st
Heath J. & W.H. 21 Catherine st
Olver Thomas, 68 Fore st
Olver William, 54 Queen st
Pengelly William, 8 James st
Ramsey J. & W.B. 88 & 89 Duke st
Tressider Francis, 1 Market st
Warn Richard, 24 Catherine st

Cormully Philip, 10 Duke st
Daws Sarah, 15 Catherine st
Dominy R. Stoke
Healy Thomas 93 Fore st
Ledra John, 44 King st
Libbey Daniel, 39 Fore st
Ramsey Edward, 51 Forest
Row W.H. 33 Fore st
Skerrett George, 89 Fore st

Leather Cutter
Miall Margaret, 38 Market st

Linen Drapers
Billing Harold, 56 Fore st
(Wholesale & retail) Blake Edward & Co. 34 Catherine st
Cree John, 18 Catherine st
Dawe & Lyttleton, 41 Market st
Gent Daniel, 9 Marlborough st
Giilbard Henry, 36 Fore st
Hatch Thomas, 35 Catherine st
Holman William, 31 Fore st
Husband William, 40 Catherine st
Lampen Thomas, 10 St John st
Lyne Lewis, 40 Market st
M'Courby H, & Co. 26 Fore st
Payne Samuel, 27 Catherine st
Pearse John Cox, 4 Cornwall st
Pinsent & Co, 43 Market st
Sparke Isaac, 80 Fore st
Thomas Jane, 107 Fore st
Vian & Co. 8 Market st
Vigers John, 3 William st, Morice town
Vosper & Sergeant, 32 Catherine st
Vosper Willam, 72 Fore st
White & Morcombe, 3 Market tn
White William, 30 Catherine st
Whitford M. 7 William st, Morice town

Machine Rulers
Heydon John, 98 Fore st
Rattenbury Charles & Ed. James, 5 Dockwall st

Elliot John, Clowance st
Gist & Co. Canterbury st
Knowling Richard, 30 King st
Liscombe Thos. W. South st
Vale E. & G. James st ope, East

Marine Store Dealers
Brewer J. Mill pleast, Stke
Brooks Philip, Francis al
Ackland James, 56 Cornwall st
Colmer Thomas, 7 Cornwall st
Croker John, Braggs al
Ferguson Jane, 32 Cherry garden st
Hellier Elizabeth, 7 Catherine st
Hockday James, Frances al
Joll & Son, Tamar quay, Morice town
Lucks Sarah, Frances al
Rathan L.E. Fort st
Silverston Lazarus, 90 Duke st
Vincent John, 32 Market st

Masons & Slaters
Brock John, Back of William st, Morice town
Callard Edward Thomas, 114 Fore st
Carne Joseph, Princess st
Chown Wm. Union st, Stoke
Dyer John, 67 Chapel st
Easterbrook J. Granby row
Easton T. Duke st
Elliott Samuel, Lower garden st, Morice tn
Gould Joseph, 3 Ordnance st
Lake J. 25 South st
Lane J. Tavistock st, Stoke
Nancollis John, 11 St John st
Perkins Thomas, 1 Navy row ope, Morice tn
Prout James, 34 Garden st, Morice town
Rickard J. Cornwall st
Simons Joseph, Morice st, Morice town
Smith Richard, Tavistock st, Stoke
Worth Henry, 14 Clowance st
Worth James, 21 Cherry

Merchants (Ale & Porter)
Diamond T. Granby st
Greenwood Wm.& John, Cannon st
Hoar Henry, Dockwall st
Restarick Thomas, 88 James st
Winto & Son, 58 James st

Blatchfield William, Manor mills, Stoke
Horswell James, Stoke & Stonehouse

Milliners &c., (Those marked thus * are Dressmakers only)
Allen F. 54 Fore st
Austin Mrs. 124 Navy row, Morice town
Bowden Susan, 41 Chapel st
Carmichael E. 27 Chapel st
Chapman A. & E. 75 George st
Chivers Constance, 82 George st
Clatworthy Mary, 12 James st
Coombes Amelia, 5 Catherine s
*Crews Sarah, 19 St John st
*Dorward N. 47 Duke st
*Garland Ann, 14 Mount st
Gormully M. & S. 89 Fore st
Healy Mrs. 93 Fore st
Heller Elizabeth, 18 St John st
Howell Mrs. H. 35 Barrack st
Head A. 30 Barrack st
Hutchings Susan, 68 St Aubyn st
*Lang M. & N. 29 Barrack st
Larmour E. 102 Fore st
Manicom Elizabeth, 5 Duke st
Martin Mrs. J. 70 George st
Pardon Sarah, 51 Chapel st
Phelps Elizabeth, 8 St Aubyn st
Quirt Mrs. 26 Morice st
*Rickard F. & L. 15 Duke st
Searle Sarah, 5 Duke st ope
Smith Mary, 42 Cumberland st
Tressider Ann Maria, 1 Market st
*Wade M.A. Monument st
*Welch J. Cross st
*Wood Hannah, 77 Duke st

Music Sellers
Hunt Samuel, 54 St Aubyn st
Hyne Richard, 96 Duke st & 1 James st
Stonelake William, 26 St Aubyn st
Toms James 63 St Aubyn st

Navy Agent
Smart William, Market la

News Agent
Wood Charles, Staffords hill

Notaries Public
Blackmore Walter P. Morice st
Bone Allen B. St Aubyn st
Foot W. Chapel st

Nursery & Seedsmen
Martin J. Stoke
Nairn John, Mill pleasant, Stoke

Oil & Colourmen
Booking Samuel, 1 Morice pl, Morice town
Glencross Josiah, 59 & 60 Fore st

