North Corner Traders 1880 - from the Plymouth, Devonport and Stonehouse street directory

Cornwall Street Edwardian
sketch map of North Corner c1880 - click thumbnail for large image)

Note: The sketch is of North Corner only, but Cannon Street at this period extended further than North Corner - it continued eastward beyond Queen Street, past Jessamine Lane, then cutting through King Street and Morice Street - these addional streets, beyond the North Corner area, are not shown on the sketch.

In 1880 the following Streets and Opes fell within the Devonport area named North Corner - only the names of Traders are listed (Residents were on a different list):-

Cannon Street (included below)
Cannon Street Ope (incl)
Chapman’s Ope
Cornwall Street (incl)
Cornwall Beach (incl)
Gun Lane (incl)
Holman's Buildings
Webster’s Ope

Cornwall Street

(From Queen street to Cornwall beach)
1 Honey T. & J. pawnbrokers
2. Bowden J. wardrobe dealer
3 Millard W. china warehouse
4 & 5 Gould & Co ironmongers
6 Cole J.C. butcher
7 Doidge Mrs C. general shop
8 Thomas J. general shop
9 Chappell G. haberdasher
10 Nielle W. shoemaker
11 Mules W. (j) shipwright
12 Bean W. general dealer
13 Brown D. beer retailer
14 Rockett H. baker
15 Beall R. beer retailer
16 Baser R. wholesale confectnr.
17 Gunn J. general shop
... here is Chapman’s Ope
18 Durbin M. Indian Arms
19 Pearn C.G. grocer
20 Snell J. general shop
21 Ryder T. baker
22 Tyler Mrs F. baker
24 Venoy J. earthenware dealer
25 Fletcher R. labourer
26 Spellman W. wood & coal dlr.
27 Grant S. Portsmouth Passage House
28 Westlake J. William the Fourth
29 Batten G. (j) baker
30 Lander H. Swan inn
... here is Cornwall Beach (return)
31 Doney J. refreshment house
32 Rith H.D. shoemaker
33 Hodge J. refreshment house
34 Veale D. general shop
35 Daw Mrs S. laundress
36 Gt. Western Ry. Receiving office
36 Rosekilly R. agent. G.W.R.
... here is Webster’s Ope
37 tenanted
38 Mansell J.C. bootmaker
Cornwall Street board school
40 Mallett W. tinsmith
... here is Chapman’s Ope
41 Elliott E. dairyman
42 Worsley Mrs E. umbrella rpr.
43 Pitcher Mrs F. infants’ school
44 tenanted
45 Bishop R. dealer in sweets
46 Cole S.C. grocer
... here is Cannon Street Ope
47 Palmer R. greengrocer
48 Thompson J. general shop
49 Collins J. insurance agent
49 Collins Mrs G. mar. store dlr.
50 Broad S. naval hat manufctr.
51 void
52 Judd Mrs A. general shop
53 Martin W. waterman
54 Rowe A. Cambridge hotel
... here is Queen Street

Cornwall Beach

(From the Gun wharf to Holman’s bdgs)
4 Craze S. labourer
5 Blake D. Steam Packet inn
... here is Cornwall Street
6 Lander H. Swan inn
7 Bootyman Jno. H. World inn
8 Potter Mrs E. general shop
10 Wright W. H. (j) butcher

Cannon Street

(From the Gun Wharf and Gun Lane to King Street)
2 Bragg Mrs E.
3 Warren Mrs R.
4 Ward R. engine driver
5 Hornabrook W. (j) joiner
6 Bowden T. seaman
7 Truscott H. (j) smith
8 Moon S. (j) shipwright
9 King R. labourer
... here is Queen Street
11 Saxby J.F. pensioner
12 Garner S. pensioner
... here is Ordnance Lane
13 Snell J. (j) smith
14 Hoskins T. pensioner
15 Matthews T. (j) carpenter
16 Percy T. stoker
17 Body Misses C. & E. milliners
18 Arscott W. labourer
19 Snow Mrs E.A. beer retailer
20 Ward Mrs S. general shop
... here is King Street
21 and 22 down
23 Dew F. wood dealer
24 Lobb G. labourer
25 Bews Mrs E.
... here is Morice Street (return)
... here is King Street
... here is Jessamine Lane
32 Mitch J. dairyman
33 Bettinson N. pensioner
34 Gummer T. labourer
35 Stephens T. shoemaker
36 Hoskins H. seaman
37 Walkem R. labourer
... here is Queen Street
39 Forester W. pensioner
42 Canter W.H. pensioner
... here is Cannon Street Ope
43 Spurrell P. (j) joiner
44 Luscombe W. pensioner
45 Venning Mrs L.
47 Dodge R. labourer
48 Pender M. (j) shipwright
49 Murray T. pensioner
50A Henshaw Mrs M.A.
50B Holland W. pension
51 down
52 Brooks T. labourer
Nos. 1, 10, 38, 40, 41, and 46 tenanted
... Here are the Gun Wharf and Gun Lane

Cannon Street Ope

(from Cannon street to Cornwall Street )
1 Stephens W. pensioner
2 Cure Mrs C. coal dealer
3 Quance S. pensioner
... here is Cornwall Street (return)
Potter W.J. carpenter
... Here is Cannon Street

Gun Lane

(From Queen Street to Cannon Street on one side Gun Wharf)
1 Youldon W. labourer
2 Duncan E. coal, &c, dealer
3 Stephens R. pensioner
3 Cobb J. pensioner
4 Sawdy S. waterman
5 Gunley Mrs A.M. charwomn.

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