Devonport Traders in 1847

Below are extracts from the Devonport section of Williams' 1847 Commercial Directory for Devonport, Plymouth, and Stonehouse - transcribed from the images generously available on Terry Williams' website Plymouth & South West Devon: a Genealogical Miscellany. Transcribed to date are surnames with intitials A, B and C.

Name, Profession and Residence

ABEL Israel Grocer, 55 Cornwall street
ADAMS John Tailor and Outfitter 44 Fore street
ADAMS John Shoemaker 5 Granby street
ADAMS Henry Baker 20 King street
ADAMS William Beer Retailer 16 George Lane
ADAMSON Thomas Shoemaker 2 Granby street
ADDISCOTT Richard Lucas Bootmaker 113 Fore street
ALLEN Ann School-mistress 3 Dock wall street
ALLEN Joseph Grocer and Tea dealer 76 James street
ALLEN The Misses J. & F. Milliners 57 Fore street
ALMOND Elizabeth Green Grocer 62 James street
ANDREWS William Ironmonger 24 Catherine St
ANGEAR Samuel Baker 34 Barrack street
ANTHONY Charles Officer of Customs 106 Pembroke street
APPLIN Frederick Clarence baths Richmond walk
ARNOLD Joseph Furnishing Ironmonger, Cutler, &c, to Her Majesty 13 & 14 Fore St
ARSCOTT John Beer seller 5 Queen street
ASH Alexander Vict., “Blue Anchor” 59 James street
ATWILL John painter and glazier 96 James street
AUNGER Elizabeth Register Office for Servants 124 Fore street
AVERY Sampson Grocer and Tea dealer 9 Market street
AXWORTHY Philip Boot and Shoemaker 102 Fore street
AXFORD Benjamin Vict., 97 Fore street
AYRES John Baker 6 Cumberland street
BABB James Grocer and Tea dealer 8 Catherine street
BABB John Hair dresser 13 James street
BACKWELL Richard Oliver Ironmonger 40 fore St
BAILEY Mary Haberdasher 108 Fore street
BAKER George Dyer 6 Marlborough street
BAKER John Boot and Shoemaker 27 Morice street
BALDWIN John Beer seller 8 Dock wall street
BALDY J.P. Surgeon 23 Pembroke street
BALL James Dyer 94 James street
BORELLI Benjamin clock maker 1 King St
BARFETT John Ironmonger 48 King street
BAZLEY William Vict., “Castle and Keys” 15 Prospect row
BARNES John Vict., “Masons Arms” 70 Pembroke street
BARON William Rope maker 31 Barrack street
BARTLETT Arthur Fringe maker 110 Fore street
BARTLETT William E. Surveyor 15 Ker street
BASTARD John Mercer, Tailor & Hatter 28 Fore St
BASTION John Painter and Glazier 35 Duke street
BASTOW John clockmaker 26 Marlborough St
BASTOW William Eating house keeper 70 Duke street
BATE & Sons Bakers 25 Market street
BATE James Beer retailer 30 Marlborough street
BATE Henry Tailor 13 Market St
BATEMAN John Boot maker 19 Tavistock street
BATH James Beer retailer 1 Mount street
BATTEN John Tailor & Outfitter 50 Fore St
BEAL Elizabeth Pawnbroker 6 King street
BEARD William Beer retailer 21 Pembroke street
BEARD William Edward Saddler 34 Fore street
BEER Henry Beer retailer 30 Granby street
BEER John Solicitor 30 St. Aubyn street
BEER & RUNDLE Solicitors 52 Chapel street
BENNEE Edward Pork butcher 60 Duke street
BENNETT Edward Vict., “Newcastle Inn” 52 James street
BENNETT Edward Currier 91 James street
BENNETT James Surgeon 26 George street
BENNETT James & Son Hair dressers and Perfumers 26 Fore street
BENNETT Richard Green grocer 15 Queen street
BENOY Sarah Vict., “Shakspeare” 3 Cumberland street
BERRYMAN William Richard Solicitor, Agent for the Sun Fire and Life Insurance Office 58 St Aubyn street
BEST Henry Schoolmaster 2 George street
BEST Peter Grocer 23 Cumberland street and 37 Duke street
BILLING George W. Solicitor 32 Ker street
BILLING Harold Hatter & Outfitter 59 Fore St
BLACKMORE Henry Carver and Gilder 106 Fore street
BLAKE George Henry Vict., “Tavistock Inn” 23 Tavistock street
BLIGHT & DENNAFORD Tailors 25 Chapel street
BLAKE William & S., Brewers 56 Clowance street
BODY Frederick Butcher 17 Fore street
BOND Sarah Sugar boiler 27 Marlborough street
BOND Thomas Tea, Coffee & Spice Merchant 78 Fore St
BONE Allan Belfield Solicitor and Coroner 26 Barrack street
BONE John Surgeon 8 St. Aubyn street
BONNEY John cabinet-maker 65 Pembroke St
BOWDEN John Painter 5 James street
BOWDEN William Tailor 33 King street
BOX Peter Butcher 29 Barrack street
BRACHER & RICKARD Drapers 31 Catherine street
BRADDON William Linen draper 32 Tavistock street
BRADLEY Rebecca Vict., “Prince William Henry” 18 Cumberland street