Cox Wm. Charles, 86 Fore st
Rogers Wm. 83 George st

Lancaster M. Stoke terrace

Ornamental Painter
Chapman Matthew Henry, 36 St Aubyn st

Painters & Glaziers
Bawden John, 6 James st
Brook William, 2 Waterloo st, Stoke
Brown John, 14 George st
Burt R.M. 9 Fore st
Chapman Thomas, 12 Princess st
Coombe John, 80 Pembroke st
Croydon John, 51 Duke st
Dunn James Alfred, 107 James st
Galloway J. Dockwall st
Gay Richard Thompson, 75 Pembroke st
Grant Francis, South st
Halse John, 5 St John st
Head John, 84 George st
Hore William, Morice st
Lee Thomas, Tavistock st, Stoke
May William, 33 King st
Mabry William, 45 Mount st
Nicholls John, 75 George st
Oaff John, 36 Princess st
Pearse John, Marlhorough st
Scott David, 67 Chapel st
Seldon Thomas, 20 Market st
Truscott Rd. 9 Gloucester st, Morice town
Truscott R. York place, Stoke
Weeks H.H. Portland pl
Weymouth James, 17 King st
Wills W. 101 James st

Badge James, 97 Pembroke st
Bate Henry, 3 Fore st ope
Brabin William, 28 Pembroke st
Beall William, 11 Boot la
Channon George, 37 Cumberland st
Johns Reuben R. 84 James si
Knight Samuel, 11 James st
Levi & Mordecai, 15 Catherine st
Knight Samuel, jun, 56 Queen st
Palmer Geo. 10 Pembroke st
Row William, 5 Princess st
Ryder J. & R.J. 6 William st, Morice twn
Slade Henry, 3 Mill st
Treliving Joseph, 77 Pembroke st
Trend Samuel, 66 James st
Trenman John, Ordnance st

Bennett Jno. & Son, 26 Fore st
Watts William, 29 Fore st

Glasson George, 2 St. Aubyn st
Meyer John, George st
(& Surgeon) Row Frederick, Ker st
Thomas Charles, Ker st

Pianoforte Mnfctr.
Stonelake W. 26 St. Aubyn st

Pork Butcher
Beer John, 19 Tavistock st

(Brown Ware) Moyas & Co Morice tn

Brent Nicholas, 45 Cumberland st

Arnold Joseph, 12 & 13 Fore st
Backwell Thomas C. 21 Cross st
Bawden James, 3 Morice place, Morice tn
Bowhay J. 50 Queen st
Heath J. & W.H. 21 Catherine st
Murch Joseph, 1 Waterloo st, Stoke
Palmer Robert, 34 Pembroke st
Ramsey J. & W.B. 88 & 89 Duke st
Ryder Hy. 35 John st, Morice town
Truscott Joshua, 14 Tavistock st

Batton Thomas, 100 Fore st
(To his late Majesty) Byers W. 32 Forest
(To her Majesty) Colman Wm. 48 Fore st
Granville Arthur, Tavistock st
(To her Majesty) Granville Hen. 99 Fore st
Harding & Co. King st
Harris H.V. 43 St. Aubyn st
Hearle G.W. 111 Fore st
Heydon John, 98 Fore st
Keys Elias, 7 James st
Picken William, 38 Tavistock st
Rattenbury Chas. & E. Jas. 5 Dockwall st
Richards William, 49 Fore st
Wood William & Son, 52 Fore st
Wood Charles, Stafford's hill

Gillard Hy. & Co. 30 Fore st

Rope & Twine Makers
Brewer James, Mill pleasant, Stoke Crocker John, 43 James st
Squance William, 6 Fore st
Squence William, Mill pleasant, Stoke

Saddlers & Harness Makers
Davy J. 106 Fore st
Maynard Henry, 65 St. Aubyn st
Polkinghorne Edward, 44 Duke st

Blockington John, Mutton cove
Jarvis Edward, Richmond walk
Tasker Richard, Duke st

Lee W.S. 108 Fore st
Shaw John, 73 Fore st

Collings John, Cumberland st

Scale & Beam Maker
Ovendon J. 3 Marlboro'st

Schools, Gents
(Day) Abram's J.W. South st
(Day) Bate T. Hy. Lowr gardn st, Morice tn
(Boarding & Day) Cluness J.M. Churchhouse, Stoke
(Day) Cole W.J. 103 Navy row, Morice tn
(Day) Davey John, 60 Granby st
(Day) Freeman Robert, 2 George st
(Comml, Mathemacl, & Navigation taught) Gilbert W.R.D. 2 Union terrace, Morice tn
(Day & Boarding) Jonas J. 14 St. Aubyn st
(Day) Mahany John, St. John st
(Day & Boarding) Matlock Rev. J.B. Monument sq
(Day) Mogg William, Granby st

Schools, Ladies
(Boarding & Day) Aikenheads Misses, Morice sq
(Day & Boardg) Gabriel Mrs. T. 37 Ker st
(Day) Hannaford Miss, Morice sq
(Boarding) Hore Miss, 7 Morice st
(Sem. & Day) Kellow F.B. Waterloo st, Stoke
Lancaster Mrs. Stoke terrace
(Boarding & Day) Matthews Miss, 85 Navy row, Morice town
(Day) Netherwood Ann, 16 Catherine st
(Seminary) Safford Miss, Tamar ter, Stoke
(Sem. Day) Sambell S. Ivy cottage, Stoke
(Day) Tapp S.J. 49 Charlotte st, Morice tn

Sheriffs' Officer
Avent Robert, 88 Fore st

Clark, Row, & Thomas, 93 James st
Restarick Thomas, 88 James st
Winlow & Son, 58 James st

Wallis John, Richmond walk
Walter John, Cherry garden st
Willis John, Richmond walk

Ackland John, 55 James st
Adams Richard, 81(?) Princess st
Adams William, 113 Pembroke st
Almond James, 63 James st
Baker Richard, 26 Gloucester st, Morice tn
Ball Mary, 30 John st, Morice town
Beal, Philidph. 62 Princess st
Beer Ann, Tavistock st, Stoke
Beer Mary Ann, 1 Ordnance st
Biggins Robert, 60 Queen st
Bone Jane, 39 Queen st
Bragg George, 30 William st, Morice town
Bragg James, 64 Cumberland st
Brimblecombe John, 26 Cornwall st
Brook Elizabeth, 14 Princess st
Bulley Francis, 68 Princess st
Burlace Richard, 73 Pembroke st
Cann John, 22 Granby st
Churchward Hy. South hill buildings, Stoke
Clemens Thomas, 1 John st, Morice town
Coker Susan, 17 Monument st
Collings Robert, Tavistock st, Stoke
Collins Mary, 13 William st, Morice town
Congdon James, Marlborough st
Cornish John, 116 Navy row, Morice town
Cornish Susan, 61 Pembroke st
Covins Jane, 58 Chapel st
Crocker Mary, 53 Charlotte st, Morice town
Curtis Samuel, Cornwall st
Dart Mary, 41 John st, Morice town
Davidson John, William st, Morice town
Davies Agnes, Cannon st
Davies Richard, Mount st
Daw John, 7 Pembroke st
Dinnock Susannah, St. John st
Dinnock Thomas, 93 Monument st
Drake William, 104 Pembroke st
Eastcott William, 11 Granby st
Ellis Robert Jas. 53 Navy row, Morice town
Ferrara John, 14 Prospect row
Fox Peter, 31 Barrack st
Fox Samuel, Tavistock st, Stoke
George Honor, 48 Queen st
Giles John, Quarry st
Grills Priscilla, 85 George st
Gruzellier L. 18 Waterloo st, Stoke
Halse Roger, 1 Cumberland st
Hawkes Grace, 60 Monument st
Hearn William, 65 Gloucester st, Morice tn
Herbert Joseph, 19 Market st
Herron David, 15 Paradise row, Stoke
Hocking James, 61 Granby st
Holland Peter, 4 Marlborough st
Honey John, 12 Queen st
Jenkins Grace, 75 Princess st
Jewell George, 85 Pembroke st
King Elizabeth, 101 Navy row, Morice tn
King Mary, 4 Quarry st
Kitto William, 48 Cornwall st
Lapthorn Wm. 57 Gloucester st, Morice tn
Lee Joseph, 40 Queen st
Loaring Thomas, 54 Princess st
Moore John, Tavistock st, Stoke
Morrell William, 8 Queen st
Mountjoy Jemima, 93 Pembroke st
Murray Sarah, 1 John st, Morice town
Pain John, Tavistock st Stoke
Pearn Jas. 1 Back of William st, Morice tn
Phillips William, Mill pleasant, Stoke
Picken Edward, 67 James st
Randall Eben. 40 John st, Morice town
Rawling Eliza, 34 Cherry garden st
Rawlings Jane, 2 William st, Morice town
Scantlebury Mary, 97 Navy row, Morice tn
Scott Elizabeth, Trafalgar place, Stoke
Smith John, 44 Monument st
Snell Samuel, 14 Garden st, Morice town
Squire William, George lane
Stanning John, 20 Cornwall st
Thacker John, 6 Pembroke st
Uglow John, Morice place, Morice town
Vear Mary Ann, 72 Navy row, Morice town
Walter John, Cherry garden st
Walworth Thomas, 22 Cornwall st
Ward John, 78 Gloucester st, Morice town
Webb William, Marlborough st
Weeks John, 27 Cherry garden st
Wivil Ann, 11 Cornwall st
Yabsley John, 68 Pembroke st
Young Ann, 11 Queen st

Silk Mercers
Gilbard Henry, 36 Fore st
Sparke Isaac, 80 Fore st
Dawe & Lyttleton, 41 Market st
Gilbard Henry, 36 Fore st
Pinsent & Co. (Wholesale) 43 Market st
Vian & Co. 8 Market st

Hancock Robert, 3 King st
Libbey Daniel, 39 Fore st
Ramsey Edward, 51 Fore st
Sweet E. (Working) 48 Cherry garden st

Brown James, 27 Cornwall st
Buswerva Henry, 87 Pembroke st
Carne Richard, 31 Cornwall st
Crabb Milando, Cornwall st
Dodd Edward, 2 Queen st
Gale Richard, Catherine lane
Hammond Mary, Pond lane
Hodling Mary, 14 Cornwall st
Levi P. & Co. (Wholesale) 71 Fore st
Maddock William, Cornwall st
Peek William, Cornwall st
Petherick, 38 Cornwall st
Ryder Honor. Mrs. 19 Cornwall st
Ryder Thos. 25 Cornwall st

Smiths—(Those marked † are Bellhangers, and those marked * are Whitesmiths also)
Allen S. St. Aubyns ope
Colville Nicholas, New passage
Crocomb William, Union st, Stoke
† Cumming Andrew, 4 Staffords hill
Davey John, Richmond walk
* Dodridge John, Fore st ope
Harvey Theodore, Monument st
* Luke John, Pembroke st
Luscombe Henry, Princess st ope
Potham Thomas, 30 Cumberland st
Searle T. Market st
Thomas Charles, Mutton cove
* Thorn Silas W. 69 Granby st