BRAUND John Vict., “Globe Inn” 11 Market street
BRAUND George House broker 26 Tavistock street
BRAY Edward Grocer 3 Duke street
BRENT Nicholas Poulterer 34 Cumberland street
BRIDGELAND Robert Eating house keeper 14 Duke street
BRIGHT Joseph Confectioner 33 Catherine street
BRIGHTON John Vict., “Royal Steam Packet Inn” 32 Cornwall street
BROCK William Beer Seller 3 King St
BROWN John Painter 12 George street
BROWN John Salesman 26 Cornwall street
BRUSH William Hair dresser 4 Duke street
BUDD & GROSE Drapers 74 Fore street
BULFORD John Pawnbroker 14 Marlborough street
BULLEY William Spirit merchant 1 George St
BULLEY William Vict., “Crown Hotel” 5 Cumberland street
BULLING Mary Haberdasher 10 King street
BURDWOOD Jane . 20 Clowance street
BURFORD John Vict., “Jolly Bacchus” 30 Pembroke street
BURLACE Richard Grocer 68 Pembroke street
BURT Henry Carpenter 35 King street
BURT John Stokes Glass and China Warehouse 86 Fore street
BURT Robert Painter and Vict., “Ordnance Arms” 8 and 9 Fore street
BURT Robert Beer seller 16 King street
BURT Thomas Dyer 36 King street
BUSS James Grocer 7 Prospect row
BUTCHER Edwin Vict., “Carlton Inn” 17 St. Aubyn street
BUTCHER Frederick Vict., “King’s Arms” 60 Pembroke street
BUTTERS Mary Ann Fruiterer 122 Fore street
BUTCHER john Bread and Biscuit baker 17 James street
CALLARD Thomas Grocer 8 Cornwall Street
CALLOWAY John Painter & Glazier 14 Dock-wall Street
CANDY Thoms Beer retailer 7 Cornwall Street
CAUNTER Jane Beer retailer 9 Baker's Place
CHANNON George Pawnbroker 27 Cumberland Street
CHAPMAN Isabella Berlin Establishment 36 St Aubyn Street
CHAPMAN Matther Painter, Gilder and Paper hanger 36 St Aubyn Street
CHAPMAN WH Solicitor 55 Chapel Street
CHING William Bootmaker 37 King Street
CHING William Henry Boot and Shoemaker 47 James Street
CHURCHWARD James House broker 2 Queen Street
CLARK HJ Printer 'West of England Conservative Office' 107 fore Street
CLARK James Painter 86 James Street
CLARKE John Engraver 61 Duke Street
CLARK, ROW & THOMAS Merchants 70 James Street
CLARK Sibelia House broker 16 Tavistock Street
CLARK PC Manager of the Devon and Cornwall Bank 45 (or 48 ?) St Aubyn Street
CLATWORTHY Thomas Grocer and Tea Dealer 22 Catherine Street
CLEIFE Henry Chemist and Druggist 46 St Aubyn Street
CLEGG Rev. William Wesleyan Minister 20 Morice Street
CODD Francis Grocer and Tea Dealer 51 Queen Street
COKE Richard Grocer 87 Pembroke Street
COLE Emanuel Vict., 'India Arms' 17 Cornwall Street
COLE John Butcher 6 Cornwall Street
COLEMAN Charles Baker 20 James Street
COLMAN William Bookseller 51 Fore Street
COLLINGS Ambrose Vict., 'Exeter Arms' 41 Cumberland Street
COLLINGS Ebenezer Vict., 'Market House Inn' 37 Market Street
COLLINGS John Vict., 'Eagle Inn' 39 Cumberland Street
COPP James Butcher 11 Marlborough Street
COPPLESTONE Jane Vict., 'Bristol Inn' 51 Pembroke Street
CONGDON Frederick Baker 22 Queen Street
CONSTABLE John 1 Clowance Street
COOK Honor Beer retailer 10 Granby Street
COOMBE Edward Grocer and Tea dealer 27 James Street
COOMBES Samuel Vict., 'White Hart Inn' 76 Pembroke Street
CORAM George Vict., 'King & Queen' 24 Cornwall Street
CORNISH Susan Grocer 57 Pembroke Street
COUCH Joseph Benjamin Grocer and Baker 17 Granby Street
COUCH Mary Green Grocer 15 King Street
COUCH Thomas Shoemaker 19 Marlborough Street
COUPLAND & GILBERT Stay makers 2 Cornwall Street
COUSINS James & Thomas Cabinet makers 98 Fore Street
COWLYN Francis Tailor and Mercer 47 King Street
COWLYN William Tailor 13 King Street
COX William Charles Optician 89 Fore Street
CRAPP John Tailor 42 King Street
CREE John Draper 9 Cumberland Street
CRISPIN Mary Vict., 'Shannon and Chesapeake' 97 Pembroke Street
CROCKER William Baker 36 Queen Street
CROSBY John Schoolmaster 25 Clowance Street
CROSS John Butcher 7 Barrack Street
CROSS William Grocer 58 Cornwall Street
CROSSING Thomas Surgeon 13 Morice Square
CROYDON Charles Clock & Watch maker 27 Fore Street
CUDLIP Matthew Vict., 'Caledonia Inn' 29 Pembroke Street
CUMBE William Butcher 4 Barrack Street
CUNDAY William Vict., 'Country House' 108 and 109 James Street
CURTIS Richard Bootmaker 12 King Street
CURTIS Samuel Grocer 39 Cornwall Street

Transcriber Liz Cook. Page added 29 May 2009 - updated 27 May 2011