Snow Robert, 13 Market st

Solicitors—(Those marked thus * are Masters Extra in Chancery')
* Beer John (and Clerk to the Commissioners) St. Aubyn st
Berryman Wm. Richard. St. Aubyn st
Billing G.W. Ker st
Blackmore W.P. Morice st
* Bone Allen B. St. Aubyn st
Chapman Wm. 27 St. Aubyn st
* Foot W. & Son, Chapel st
Gilbard James, 42 St. Aubyn st
* Gill Henry, 65 St. Aubyn st
Hawker Thomas, 51 St. Aubyn st
Herring John S.W. 45 St. Aubyn st
* Husband James, Morice square
* Little and Woolcombe, Ker st
* Little Wm. Joseph (& member of the London Incorporated Law Society) Barrack st
* Ramsey Benj. M. 40 St. Aubyn st
Shapland Wm. 13 Barrack st
* Smith J. & H.T. Morice square
* Sole E. 84 Duke st and at George st
Teage John, 61 St. Aubyn st
Tillman W.T. Chapel st

Cullum L. 2 York buildings, Stoke
Edwards E. 14 Cherry garden st
Marshall J. William st, Morice town
Marston John, 2 Cornwall st
Oke Jane, 33 James st
Ray S. 54 Navy row, Morice twn
Thomas & Brothers (Wholesale) Morice sq

Collins John, 28 St. Aubyn st
Prouse Walter, Morice place, Morice twn
Taylor James, 41 Pembroke st

Stove & Grate Manufacturers
Marshall & Sons, 44 St. Aubyn st
Ramsey J. & W.B. 88 & 89 Duke st

Straw Bonnet Makers
Bayley Susannah, 40 St. John st
Bowden Susan, 41 Chapel st
Buckingham J. Mrs. Tavislock st
Coombes Amelia, 5 Catherine st
Davis M.H. St. John st
Ford Mary, 97 Fore st
Gormully M. & S. 89 Fore st
Hodge & Rawlings, 91 Pembroke st
Holman M.A. Cannon st
Hutchins Susan, 68 St. Anbyn st
Ivey Susan, Bragg's alley
Kassells Ann, 114 Pembroke st
Knebone E. Clowance st
Larmore E. 102 Fore st
Medlin S. Ker st
Morcombe Mary, 73 Duke st
Moule Elizabeth, 19 Princess st
Parkins Elizabeth, 76 James st
Richards Matilda, 9 King st
Rogers E. & J. 61 Queen st
Spay E. 12 Tavistock st
Western Harriet, 28 St. John st

Cole Wm. 104 Navy row, Morice town
Crossing T. Morice square
Dansey George, Trafalgar place, Stoke
Doble Henry, 135 Navy row, Morice twn
Hancock Thomas, 12 St. Aubyn st
Harrison —, 19 Fore st
Kerswell Sam. 35 King st
Laity Richard John, 36 King st
Little Daniel, 25 Ker st
Lower John, Clowance st
May Joseph, 5 St. Aubyn st
Rolston George, St. Aubyn st
Row F. Ker st
Rutter J. Yates, l Union terrace, Morice town
Rutter Thos. 13 St. Aubyn st
Squire George, 79 George st
Swain P.W. 13 George st
Tripe C. Ker st
Tripe L. 4 St. Aubyn st
Watson Robert, 9 St. Aubyn st
Watson R.M. 134 Navyrow, Morice twn
Welsh Wm. 7 St. Aubyn st
Wharton Wm. Anthony, 33 St. Aubyn st

Surgeon Dentists
Bell Joseph, 36 Pembroke st Little W.H, 29 Barrack st Mould Thomas, 62 St. Aubyn st Stephens John C. 9 Princes st

Surveyor Eastcott & Frise, 28 Chapel st

Tailors Adams Richd. K. 26 Fore st
Bastard Wm. & Son, 26 Fore st
Bate Henry, 14 Market st
Batten John, 47 Fort st (Army & Navy)
Blight & Dennaford, 26 Chapel st
Bowden Wm. King st
Bray Peter, 32 Tavistock st
Crapp John, 1 Cornwall st
Cross . 1 York Buildings, Stoke
Edmonds Richd. 36 Catherine st
German Richd. 88 Fore st
Griffin Jno. & Samuel, 39 King st
Grose Richd. 39 St. Aubyn st
Hockin Chas. Cannon st, Ope
Jones Thos. 62 Fore st
Jullyman Wm. 52 St. Aubyn st
Jury Wm. 6 Boot la
Kemp Richd. 28 Fore st
Lobb Gregory, 50 James st
Mackay James, 20 Catharine st
Martin John, 70 George st
May Wm. 38 Tavistock st, Stoke
Moon Benj. 60 St. Aubyn st (Army & Navy)
Morris James, 38 Fore st
Nichols Wm. 103 James st
Oram Edmund, 40 St. Aubyn st
Organ, Saml. 21 James st
Pascoe Chas. 47 King st
Pile & Son, 3 Duke st, Ope
Prideaux Wm. Ker st
Potam John, 28 Queen st
Polkinghorne Hugh, 29 Clowance st
Rodd John, South st
Rowe James, 34 Fore st
Rowe James, 25 St. Aubyn st
Scorey & Stephens, 46 Fore st (Army & Navy)
Sims Saml. 58 George st
Stephens Jonth. 38 Cornwall st
Stephens Wm. 7 Market la
Stivey John, James st, Ope, East
Stroud John, Morrice st
Swinhoe Robt. 10 Catherine St
Symons John, 74 Fore st
Tallin Saml. 93 Duke st
Tucker John, 11 King st
Welman Danl. 70 James st
Welman Michl. 29 James st
White John, 99 James st
Willing & Davis, 38 Catherine st
Wilmott Isaac, 36 Clowance st
Woollington John, 49 Duke st

Tallow Chandlers
Hyyne Richd. 96 Duke st, and 1 James st
Jones Wm. 18 Cornwall st
Miller Thos. 8 Pond la
Poole James 70 Pembroke st
Pool James, 10 Marlborough st
Snow Robert 13 Market st
Stephens Wm. 7 King at
Tucker Geo. 50 Pembroke st

Tea & Coffee Dealers. (Those marked thus* are Tea Dealers only)
*Babb James, 37 Catherine st
Booking Saml. 1 Morice pi, Morice Town
Oram Edward, 2 Market st
*Picken W.J. 38 Tavistock st

Teachers & Professors
Bernal B. 21 Waterloo st. Stoke (Spanish)
De Laure Monsieur, Ker st (French)
Hindell S. Miss, 30 Chapel st (Dancing)
Hainsselin Dennis, George st (French)
Hunt Samuel, 54 St. Aubyn st (Music)
Row W.H. 10 Trafalgar pl, Stoke (Music)
Toms James, 63 St. Aubyn st (Music)
Wollacott Saml. 12 Clowance st

Timber Merchants
Greenwood Wm. & John Cannon st
Thompson Jno. 18 Cherrygarden st

Tinplate Workers
Bailey John, 101 Fore st
Howe Wm. 10 Fore st, & 9 Andrew la
Tressider Francis, 1 Market st

Tobacco & Snuff Manufacturers
Gibson John, 9 Catherine st
Hoare John, 100 Pembroke st, & 45 King st

Tobaccopipe Manufacturer
Hoar John, 100 Pembroke st, & 45 King st

Gormully Wm. Marlborough st
Lane John, 37 Tavistock st

Umbrella Makers
Benjamin Samuel., 36 Fore st (& Parasol)
Farthing Eliza, 98 Pembroke st
Manning Richd. 11 Cross st

Barrable Chas. 24 Princes st
Churchward Jas. 45 Queen st
Hockaday Lawrence, 17 Granby st, Ope
Jullyan Wm. 52 St. Aubyn st
Mallett Wm. 34 Chapel st
Trant John, 28 Chapel st
Trout Thos. 17 Cannon st
Wakeham James, 18 Fore st
Weary John, 25 Duke st
Worth Richard, St. John st

Upholsterers & Cabinetmakers
Ellis Thos. 5 & 105 James st
Granville Robt. 99 Fore st
Mewton Wm. 89 James st
Mortimore John, Jas. 11 Cumberland st
Thompson S.S. 67 St. Aubyn st
Wadelton Chas, 3 James st
Wakeham James, 18 Fore st

Veterinary Surgeon
Gabriel Thos. 37 Ker st

Watch & Clockmakers (Those marked thus * are Chronometer Makers.)
Bastow John, 26 Marlborough st
Buckingham John, 41 Catherine st
Edwards Wm. 64 St. Aubyn st
*Elmes Joseph, 20 Fore st
Gormully Philip, 10 Duke st
Granville Saml. 40 Fore st
Healy Thos. 93 Fore st
Lancaster Thos. 58 Queen st
Ryder Jno. W. & R.J. 6 William st, Morice Town
Skerrett Geo. 89 Fore st
*Towson & Son, 69 Fore st
Treliving John, 40 St. Aubyn st
Westlake Geo. 118 Navy rw, Morice Town

Bewes W. Tamer st, Maurice Twn
Coram Geo. Stoke
Thomas John, 27 Granby st

Wine & Spirit Merchants
Bullocke Benj. 49 Clowance st
Fox Benj. & Son, 6 Catherine st (Wholesale)
Franklyn Thos. 42 Fore st
Gilbard Hy. & Co. 30 Fore st
May John, 58 Fore st
Paramore David, George st
Rundle W. & Sons, George st
Thomas Richd. Barrack st

Wire Weaver
Arnold Joseph, 12 & 13 Fore st

Bastard Wm. & Son, 27 Fore st
Batten John, 47 Fore st
Blake Edward & Co. 34 Catharine st (Wholesale 7 retail)
Cree John, 18 Catherine st
Foster & Co. 46 St. Aubyn st
German Richd. 88 Fore st
Grose Richd. 39 St. Aubyn st
Hatch Thos. 35 Catherine st
Jones Thos. 62 Fore st
Kemp Richd, 28 Fore st
Mackay James, 20 Catharine st
Morris James, 38 Fore st
Payne Samuel, 27 Catherine st
Pinsent & Co, 43 Market st
Rowe James, 34 Fore st
Scovey & Stephens, 46 Fore st
Symons John, 74 Fore st
Vosper & Sargent, 32 Catherine st
Vosper Wm. 72 Fore st

The Mayor: Hancock Wm.

Abbott Edward
St. Aubyn Edward
Billing Wm. Payne
Jeffery Moses Williams
Norman John
Rees John
Tripe Cornelius
Somerville Geo. Field
Greenwood William
Clark William
Skeggs John>

Morice Ward.
Thorn John
Taylor William
Gould Edward
James John
Blackmore W. P.
Ryder John W. W.

St. Aulyn's Ward.
Southwood Richard
Symons John
Gibbard Henry
Herring Richard West
Byers Wm. G.
Rooke John

St. John's Ward,
Manicom John "
Chapman Wm.
White John
Heard John
Oram Richd. Bennett
Little Wm. Joseph

Clowance Ward.
Kent John
Collings William
Beer John
Gist William
Rundle Robert
Condy Richard

Tamar Ward .
Pool William
Burnet James
Knowling Richard E,
Tapson Ebsworthy
Jinkin Samuel
Rowland John

Stoke Ward.
Foster Edward Wm.
Ramsay Jonathan
Somerville Jas. B.
Carew Timothy
Veale John
Husband Thos. jun.

Commissioners, 155.
Civil Office … at the Town Hall, Ker st

Thos. Husband sen.
Rev. T.H. Ley
Capt. Sir J. G. Breymer
Captain Foote, R.N.
W. Hodge Esq.
Captain Daykin
N. Downe, Esq.
J.Parlby Esq.
Thos. Gardener
John Ingle Esq.
Wm. Hancock Esq.
P. Billing Esq.
Bone Allan B… Clerk to Magistrates
Beer John… Clerk to the Board of Commissioners

St. Aubyn st. Mr. J. Coffin… Post Master Letters arrive per Mail from London, by way of Basingtoke, Ilchester, Exeter, and Ashburton, at 14, minutes after 4 pm. and despatched 3 minutes after 9 am.
Ditto from Falmouth & Penzance, by way of Liskeard, Bodmin , and Truro, at 33 minutes past 8am. despatched 44 minutes after 4 pm.
Ditto from Launceston & Barnstaple, by way of Tavistock, Holsworthy, and Bideford, at 25 min. past 8 am. Despatched 45 minutes past 4 pm.
Ditto from Bath, $ Bristol, by way of Totness, Newton, Exeter, and Taunton, at 10 minutes to 10 pm. despatched at 45 minutes after 5 pm.
Box closes one hour before the departure of each mail.

Morice Town. Receiving house, William st; William Sanders, Master. Letters arrive morning at 9, evening 6

Branch National Provincial Bank of England, Fore st, Mr. Joseph May, Manager. Draw on London Joint Stock Bank, Princes st, London.
Devonport Bank, Hodge & Norman, Fore st. Draw on Sir J. W. Lubbock, Bart, & Co. Mansion-house st
Branch of Devon & Cornwall Banking Company, St. Aubyn st, Mr. Charles Prideaux, Manager. Draw on Barclay, Tritton, & Co. and London Joint Stock Bank.
Western District Banking Company, St. Aubyn st, Mr. George Hawtayne, Manager. Draw on the London and Westminster Banking Company.
Union Savings Bank and Government Annuity Society Office, established 1818, Chapel st, Mr. James Dawe, Actuary. Open on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays from 12 to 2, and on Saturdays from 6 to 8.
Royal Naval Savings Bank, Ker st, Mr. Thomas Shanks, Purser, R.N. Actuary.

Alliance Fire & Life, Morice sq ... Husband J.
Argus Life, 36 Chapel st ... Oliver R. M.
Atlas Fire & Life, Chapel st ... Foot Josias
Birmingham Fire, 88 & 9 Duke st ... Ramsey J
British Commercial Life & Phoenix Fire, 13 Barrack st ... Shapland Wm
County Fire & Provident Life, 58 Fore st ... May J,
Crown Life, George st ... Rundle R. & T.
Eagle & Commercial, 13 Fore st ... Rutter Thos
Eagle Life & Phoenix Fire, 27 St. Aubyn st ... Chapman Wm
Freemasons General Life, 62 St. Aubyn st ... Elworthy Thos
Globe Fire & Life, 20 St. Aubyn st ... Gard J. M.
Independent West Middlesex, Chapel st ... Tillman W. T.
Licensed Victuallers Fire & Life, 45 St Aubyn st ... Herring J.S.W.
London Fire & Life, 61 St. Aubyn st ... Teage John
London Union Fire & Life, Barrack st ... Little W. J.
Norwich Union Fire & Life, 49 Fore st ... Soper G.J.
Paladium Life, St. Aubyn st ... Bone Allen
Pelican Life, 51 St. Aubyn st ... Hawker Thos
Royal Exchange Fire & Life, Morice sq... Smith J.
Royal Naval, Military, East India Company's and General Life, at the Crown Inn, George st ... Shanks Thomas
Sun Fire & Life, St. Aubyn st ... Berryman W.R.
United Kingdom Life, Morice st ... Blackmore W.P.
West of England, 84 Duke st ... Sole Edward
Westminster Life and British Fire, 21 St. Aubyn st ... Oram R.B.


Government House, Mount Wise.
Duke of Wellington ... Governor
Major-General Ellis ... Lieutenant-Governor
Captain Brand ... Aide-de-Camp
Lieut-Col. Smith ... Major of Brigade
Rev. — Hannah ... Chaplain

Engineer Department.
Colonel Crauford ... Commander of Artillery

Military Hospital, Stoke .
D. Graham ... Surgeon

Dock Yard, Fore St.
Frederick Warren ... Admiral Superintendent
D. Dent… Chief Clerk
Alex. Lumsdale ... First Master Attendant
James Henderson ... Second Master Attendant
E. Jessep ... Storekeeper
Lieut. Thos. Williams ... Director of Police
W.C. Edwards ... Store Receiver
William Spillir ... Master Shipwright's 1st Assist.
Wm. Aylward ...Master Shipwright's 2nd ditto
JamesTobin ... Surgeon
Geo. Proctor ... Assistant Surgeon
Rev. John Briggs ... Chaplain
Walter Reid ... Cashier
W. Walker ... Harbour Master

Officers of the Ordinary.
J.M. Taylor, C.B ... Captain
Chas. H. Seale ... Commander
Edward Roberts ... Lieutenant
Sam. Tancoole ... Lieutenant
John Nicholas ... Lieutenant
Chas. Thurtell ... Lieutenant
Chas. Holbrook ... Lieutenant
John P. Wells ... Lieutenant
A.C.T. Dickson ... Flag Lieutenant

Gun Wharf, Ordnance St.
W. Ady ... Storekeeper
T. Topping ... Deputy Storekeeper

Powder Magazine, Keyham Point.
Captain H. Palliser ... Fire Master

Port Admiral's House, Mount Wise .
Royal Navy Annuitant Society, established 1823, Ker st ... Mr. Thomas Shanks, Secretary
Government House, Government Sq, Mount wise
Military Hospital, Stoke.


Excise Office.
At the Clarence Inn, 13 Catherine st, Ough Wm M ... Supervisor

… .0ffice Permit Office
Duke st. Ough Wm. M. ... Supervisor Newberry William … Permit Writer

Stamp Office.
36 Fore st, Henry Gilbard ... Sub Distributor
Column, Ker st


West of England Conservative, published on Wednesdays by Fred. George Carrington, 48 King st.
Devonport Telegraph and Plymouth Chronicle, published on Saturdays by Soper & Richards, 49 Fore st.
Devonport & Plymouth Independent & Stonehouse Gazette, published on Saturdays, by Wm Byers, 32 Fore st


Civil & Military,
with News Rooms, established 1827, Ker st; managed by a president 2 vice presidents, and committee of members elected from the proprietors. Supported by annual subscriptions.
James St. Aubyn Esq ... President
Richard Downing Esq ... Vice President
Cornelius Tripe Esq ... Vice President
A. W. Wharton Esq ... Treasurer
Mr. Gottlieb ... Secretary

Colman's Library, 48 Fore st. Mechanics Institution.
Established 1825, George sq.
Mr. J. W.Ryder ... Secretary

Royal Clarence & Victoria Cottages are pleasantly situated in Richmond Walk, Applin Frederick (late Backwells) Proprietor.


Stoke Church, Stoke Dameral. Rev. W. James St. Aubyn, A.M. ... Rector
Rev. W. S. Heoe, A.B ... Curate
Rev. J. C. Grills, A.M ... Lecturer
G. Nettle ... Clerk
J. S. Vining ... Organist
J. Symons ... Sexton

St. Aubyn's Chapel, established 1771, Chapel st.
Rev. Dr. Jacob ... Incumbent
Rev. J. Fernie, M.A. ... Lecturer
T. Badge J. ... Clerk
J. Denniss ... Organist

St. John's Chapel, established 1779, Duke st.
Rev. John Lampen, A.M ... Incumbent
Rev. J. Fernie, M.A ... Curate
H. Rickard ... Clerk
W. Lancaster ... Organist

Dock Yard Chapel, Fore st.
Rev. John Briggs, M.A ... Chaplain
Wm. Polkinghorne ... Clerk
Wm. Hunt ... Organist

Baptist Chapel, Morice sq .
Rev. T. Horton ... Minister

Baptist Chapel, Pembroke st.
Rev. T. Wilcocks ... Minister

Calvinist Chapel, Ker st.
Rev. J. Cartwright ... Minister

Calvinist Chapel, South st.
Rev. — Brown ... Minister
Independent Calvinist Chapel, Mount st.
Independent Calvinist Chapel, Princess st.
Local Preaching

Moravian Chapel, James st.
Rev. J. Willey ... Minister
Providence Chapel, Stoke.—Local Preaching.
Salem Chapel, Morice town.—Local Preaching.

Tabernacle, Morice town.
Rev. Henry Kemp ... Preacher
Unitarian Chapel, established 1828, Granby st.

Wesleyan Methodist Chapel, Column st
Wesleyan Methodist Chapel, Morice st.
Wesleyan Chapel, Morice town.—Local Preaching.
Wesleyan Chapel, Stoke.—Local Preaching.


Devonport & Stonehouse General Dispensary, & Institution for Diseases in the Eye & Ear, Chapel st. Supported by voluntary contributions:-
Warren Rear Admiral … President
Lugger Rev. Jno. Lloyd ... Vice President
Rundle R. Esq ... Treasurer
Mould M.T ... Secretary
Magrath Sir George, M.D. F.R.S. M.R.J.A. F.L.S ... Physician Extraordinary
Thomas C., M.D. Glasson Geo. ... Physicians Devonshire.
Messrs. Lower, Rolston, May, Burrows, Crossing, and F. Row, M.D. ... Surgeons
Messrs. Tripe L. & Rutter J.Y. ... Apothecaries
Mould Mr. T ... Surgeon Dentist
Dickerson Mr. H ... Dispenser

Workhouse, with Asylum for Lunatic Paupers, Duke st. Supported by subscriptions and voluntary contributions:-
Beer Jno. ... Clerk to the Board of Commissioners
Bone Jno. ... Treasurer'
Lancaster Jas. ... Governor
Lancaster Johanna ... Matron
Marr Jas. ... Schoolmaster
Rickard Mary ... Schoolmistress
Wherry J., Wherry S. ... Keepers of the Asylum

Theatre, Cumberland st:-
Dawson Mr. Jas. ... Manager & Lessee

Devonport Water Works Company Office, 3 Fort st
Hicks Edward ... Agent


Mathematical & Classical Proprietary School, Princess st. Established 1820:-
Fernie Rev. Jno. M.A ... Head Master
Adams Rev. J. ... Second Master
Needham Rev R. ... Third Master

Naval & Military Free School, for Boys, Granby st. Supported by public subscription:-'
Angear Samuel ... Master

Public School for 250 Boys,> St. John st. Supported by voluntary contributions:-
Underhill J ... Master

Public School for 80 Girls, Duke st ope. Supported by voluntary contribution:-
Wheeler Ann ... Mistress

Devonport. United, Mathematical, and Commercial Schools, Back of the column. Established 1829.
St. Aubyn Rev. W.J ... Patron
Bullen Mr ... Head Master
Lemon Mr. ... Second Master
King Mrs ... First Mistress
Bloxell Miss ... Second Governess
Allen Mr. W. ... Secretary

Stoke Public School for Boys & Girls, Morice town, Stoke. Supported by voluntary contribution:-
Carter Hy. ... Schoolmaster
Bird Mary ... Schoolmistress


To Barnstaple:- The Telegraph, from the Royal Hotel, 9 am. Tues. Thurs. and Sat. and returns 6 pm. alternate days, through Tavistock, Oakhampton, Hatherleigh, and Bideford.
To Bristol:- The Nonpareil, from the Royal Hotel, ¼ before 7 am. and returns 10 pm. Through Exeter, Totness, Collumpton, Taunton and Bridgewater.
To Bath & Bristol:- The Mail, from the Royal Hotel, ¼ past 5 pm. and returns at ½ past 8 pm. through Totness, Newton, Chudleigh, Exeter, and Taunton.
To Falmouth & Penzance:- The Mail, from the Royal Hotel, ¼ past 4 pm. and return's ¼ before 9 am. through Liskeard, Bodmin, St. Austle, and Truro.
To Falmouth & Penzance:- The Exquisite, from the Royal Hotel, Sunday excepted, at ½ past 9 am. and returns alternate days, at ½ past 5 pm. through Liskeard, St. Austle, and Truro.
To Launceston and Barnstaple:- The Mail, from the Royal Hotel, twenty minutes to 5 pm. returns ¼ before 9, am. through Tavistock, Launceston, Holsworthy, and Bideford.
To London:- The Mail, Quicksilver, from the Royal Hotel, ¼ after 9 am. and returns ¼ past 4pm. through Ashburton, Exeter, Ilminster, Ilchester, Basingstoke, by railway.
To London:- The Defiance, from Weakly Hotel, Fore st, ¼ after 10 am. and returns 6 pm. through Exeter, Winchester, and Basingstoke.
To London. & Bristol:- Subscription, from the Royal Hotel, 9 am. and returns ¼ past 4 pm. through Totnes, Newton, Salisbury, Andover, and Basingstoke.
To London & Bristol:- The Vivid, from the London Inn, ½ past 12 pm. and returns ½ past 2 pm. through Ashburton, Exeter, Salisbury, Andover, and Basingstoke, by railway.


To Barnstaple:- King T. from the New Inn, Thurs. evn. at 6, and returns Wed. evn, at 6, through Tavistock, Okehampton, Hatherleigh, and Bideford. To Barnstaple & Bideford:- Bowman Jno. from the Tavistock Inn, Wed. 3 pm. returns Tues. 6 evn. through Tavistock, Oakhampton, and Hatherleigh. To Bodmin:- Cayzer W. from the Tavistock Inn, Thurs. returns Wed. To Brixham:- Shears Christpr. From the New Inn, Fri. evn. at 8, and returns Thurs evn. at 6, through Plymouth and Totnes. To Exeter:- Wills Robt. from the Tavistock Inn, once a fortnight; coach rout. To Kingsbridge:- Sawyer S. from the Tavistock Inn, Tues. and Fri. and returns Mon. and Thurs. through Plymstock, Plympton, and Modbury. To Kingsbridge:- Liscombe Hy. from the Globe,Market st, Tues. and Fri. and returns Mon. and Thurs. To Launceston:- Broad Mary, from the Market House, Tues. Thurs. Sat. and returns Mon. Wed. and Frid. To Launceston:- Corwithen S. from the Globe, Market st, Thurs. and Sat. and returns Wed. and Fri. To Launceston and Kilkhampton:- Hockridge J. from the Tavistock Inn, Thursday at 12. and returns Wedn. at 4. To Liskeard:- Jenkins, from the Tavistock Inn, Wedn. at 3, and returns, Tues. at 12. To Oakhampton:- Hollywell, from the Globe, Market st, once a week, Saturdays. To Pangtow and Torquay:- Tozer John, from the New Inn, Fri. evn. at 8, and returns Thur. evn. at 6, through Plymouth and Totness. To Padstow:- Sowd'en Wm. from the Tavistock Inn, Sat. at 3, and returns Fri. at 5. To South Moulton:- Lake Jas. from the Tavistock Inn, Wed. returns Tues. Time uncertain. To Stratton:- Brown Sarah, from the Tavistock Inn, Tues. and Thurs. and returns Mon. and Wed. To Tamerton:- Northmore James, from the Globe, Market st, every Saturday. To Totness:- Soper John, from the Globe, Market st, Wed. and Sat. and returns Tues. and Fri. To Totness:- Arscott Jno. from the Tavistock Inn, Tues. and Thurs. and returns Mon. and Wed. To Truro:- Callow Wm. from the Commercial Inn, daily. To Ditto:- Symons, Brice, and Bury, waggons frorn Plymouth, call at the Commercial Inn, daily.


Steamers from the Mutton Cove, Devonport, to Carpenter Smiths Wharf, London. The following leave the above wharf every 8 days.
The Diamond, Jno. Huxtable, master.
The Ruby, Edward Butler, ditto.
The Matchless, William Corbett, ditto.
The Devonport, Henry Bedwell, ditto.
The Brilliant, Henry Crocker, ditto.
Thomas John, Mutton Cove … Wharfinger

From the New Passage House, 29 Cornwall st
To Portsmouth:- The Gem, every 5th day, weather permitting.
To Swansea:- The Brunswick, time uncertain.
Downing Wm … Agent


from Saltash, Calstock, Pentilly, Cathill, and St. Germains, arrive on every Tues. Thurs. and Sat. at the North Corner, Cornwall st.


My transcription above is exactly as the original (and is double-checked). As you can tell, there were numerous errors in the original directory - too numerous to mention all of them, here are a few examples.... - please email me if you have any queries, Liz.

- Prince st often incorrectly spelled as Princess st.
- Totnes was often spelled as Totness
- St Germans spelled as St Germains
- St Austell as St Austle
- Damerel spelled as Dameral
- Morice spelled variously as Morrice, Maurice, Moriss, Moris
- Holmans buildings spelled as Oldmans buildings
- town abbreviateds variously as tn or twn
- Several names are out of alphabetical order
- A comma was often incorrectly inserted before Ope (eg James st, Ope should read James st Ope.)
- The christian name Philidph, above, is exactly what was in the directory

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